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The HIP STRIP Montego Bay
8 Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

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The Hip Strip Montego Bay
by Wellesley Gayle

hip_strip_montego_bay_margaritavilleMargaritaville Area Of The Hip Strip Montego Bay

The tourist aficionados termed Montego Bay, The Complete Resort, and for good reason! It is perhaps the only destination in Jamaica that offers the all-in-one package from a visitor perspective.

A first class airport, high class hotels, pristine white sand beaches, fine dine restaurants and captivating attractions, complete with some of the most exciting nightlife!

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And if there is one place that truly encapsulate all this, it is... yes, The HIP STRIP.

Today, I'll review and answer 8 frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about the famous HIP STRIP here in Montego Bay.

I hope you'll find them useful as well.

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1) What's the Hip Strip?

hip_strip_montego_bay_mapThe Hip Strip Montego Bay, via Google Map

The Hip Strip is really a thoroughfare (or strip), just about a mile long, found literally minutes across from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. See airports

hip strip, jimmy cliff boulevard

It stretches from Kent Avenue on the east, to the end of Jimmy Cliff boulevard on the west (formerly Gloucester Avenue).

So what makes it different?  What is the 'hip' in the 'strip'?

It's the impressive array of gift shops, pharmacy, restaurants and eateries, internet cafes, clubs, hotels, craft market, fort, beaches & attractions, park, and even a Canadian Consulate, that runs along this area!


And they are not just average businesses, these are some of the best in Jamaica! Which takes me to the next question...

2) What Restaurants Are Near Hip Strip?

the new coral cliff on mobay's hip strip

It truly captures the cultural legacy of Mobay in its culinary delights, from indigenous spicy jerk dishes and upscale Caribbean cuisine, to home-grown fruits and vegetables, you'll find it all here.

Among the impressive array of restaurants on the Hip Strip are:

  • New! Usain Bolt Tracks & Records
  • The Pelican Restaurant
  • The Brewery Sunset Restaurant & Lounge
  • Mobay Proper Restaurant
  • The New Coral Cliff (pictured above)
  • China House
  • Margaritaville
  • The Pork Pit
  • Jamaica Bobsled Cafe, and further out west..
  • Pier 1

And if you are inclined to fast food..

  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut and
  • Burger King, offers the ultimate casual experience!

3) Where Can I Go For Nightly Entertainment On The Hip Strip?

pier 1 on the hip strip

As you stroll along the Hip Strip, you'll notice that, depending on the day, or should I say, night, there are entertainment hosted by various businesses along the stretch, a few that pop in mind are...

  • Coral Cliff Entertainment
    Recently renovated and offers exciting options for the entire family.

  • Pier 1 on the waterfront
    It is technically just outside the end of the Hip Strip, but it offers a fun blend of local culture and flavour, and

  • Margaritaville,
    For the ultimate party experience!

  • Others, including Montego Bay Proper and The Brewery does have themed nights as well, allowing you even more options.

4) What Hotels Are Near Hip Strip?

places to stay on hip strip montego bay

As I mentioned earlier, an exciting arrray of hotels and guest houses, of all stars, are situated on or about the Hip Strip.

Among them include:

  • Buccaneer Beach Hotel
  • SeaGarden Beach Resort
  • Grand Pineapple, formerly (Sandals Carlyle / Inn)
  • Donway Jamaican Village Hotel
  • Royal Decameron Beach Hotel
  • New! Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach Hotel
  • Doctors Cave Beach Hotel
  • New! The S Hotel
  • Deja Hotel (formerly Gloucestershire Hotel)
  • El Greco Resort
  • Montego Bay Club Apartments
  • The Wexford Hotel &
  • Altamont West

5) What Attractions Are Near Hip Strip?

By its own definition, the Hip Strip is in fact an attraction in itself! With several spots you may want to visit.

montego bay attractions - aquasol beach

Outside of the nightlife and restaurants mentioned earlier though, be sure to check out.

montego bay fort

Remember too, that in addition to all that it is known for it's Shopping Experience!


6) Is the Hip Strip In Montego Bay Safe?

Yes, relatively! I can't say you'd be totally immune from harassment or persons trying to sell you something, but in my opinion, it is perhaps the most secure in Jamaica for tourists!

There are usually 'tourist police' no more than a 100 meters from each other. I can't recall seeing that anywhere else in Jamaica. Read more about safety in Jamaica here.

7) What's the best way to see Hip Strip?

Book a tour via your hotel's tour desk or your local tour guide in Jamaica.

There are...

  • Shopping tours
  • Half Day Mobay city tours
  • Montego Bay Highlight Tours
  • A Beach Day (to Doctor's Cave)
  • And several combo packages.

8) Do you need to book in advance to visit Hip Strip?

That's a funny question :-)

Oh no, you don't, remember it is just a destination, a mini destination if you will. There is no entrance fee to visit the HIP Strip.

For a hotel on the strip, I recommend you contact the hotel or book via your favorite booking engine.

For shopping, sightseeing, etc, obviously no need for that. I recommend you book with a trusted local tour guide and have them take you around as I suggested in the previous question.

I Should Tell You...

If the daytime is not enough, Montego Bay's hip strip comes alive at nights, every night, with the signature Jamaican Jerk Pan vendors at different points on the strip.

They are usually across from Burger King / Margaritaville area.

jerk pan vending on the hip strip

Map & Directions To Hip Strip Montego Bay

Here's a map of the hip strip, courtesy of Google Map.

Watch Video - The HIP Strip Revealed! A YouTube video I Recorded

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