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14 Fast Food Restaurants in Jamaica | Local and International

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Jamaican Patty Stores



KFC was officially opened in 1975 by the Myers family under the Restaurants of Jamaica Company. The first location was at 170 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6. The parent company is Hueblein International. There are currently 39 KFC locations, serving 12 of the 14 parishes (St. Thomas and Hanover are yet to have a location). The most recent locations being Harbour View St. Andrew and Falmouth, Trelawny. KFC Jamaica has collected 5 YUM! Awards in the Latin American and Caribbean Region in the categories; Market of the Year, Highest Sales and Transaction Growth, Break Thru Innovation and Highest Volume Growth in Pepsi.

KFC is arguably the most successful international franchise in Jamaica. Jamaicans enjoy the food provided by the restaurant and will wait patiently in line for hours to get their meals. The devotion to the franchise is so much so, that in 2005 McDonald’s closed down its operations here because they could not compete with the Colonel. Jamaicans are convinced (myself included) that KFC in Jamaica is a touch above the rest of the world.

They have a very expansive menu including Barbeque, Spicy and Original Chicken in various combos and sizes, chicken sandwiches, salads The top seller’s in Jamaica are the Zinger (a chicken sandwich), Spicy Wings Combo (Available in 4 sizes), Popcorn chicken (with Honey mustard sauce of course) and the Big Deal (3 Piece Chicken Combo). There is also a fish sandwich option during the period of Lent. once you remain in-store you have the option of unlimited drinks from the soda fountain.

Burger King

Burger King opened its doors to their Ocho Rios location in 1985 and have since then opened another 27 locations across the island. The franchise is owned and operated by Restaurant Associates Limited (RAL) in Jamaica. The "Home of the Whopper" is known for its breakfast offerings, various chicken and beef sandwiches, milkshakes and desserts. The Whopper and Whopper Jr.(a part of the Kid’s menu) are its best sellers.


Wendy’s came to Jamaica in 2007 and was owned and operated by Wisynco Foods Limited until it was sold to Gara Restaurants who now operates six of the seven franchises in Jamaica. Six of the seven locations are in the eastern parishes of Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Catherine while there is one location on Montego Bay. Their top sellers are the Baconator and the wide array of dairy options. They also have one of the best health-conscious menus with many salads and sandwiches that consider calories.


Popeye's also run by Restaurant Associates Limited, has 9 locations across the island. Six of these locations are in the capital city while the other three are in Portmore, St. Catherine as well as Negril and Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland. Their leading seller is of course the highly talked about craze from 2019, “Popeye’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich.”

Little Caesars

This is the last of the three Quick Service Restaurants owned by Restaurants Associates Limited. There are currently six locations in Jamaica. The pizza company is known for its various flavours of 'Hot n Ready’ which allows you to walk in, grab a fresh pizza, and enjoy without having to call or endure a long wait time. The company was opened in Jamaica in 2003.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the three international pizzerias in Jamaica and is arguably the most popular. The 14 locations across the island are owned and operated by Restaurants of Jamaica Limited who owns KFC as well. Pizza Hut offers a host of menu options but the most popular item in Jamaica is the Amazing Four. You can get one large pizza with four different toppings so that everyone is sure to get their preferred topping. There is also the Jerk Chicken Alfredo which is sold in Jamaica only. Pizza Hut first opened to the Jamaican Public in 1994.

Domino’s continues to provide Jamaicans with pizzas since it first opened its Hope Road location in Kingston, Jamaica. A record 6,000 pizzas were sold in the first 16 days of service! The franchise which is owned by Wisynco is known for its exceptional delivery service. The company also released its website where the customer can build, order and track their pizza until it arrives at their door. Domino’s also has various deals throughout the day and coupons when you use the online platforms. It is very popular amongst high school and college students because of deals like their lunch special or 2 for Tuesdays where you get two pizzas for the price of one on a Tuesday.


Subway’s franchise is owned by Donovan Walker in Jamaica and the first store was opened in 1995 in Kingston. Two other locations were added in 1997 in the same parish. Some 16 years later, the first attempt at a location outside of the capital was made and in 2018 and 2019 Subway came to Portmore, St. Catherine and the second city, Montego Bay respectively. Priced on the more expensive end of fast-food restaurants in Jamaica, Subway offers many healthy options with their sandwiches. It specialises in sandwiches, salads, and wraps, recently adding breakfast items to its offerings.


Now for some locally owned fast food places.

Juici Patties

The first official Juici Patties store was opened in May Pen, Clarendon by the owner Jukie Chin (who was 16 at the time), a baker and a cashier. This small restaurant which opened in 1980, went on to become the largest fast-food restaurant in Jamaica with a staggering 63 stores. In 2001 it became (and still is) the only restaurant in Jamaica with locations in all 14 parishes. The offerings at Juici include, of course, various types of patties as well as Jamaican Breakfast options, soups and porridges. Their first location now serves as the headquarters for the entire operation and is a popular stop for those travelling to and from Kingston on the Southside of Jamaica. All the patties are made at the Clarendon location and then transported to all the locations in Jamaica to maintain the quality their customers have grown accustomed to. Patties are a Jamaican favourite and it’s also good for a tasty meal on a tight budget. Juici also has a factory in Canada which supplies its Canadian customers with patties through the supermarkets. Juici is also the first Jamaican restaurant to offer franchises.

Island Grill

Island Grill, Island Grill was founded in 1991 by Thalia Lyn at its Twin Gates location. It was rebranded from Chicken Supreme to Island Grill in 1998, to celebrate its Jamaica roots in both the name and menu options. The 30-year-old company operates 18 restaurants across Jamaica and 1 in Barbados. Island Grill has transitioned into what we now know and love as one of the few authentic Jamaican quick-service restaurants. Its homage to Jamaica is evident in its decor. The restaurant has tasty vegan options, natural juices and the much sought-after seasoned fries.

Tastee Patties

Tastee Patties was opened in 1966 by the Chang family. The company has grown to 15 franchise locations, and 18 company-owned. The company also operates as concessionaires at 18 schools islandwide equalling 51 locations. The company over the years has expanded its offerings and now has a 100-item menu which includes the main attraction, Patties as well as Jamaican breakfast and lunch options.


Mother's is a Jamaican company through and through. What was first launched as two separate eateries MOO1 which sold just patties and Circus Circus which sold Burgers and ice cream was consolidated to create the authentic full-service restaurant we all know and love. There are currently 18 locations across the island where customers can choose from a staggering 350 different menu items and combinations including the Curry Goat and Bacon and Cheese patties as well as countless fully vegetarian options for those who practice a healthier lifestyle.

Fast food options in Jamaica offer you a chance to enjoy international meals or the opportunity to explore local tastes.

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