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The Weather In Jamaica In November
Is November a good time to travel to Jamaica?


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weather in jamaica in november - daily temperatures

The Weather In Jamaica In November
By Deon Spence | Associate Writer 

Thinking of travelling to Jamaica in November this year? 

Well, Jamaica re-opened its borders earlier on June 15th, amidst the covid19 pandemic and guests can now stay in what is called “The Covid Resilience Corridors”  (North Coast and South Coast)

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And yes, quarantine and strict protocols are all a part of the package, both for our visitors as well as those of the islanders.  Masks in public places are also mandatory. 

Nevertheless, you can still come to Jamaica and enjoy your stay while staying safe.

But please be sure to check on government updates regarding the protocols as they are likely to change, depending on the current situation.

But back to the question of the weather in November.

The month of November, to around the middle of December, in my opinion is perhaps the best time to visit Jamaica.

Why do I say so?

This is because during this period of time, the already wonderful weather of the country with temperatures ranging from the mid 70s to high 80s  (F) is at its best.

This is also when the risk of hurricanes is significantly reduced as the hurricane season comes to a close (at the end of the month).

You will also find that it is a lot easier to get hotel and flight deals during this time (coming over from September and October) just before the beginning of the bumper winter season that starts in December.

By the way, I'll also take the opportunity to answer two quick questions though...

Is November Rainy Season in Jamaica?

I'd answer by saying... 'to a lesser extend'. So yes, the hurricane season in Jamaica runs from June 1 to November 30.

And yes, that's when we typically get the most rains, especially in September and October, but as we move into November and December that is significantly reduced.

Historically, the average rainfall for the month of November is 171.15mm, which is just about the mid-range for us, compared to the rest of the months. 

The graph below will provide you further insights.

Jamaica Rainfall History Chart

And the next question...

What Is The Cheapest Month To Go To Jamaica?

The months of November, December and January are considered to be the “High Season” months or peak season. 

This is when tourists leave the cold weather in their home countries and flock to the warmth of the Jamaican sunshine. 

As such you will find higher ticket prices and hotel rates at those times. So naturally, the off peak season is when you would most likely find cheaper prices.

This off-peak season usually runs from mid April to December, and yes that include the summer.

But more specifically, the months of  September, October (and early November) though are said to be the months when you can get the best deals here as tourist activities are usually slow during this period of time. 

So yes, as you can see, the month of November is surely one of the most fabulous time to visit Jamaica; you still get the lovely warm weather and the reduced possibility of hurricanes, but you also get the ability to enjoy some great deals that might be coming from the slow September and October period.

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