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Jamaica's Reggae Sumfest
Question & Answers

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Jamaica's premier music festival, Reggae Sumfest!

Each year, there are so many questions asked, "Where do I get tickets, where is it held, what resorts are nearby?"

I'll attempt to quickly respond to ten (10) of the popular questions about Sumfest right now, starting with...

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  1. What date is Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica?

    Reggae Sumfest is held mid-July each year. This year (2022), it is held between Sunday, July 18 and Saturday, July 23.

  2. What time does Reggae Sumfest starts?

    The nightly events typically starts at 8:00pm

  3. Where is Sumfest held in Jamaica?

    The live performances are held at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex however the opening and (build up) events, including symposiums, beach party, sounds clash and street dance are held a various venues across Montego Bay.

  4. How long has Sumfest been around?

    Reggae Sumfest has been around since 1993. In 1993, it was held between August 11 and 14.

  5. What are the official outlets for Reggae Sumfest tickets?

    Tickets can be purchased online via their website, If necessary, they'll redirect you to other approved providers.

    A listing of local outlets can also be seen on their website, showing approved vendors in Montego Bay, Kingston, Ocho Rios, Portmore and Mandeville.

  6. How much do Sumfest tickets cost?

    If varies by year, visit their website, as indicated above, to see the current price of tickets.

  7. Who are the promoters and organizers of reggae sumfest?

    Sumfest is owned and produced DownSound Entertainment​ Ltd.

    Downsound Records purchased Reggae Sumfest Festival and its  trademarks from Summerfest Productions Limited in April 2016.

  8. How can I contact Reggae Sumfest?

    Reggae Sumfest has published the following contact details on their website:

    -VIDEO SCREENS / BIG BOARDS ADS: (514) 931-0422

  9. Which hotels are near Reggae Sumfest Montego Bay?

    Any of the hotels in Montego Bay are in relatively close proximate to the events.

    However, for the final nights, the live performance shows, held at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Center, the hotels and guest houses in the Freeport area, downtown Montego Bay and the Hip Strip (Jimmy Cliff Boulevard) would be closer.

    These include Secrets, Deja Resort, Sunscape, Doctors Cave Beach Hotel, El Grecco, S Hotel, Decameron and even Sea Gardens.

  10. Will Reggae Sumfest have a LiveStream?

    Oh yes, They are currently promoting their DSC TV and YouTube LiveStreams. The YouTube LiveStream is embedded here.

Video! Watch Reggae SumFest LiveStream
(Saturday, July 20, 2019)
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Watch Video! Reggae SumFest LiveStream
(Friday, July 19, 2019)

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