The weather in Montego Bay Jamaica

Weather in Montego Bay Jamaica - by Rose-Marie Gordon-Cole

On average there is no bad day in Montego Bay as it relates to it’s weather pattern. Montego Bay Jamaica falls in the equatorial or tropical zone of the earth where it is mostly hot and humid with periods of thunderstorm to maintain balance. This makes it hard to differentiate between seasons.

Weather in Montego Bay Jamaica

As far as I am concern Montego Bay has two seasons, the hot days and the days when welcome showers provides a nice cool breeze to dilute the radiance of the sun. This makes it a perfect year round vacation spot.

Here is an idea of what to expect if you are planning to visit our little slice of heaven.


  • Temperature ranges between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • It is hottest between July and Aug, I guess this could be our summer.

  • And February our winter as it is considered the coolest month, between the hottest time of the year and the coolest the temperature varies just about 10 degrees.


  • As it relates to rainfall, Montego Bay gets most of its rainfall between May and June and again between October and November.

    If you are planning on visiting during this period, don’t get disheartened by this fact as most times the much needed showers, though heavy, are short and generally gives way to sunshine.

  • April tend to get a bit windy making the normally tranquil waters of the Caribbean sea a little feisty.

    This may be a deterrent for some water sport activity like snorkeling or scuba diving but no worries as this could be the perfect opportunity to learn some wind aided water sport activities like sailing or wind surfing.

  • Most of the Montego Bay beaches are protected by offshore coral reefs which keep the condition in the swimming areas comfortable enough for you to still enjoy a good day at the beach.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season falls between June 01 and November 30 with the busiest period between August and October. Even though Jamaica lies in the hurricane belt most Jamaican adults can only remember Jamaica being hit directly by a hurricane once or twice.

The most that is experience during the hurricane season are heavy showers associated with the different weather systems. Give it a day or two and its back to almost perfect conditions complete with radiant sunshine and slightly cooler temperature.

Current and forecasted weather conditions of Montego Bay are available online. In addition you may visit the Jamaican national disaster preparedness agency (ODPEM) for updates and an outline of the nations emergency plans.

Posted: 05/28/2011

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