Montego Bay Jamaica Hotels
- A Quick Guide To The Top Ones!

Montego Bay Jamaica Hotels - by Rose-Marie Gordon-Cole

Montego Bay, Mobay or the Friendly City as it is sometimes called is branded as the tourist mecca of Jamaica. With this title no wonder it has the most tourist accommodation than any other part of the island.

Montego Bay Jamaica Hotels

Hands down, Montego Bay has some of the best hotels in the Caribbean. So if you are planning a wedding, honeymoon, business conferences or just want to have some fun in the sun, as a couple, single or with family or friends, it is a piece of cake finding accommodations to suit your needs.

The over 100 hotels in Montego Bay provides you with a potpourri of services and activities to ensure that your stay is a memorable one.

Your choices are not limited as you are able to choose any of the following types of hotel depending on your needs and budget:

  • Resorts
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Destination hotels
  • Apartment hotels
  • Boutique hotels
Looking for budget or luxury accommodations in Montego Bay is a synch as properties range from low budget up to 5 star rankings, and though low budget the modern amenities are always available.

Low, medium budget accommodation

Your low budget accommodation are usually the;
  • Bed & BreakfastThis normally comes with a room and only breakfast service. Most of these properties also carry a swimming pool if not don’t be disheartened as the beach is always right up or down the road.

    Some Bed & Breakfast properties in Montego Bay are:

    El Greco Hotel
    (also offers apartments)		1(876)940-6116
    Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel
    (also offers apartments)	        1(876)952-4355
    The Gloustershire Hotel			1(876)952-4420
    Toby’s Resort				1(876)952-4370
    Wexford Court Hotel			1(876)952-2854

  • Apartment Hotels

    ...A fully fitted apartment without the restrictions that comes with a hotel, and if getting to know Mobay and its’ people is your aim this is right up your alley. With the exception of housekeeping services you are responsible for your other needs.

  • Destination/Resort

    Destination or Resort hotels could either fall on the budget or luxury side.

    These properties are marketed based on their location or for a particular service or activity that they provide. Most of these hotels are all inclusive.

    Here is a list of some of the best all inclusive hotels in Montego Bay:

    Hotel				Type		Contact Info.
    Sandals Inn			Couples only	1(876)952-9394-6
    Sandals Royal Caribbean	        Couples only	1(876)953-2231-4
    Rose Hall Resort & Spa		Family		1(876)953-2650
    Royal Decameron Beach		Family		1(876)952-4341
    Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort	Family		1(876)953-2485-6
    Iberostar Rose Hall		Family		1(876)680-0000
    Sunset Beaches Resort & Spa	Family		1(876)979-8800	

    ..and most if not all the all inclusive properties are furnished with spa facilities!

Luxury Hotels

If being pampered and lavished with attention is your desire, then your wish can be a command at any of the numerous luxury hotels in Montego Bay.

Montego Bay also offers Boutique hotels which are theme style or garden properties. Most of these are very rich in history that dates back to the 18th century.

They provide you with all the privacy you need in a very intimate, luxurious and superb setting.

Some of these luxury hotels are:

Half Moon 					1(876)953-2211
Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa				1(876)953-2800
Round Hill					1(876)956-7050
Sandals Royal Caribbean				1(876)953-2231-4
Iberostar					1(876)680-0000	

Montego Bay is also a constant buss of activities so there is not short of places to shop or entertainment spots. And, by the way, most of the hotels are within a 7 miles radius of the town center which makes everything “a stone throw away”. Without a doubt I am sure that you will be able to find something that suits your need.

Posted: 4/10/2011

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