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Roaring River Jamaica
The Enthralling CAVE and Nature Attraction!

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The Majestic Blue Hole At Roaring River JamaicaThe Majestic Blue Hole At Roaring River Jamaica

Are you looking for an awesome off-the-beaten path experience in Jamaica?


I have an exciting recommendation for you today!
Yup, the stunning Roaring River Attraction!

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Yup, I did the tour with Robert, a local guide, learned about the abundance of fruit trees in the garden, took the nature trail all the way to the river head, and then took the eerie tour of the cave - a real cave, with 6 amazing compartments!

An unforgettable tour, follow me as I take you through it, step by step, undiluted, unadulterated. 

Get ready, lots to learn and enjoy!

roaring river attraction


We started with a view of the magnificent blue hole, and yes it is literally blue at 165 feet deep! It is a sight to below. It is pictured above.

Across from it was a river that gushes directly through the garden.  According to Robert, the crystal clear water of the river emanates from the three springs further up in the forest. 

The stream flowing at Roaring River Attraction in Westmoreland Jamaica

Robert was quick to attest to the purity of the water by drinking some of it as it runs downstream, and of course I followed suit, 'fresh and nice'.


But he indicated that the water current is so strong that many persons go there for massage too.


Among the abundance of fruits and vegetables on show were coconut, banana, custard apple, mango, pear, sorrel, callaloo, guava, sugar cane and even corn. He also showed me Chinese Mint, used for spicing food or for tea.

Then we trekked off on the nature trail!

Watch Di Video! Step By Step

Click Here to see the entire tour, as it happened!


On our way we noticed even more fruits including the popular cocoa plant, used to make the delicious Jamaican chocolate tea.


He also showed me a lone guiney hen weed which he indicated is good for cancer, asthma and sinus.


We finally made it up to the source or head of the three springs - serene, clean and pure - fresh out of the rocks!


It runs further down into exciting pools below that is calling for you to jump right it!

By the way, I almost forget the mention the wide array of fauna as well. I didn't quite take stock of chirping birds but a striking green lizard caught my attention.  (Watch Video at 11:30 and see for yourself). 

roaring_river_jamaica_nature_trail_lizardSee the lizard on the tree?

By the way, the large multi-root trees are a sight to behold! And the general greenery is just breathtaking!

The tour ended at the bridge (with RASTA AFARI sign) where several boys played football (soccer) in bare foot and shorts on a small playfield.

And then, the even more captivating ...


roaring_river_cave_in_jamaicaThe Cave At Roaring River Jamaica

"Eyes down and Keep to your left" was the advise from Robert! And then we started to go down!

The Cave Tour At Roaring River JamaicaThe Cave Tour At Roaring River Jamaica

I couldn't help noticing the gorgeous array of natural formations of rocks, including stalactites and stalagmites, icicle-shaped formations that hangs from the ceiling of the cave.

Those, by the way are produced by precipitation of minerals from water dripping through the cave ceiling.

Several other rocks had, according to Robert, natural formations of life animals, including people and things. I easily identified the turtle head! 


He also pointed to the skull, the lion face and what looks to be a fish!


He also showed me later and Indian lady and one that resembles the face of the African warrior, and later Jamaican heroine, Nanny.

He showed me a special passage in the cave that, in two miles, ended in another village where the African slaves used as escaped roots. That area he indicated is now used by many for inspiration for some local musicians and spiritualist.


Of course, its a cave so you should expect bats, and they were there! Thankfully not as abundant as I was thinking about initially.

Bending our heads and keeping low, we moved into the third, and the largest compartment! 


It was pretty high as well, perhaps 100 feet tall! Inside there was also a running stream, the mineral spring, yes inside the cave!

And according him, this cavern of water heals the entire body!

Inside it is also a special area that is sulphuric they say, used for mud bath, 'rub it on yuh skin and wash off, yuh feel brand new'! the other (volunteer) guide said.

roaring_river_cave_in_jamaica_sulphurThe Sulphur Used For Mud Bath in the Roaring River Jamaica Cave

Another thing I noticed was there were several small plants growing on the ground in that compartment

They told me that they grew from droppings from the bats, but they usually grow no taller than a feet or so and then they wither from the lack of sunshine and adequate water.

By the way, we also saw lots of inscriptions of persons who visited the cave before; reminded me of high school :-)


We then proceed to what he considered to be the most powerful and sacred area in the cave! 


It houses the Altar and the Open Book (Bible). He said a lot of persons come and use it for holy / sacrament purposes. Candles are burned and fruits and alcohol are laid here around the altar.

Their is also a clear depiction of the praying hand, another formation on the rock in this,  a dead end area of the 5th compartment!

We then came back out into the blue hole, natural mineral water, the one in the cave! This one he said is bottomless!

How so?

Well, according to Robert, a diver tried to find it, went approximately 160 feet deep, but only ran into a running stream, so he aborted  the trip!

In summary, the entire experience was as one of a kind experience. I highly recommend it for persons who want a unique Jamaica experience. It was totally worth the effort getting there.


I thought I'd emphasize these sounds/ sightings...

  • The glistening crystalline rocks (Jump to 29:02 on the video), Quite impressive I tell you!
  • The jagged, shark teeth shaped rocks (pictured below)
    You can see it at
    location 31:41 on the video
  • The array of night insect sounds &
  • Bats flying over your head, particularly in the 3rd compartment.

Really captivating stuff!

jagged, shark teeth shaped rocks in the roaring river cave

WATCH: The Video!

Prefer to watch the entire journey, step by step. Here you go... enjoy! Click the PLAY button to begin.

What part of the tour do you find interesting. Please be sure to leave a comment on the video on YouTube.

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I Should Tell You...

  • There are cottages on the hills that I understand persons stays for several days.
  • The garden is popular for weddings and retreats.
  • There is a special price to get in the cave.
  • As with most local Jamaican attraction, expect several 'tour guides' to approach you for the trail and cave tour. Be sure to negotiate first. 

    If in doubt, ask for my guy, Robert :-). Contact me directly if you need his phone number.
  • If you are a visitor in Jamaica and is interested in this tour, please contact your hotel's tour desk or your Jamaican driver or tour guide for additional information.
roaring river Jamaica - Robert and wellesley

Directions To Roaring River Jamaica

Below is an interactive map, courtesy of Google Maps, that will direct you to Roaring River Jamaica.

From there you can be directed by locals to the attraction which includes the cave.

I've done a detailed review of the Little Ochi as well, be sure to read (and watch) it here.

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