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What goods and services does Jamaica produce?

Answered by Aneisha Dobson, Associate Writer

Thanks for your question! I love the questions that allows me to show off my island Jamaica :-)

But seriously though, Jamaica is truly blessed with an abundance of creative and innovative minds. Many of these individuals have engineered several world-class products and services.

For the most part, they started small businesses, some of which are now large empires with the ability to compete with top international brands.

Below you’ll find the types of top locally produced goods and services here in Jamaica.

Food Items

▷ Alcoholic beverages

sangsters rum cream

▷ Baked products
▷ Biscuits and Cookies
▷ Bottled/Canned foods
▷ Canned ackees
▷ Carbonated Beverages
▷ Cheese
▷ Chips

banana chips

▷ Chocolate
▷ Cigars
▷ Coffee
▷ Cooking oil
▷ Corn products
▷ Drink mixes/Bag drinks
▷ Flavourings
▷ Flour/Mixes
▷ Food supplements
▷ Honey
▷ Ice Ice-cream
▷ Jams
▷ Juices
▷ Meats
▷ Pasta/Macoroni
▷ Patties

jamaican patties

▷ Porridge/Oats.
▷ Powdered beverages/Soy based
▷ Roots/ Energy drink
▷ Sea food
▷ Seasonings and Sauces

jamaican seasonings and sauces

▷ Soups
▷ Syrups
▷ Tea
▷ Veggie chunks
▷ Vinegar
▷ Water
▷ Wines
▷ Yogurts

Cosmetics and Hair Products

jamaican castor oil

▷ Cosmetics
▷ Hair products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Petroleum Jelly etc.)

Chemicals, Laundry and Cleaning Products and other household products

▷ Adhesive
▷ Aromatic oils
▷ Automotive chemicals/Care products
▷ Candles
▷ Cooking Gas
▷ Fuels/Lubricants
▷ Household cleaning products
▷ Industrial chemicals/Cleaning products
▷ Insecticides/Pesticides
▷ Laundry detergents
▷ Sanitizing chemicals
▷ Toilet bowl cleaner
▷ Water treatment chemicals/Equipment

Personal Care and Pharmaceutical Products

▷ Perfumes
▷ Personal Care Products (body wash, lotions, soap, shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste etc)
▷ Pharmaceuticals
▷ Soaps
▷ Acrylic teeth
▷ Aromatic oils
▷ Optical spectacles

Electrical, Electronics & Automotive Products

▷ Automotive products
▷ Electrical fixtures
▷ Electric power
▷ Gasoline/Oils
▷ Gas stoves
▷ Industrial machine products
▷ Lighting fixtures
▷ Muffler system products
▷ Surge protectors
▷ Television assembling
▷ Welding products

Furniture, Wooden & Bedding Products

▷ Beds/Bedding products
▷ Caskets
▷ Hardwood/Laminate flooring
▷ Joinery/Cabinets and countertops
▷ Living rooms suites/Sofas
▷ Roofing sheets
▷ Medal, Trophies and Plaques
▷ Upholstery/ Interior designs
▷ Windows/Doors
▷ Picture frames
▷ Pottery/Ceramics

Mineral & Metal Products

▷ Architectural foam moulding/Architectural metal flashings
▷ Aluminium & UPVC windows & doors 
▷ Chain link fencing/Assembling
▷ Crushed sand and stone/ Paving stones
▷ Cement
▷ Guttering
▷ Hurricane shutters
▷ Louvre frames
▷ Panels
▷ Petroleum gas cylinders
▷ Pre-Mix concrete
▷ Roofing panels, sheets & other products
▷ Thinset & grout

Printing, Packaging & Paper Products

▷ Billboard/ Signs
▷ Bean bags
▷ Books
▷ Compact disc and records
▷ Corrugated carton boxes
▷ Diaries/Planners
▷ Embroidery & screen printing
▷ Emboss seals/ Laser engraving
▷ Metal cans
▷ Paper bags, napkins, hand towels
▷ Paper machine rolls
▷ Paper cups
▷ Plastic bags, utensils & plates
▷ Printing services
▷ PVC pipes/Buckets/Windows
▷ Self adhesive labels
▷ Tissue/ Paper towel
▷ Water tanks

Textile & Sewn Products

▷ Sportswear
▷ T-shirts/Leisure wear

jamaican shirts

▷ Bed linen/ Table cloth
▷ Corporate/School uniforms
▷ Drapery/Blinds
▷ Hats and Clothing
▷ Leather shoes/ Bags

World-Class Jamaican Services

spa services in jamaica

▷ Construction
▷ Attorney-At-Law
▷ Accommodation
▷ Transportation
▷ Wellness, Spa and Aromatherapy, Beauty Salon
▷ Attractions and Adventure Tours
▷ Telecommunication services
▷ Air conditioning and Equipment Repair Services
▷ Tertiary Education
▷ Banking and Financing services

scotiabank jamaica

▷ Accounting and Auditing
▷ Medical Services
▷ Advertising Agencies
▷ Dentistry
▷ Courier and Cargo Services & finally, perhaps its biggest product...
▷Music (Reggae Music)

Quite a few right?
Thanks again for asking. I hope this helps.

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Comments for What goods and services does Jamaica produce?

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Sep 24, 2018
What goods and services does Jamaica produce?
by: Sonia

Good morning
Wow, you are very knowledgeable about my beloved Jamaica.
Respect yo you my friend. You are my kind of person.
God bless.

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