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Where To Stay In Jamaica, by C. Holness

Welcome to Jamaica! Our beautiful island offers visitors many natural and cultural wonders to explore and experience, and it also boasts a diverse selection of great places to stay during your time here.

You will find that there are accommodations suitable for every type of lifestyle where you will be shown true Jamaican hospitality that will make your stay a comfortable one, and you will feel truly at home in our magnificent land. 

If You Love Life's Luxuries

If you're looking for a holiday that makes you feel pampered and you are someone who loves all the little extras, one of Jamaica's many fantastic, all-inclusive resorts may be just the place for you.

These expansive properties are typically found in the major tourist centres such as Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril as these destinations are graced with plenty of sandy beaches and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, making them a top choice with most visitors.

Guests need not “worry bout a thing” as Bob Marley would say, as the gracious staff at these luxury resorts will gladly see to it that they have all they need for a thoroughly delightful stay.

One convenient price is paid that will cover your room, meals at the resort, which normally consist of 3 main meals plus snacks served at a combination of buffet and a la carte dining facilities, beverages, recreation and entertainment.  

These hotels usually have many amenities on-site for guests to enjoy, for instance a spa,  games rooms, nightclubs, bars, stage-shows, children's programmes, and the opportunity to partake in activities such as water-sports, tennis, golf, and much more. 

Looking For Modest Comfort At A Great Price?

Are you in search of the basic comforts of a vacation, but aren't fussy about all the bells and whistles?  Perhaps you are on a budget and don't wish to blow all your money on fancy accommodations, if so then one of the island's lovely and inviting boutique hotels may be exactly what you need.

These smaller hotels are most often family-owned and operated and take pride in offering their guests outstanding, personalized service.

Here you can enjoy a comfortable room with all standard amenities, such as television, radio, and possibly a small refrigerator, or coffee maker. Rooms are usually air-conditioned or at least equipped with a high-efficiency ceiling fan.

The property will likely have a swimming pool, and often an on-site bar and restaurant, although meals must be paid for separately.

Many of these charming inns are located within a short walking distance to the beach, which most visitors to Jamaica do not want to miss out on. 

Where To Stay In Jamaica- If you want a vacation that is More Private and Secluded? 

Perhaps you really just want to get away from it all and enjoy the serenity of Jamaica's natural beauty, or maybe you are travelling with a larger group of friends or family, and simply want to make the most of your time together, in these situations, you may want to consider renting either a villa or self-catering apartment.  

These properties are available in different capacities depending on how many people are in your group.  Couples or singles may be fine with a smaller apartment, while families or large groups of friends would likely be more comfortable with the extra space a multi-bedroom villa affords them.

Fully furnished and equipped with items such as cookware, linens, and the like, guests will find all they need to prepare their own meals, and make this their home away from home, some even have a swimming pool.

You can come and go as you please, and plan all your own activities. Most people staying in such places, will need to also rent a vehicle for getting around to go shopping and to the various points of interest

Will You be Travelling Around the Island? 

Do you plan on visiting more than one place in Jamaica?  If you wish to rent a car and drive around the island to see the unique beauty of several of the island's parishes, staying at some of the cozy guesthouses may the perfect solution.

You will find gracious Jamaican guesthouses scattered throughout the parishes, some are located in the main cities, while others are situated in the peaceful rural areas.

These are usually run by one family,  often passed down from one generation to the next, creating a tradition of hospitality. While they typically accommodate fewer guests than a hotel, most owners welcome the opportunity to get to know each of their guests on a more personal level, and truly try to make them feel like part of the family during their stay.

Here you can expect a pleasant room to sleep and relax in, common area if you wish to sit and socialize with the owners and other guests, and some will also provide one meal each day, usually breakfast.

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Are You the Adventurous Type who Loves the Outdoors? 

If exploring the great outdoors is your passion, and you want to spend a considerable amount of time taking in the lush, tropical flora and fauna of Jamaica, while hiking, biking, or bird watching, then perhaps you will be looking for a more rustic, “back to nature” type of place to stay, such as cabins or campgrounds.

Jamaicans are well aware of the abundant natural wonders there are to experience, that is why in recent years they have begun promoting “Eco-Tourism”, which has the benefits of both protecting nature and allowing people to enjoy it to the fullest.

Are camping, back-packing and being one with the wilderness your thing?  

If they are then you can look forward to a memorable stay at one of the island's safe and well-equipped campgrounds, or possibly in a rustic cabin in the rain forest or on the beach.  

Some of these facilities also provide tent rental, while others require you to bring your own camping equipment.  What better chance is there for you to see the intriguing flowers, trees, plants, and animal life up close in living colour? 

So whatever your preference, style or flavor, there is definitely something and someplace in Jamaica for you.

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