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What Is Jamaica Famous For?

Answered by Devin Saunds-Dunkley, Associate Writer

what makes jamaica specialJamaica, although often times branded in the news for its crime and violence, is a beautiful island and home to a people with a diverse and beautiful culture!

Culture is defined as the way of life of a people. Among the many things for which we are famous are, our rich history, our food, sports, our climate and the perks that it affords us, our beaches and hiking trails, our scenic beauty and our music, dance and dress.

Jamaica’s history

Our rich, colourful history boasts a number of firsts such as the first snow-free place to have entered ice hockey and bobsled competition at the highest levels. Ian Flemming, writer of the James Bond spy series made Jamaica his home where at least two of movies were filmed.

People come to Jamaica to visit Bob Marley’s museum to share the icon’s history as well that of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, one of our renowned heroes.

Another area rich in our history is Port Royal, home of the Buccaneers - and known to be the wickedest city on earth back in the days with its forts and giddy house.

A trip to the Institute of Jamaica or one of its parish libraries will fill you in with mind-blowing history of the island.

The Food

Jamaican cuisine is widely talked about and is a must for visitors to the island. The ambience where most of the food is catered adds to its uniqueness and serves as conversation pieces as the visitors and islanders alike, ‘knock back’ their favourite wines, liqueurs, beers, blended juices and stamina punches as they wait to be served.

Our national dish – ackee and saltfish, served with any starch is a must have for many persons to the island. Our curried goat, jerked chicken – a slow method of cooking over the steam generated from the use of coal in a pan, variety of soups – Manish Water (mixture of the goat’s head, foot and intestines combined with vegetables and ground provision), red peas with or without pigtails, beef, conch, crayfish, cow skin – are all a hit with the visitors.

The line of pastries – sweet potato pudding, cornmeal pudding, Toto, gizzardas, grater cake, peanut cakes, even our patties are a must have for persons travelling overseas to look for loved ones and for our visitors.

The Climate

Jamaicans will tell you that all we experience is sunshine and more sunshine with a little ‘tups’ of rain now and then. Jamaica experiences a tropical climate which is greatly influenced by the northeast trade winds and the sea. When northern America experiences winter, cold winds known as northers blow across our island and we experience a change in climate.

However, our wettest months are between May and November, with the hurricane season falling between June and November. Despite all that, the tropical climate makes it a top destination choice for visitors during the summer time and late November through to April.

Our Beaches, Hiking Trails and Scenic Beauty

Jamaica’s real beauty lies in its beaches and the scenic terrains leading to the beaches and the hiking trails. Our white sand beaches, falls and even rivers are a big hit with visitors and islanders and sit high on the to do/visit lists for visitors to the island.

Whether you want to hike up the Blue Mountains and experience nature at its best, drive along the east coast of the island and look at the beauty of the place, or lay on the beach as the sun sets in the western end of the island, the beauty you experience is breath-taking and worth doing again and again.

Jamaica’s Music, Dance and Dress

The Jamaican dress is influenced by its dance and music. One can enjoy cabaret music on the north coast end of the island and will experience a different mode of dress in comparison to them attending one of those regular dancehall shows showcasing our top artistes.

Visitors to the island not only enjoy our dance, but are often times taught the moves and are a part of the sharing of it with the world.


Jamaican have made their mark in almost every sporting discipline in the world. But I don't mean that. I mean that as a country, despite the size, we still beat many in the world. Athletics, Boxing, Karate, Domino, Football - and even bobsledding! are just a few examples.

The People

The people of Jamaica also makes the island famous with their warmth, inviting smiles and caring attitude. Despite the negatives in the press, there is much going on for Jamaica and its people as it remains the premier destination of choice for many accross the globe.

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