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Zion Country Portland Jamaica
Eco Friendly Cabins, Vacations That Save The Environment


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Zion Country Portland Jamaica | Eco-Cabins (Photo Credit: Facebook)Zion Country Portland Jamaica | Eco-Cabins (Photo Credit: Facebook)

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Portland, Jamaica, is, without a doubt, the most beautiful parish in Jamaica. The parish has some of the most beautiful scenery on the island.

I have also noticed that to preserve its natural beauty, Portland has the most eco-friendly resorts and accommodations. One such place is Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins.

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A secluded beach with views of the ocean and the John Crow mountains is located on a 1-acre property called Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins. Free-I, a Holland-born Dutchman, purchased the property in 1996, completely re-landscaped it, and constructed four wooden beach bungalows.

Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins welcomed guests from all around the world in 1999 after five years of construction. They suffered significant damage following Hurricane Gustav in 2008, but it was completely rebuilt and now appears even better.

The Zion Country Eco beach Cabins are surrounded by lumber trees and fruit trees, including banana, breadfruit, plum, ackee, orange, soursop, pear, coconut, almond, Jamaican apple, passion, and pineapple, along with Caribbean flora and flowers.

These eco-friendly cabins are great for those who enjoy nature and backpacking across the island. The Zion Country Eco beach Cabins are well-liked for leisurely and calm vacations. With the sound of countless crickets, lizards, tree frogs, bullfrogs, and other sounds of nature, such as the sound of the sea, you can drift off to sleep or relax by a campfire.

You can expect to see manatees, dolphins, hummingbirds, nightingales, John Crow birds (vultures), Baldplates, White owls, Cowbirds, parrots, pigeons, Beeny birds, Grey Herons, bats, swallows, Pelicans, Sea Eagles, Frigate birds, butterflies, Fire Flies, and Mongooses when you wake up in paradise the following morning.


Zion Country Portland Jamaica | Dining Area(Photo Credit: Facebook)Zion Country Portland Jamaica | Dining Area(Photo Credit: Facebook)

You will receive a complimentary breakfast each morning, served with the world’s best coffee brand made right here in Jamaica, blue mountain coffee or a delicious cup of herbal tea. They also serve traditional local favourites for dinner each evening.


Each apartment features two rooms that can accommodate two people each, atmospheric lighting, a balcony with a view of the sea, and space for you to unwind or take a nap in a hammock.

  • 2-Person Beach Cabin: Double bed, sea view, balcony, hammock and fan.
  • 2 – 4 person room with private bathroom: 1 double bed and 2 single beds, private bathroom, fan, outside seating area.
  • 1-Person Beach Cabin: Single bedroom with sea view, balcony, hammock and fan.

The Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins is a green establishment. They collect rainwater and provide it to their guest restrooms and showers, which means hot water is not an option. Their glass, paper, and plastic garbage are all recycled.

Compost is what they make from their green trash. Future goals for Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins include obtaining a "Green Globe" certification. To support the local hospitals and schools, they've started a community donation program.

Manatees at Zion Country Portland Jamaica

Over the past seven years, a family of four manatees has routinely visited Zion Country. For the past four years, they have been keeping a poll here to determine how frequently they visit the harbour and what the climate is like when they do.

More than 3000 west Indian manatees can be found worldwide. Mammals called manatees range in weight from 500 to 1000 kg. They are not harmful to people.

They consume clean water and eat sea grasses as food. Manatees visit the Manchioneal Harbour and the area around Zion Country Eco-Beach Cabins because of the freshwater coming into the harbour from the driving river and reaching falls and the area in front of the cabins.

If you're lucky, you might be able to swim with, pet or even snorkel alongside manatees. At Zion Country Eco-Beach Cabins, manatee sightings are most frequent from February through October.

If you are a lover of the outdoors and imagine yourself waking up in the mornings to a cup of herbal tea, doing yoga on your balcony as you listen to the chirping birds, then go ahead and book your stay at this eco-friendly establishment.

Contact Information For Zion Country Portland Jamaica

Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins

  • Address: Long Road, P.A. Portland, Jamaica, W.I.
  • Phone: +1.876.871.3623
  • Email:

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