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Best Accommodation in Portland, Jamaica

Accommodation in Portland, San San VillasAccommodation in Portland | San San Villas

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

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You are planning your vacation and you’ve decided that Portland is the perfect destination for your getaway?

Great! I think so too. However, before you pack all your bags, you have to decide what your accommodation in Portland will be like. Where will you stay? Of course!

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And while all-inclusive resorts are not popular forms of accommodation in Portland, you will definitely be able to find a wonderful place to stay for the duration of your vacation in Portland, Jamaica. 

Believe me when I say that Portland is the perfect place to see Jamaica’s undisturbed beauty and laid back charm in the most tranquil and luxurious accommodations.

Here (below) are my top twelve (12) recommendations for you!

1. The Trident Hotel 

The Trident Hotel is the epitome of luxury in paradise. Here you can enjoy a smaller, more intimate experience as it only offers 13 private oceanfront villas with views of the Caribbean Sea. The beautiful Jamaican-Georgian style of the buildings introduces a bit of Jamaican architectural history as well.

Among their amenities are; a fitness centre, spa and salon, private beach, private pools, a media room and of course the three restaurants where you can experience authentic Jamaican dishes and spirits. 24-hour room service also comes in handy when you would want a tasty meal but would prefer not to leave the comfort of your room.

2. Frenchman’s Cove

The perfect spot for relaxation! Here, nestled between the lush Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea you can find one of the most beautiful options for accommodation in Portland. 

They offer regular hotel rooms which on its own is quite impressive, however, they have also thought about those who would prefer a little more privacy with their families and loved ones and therefore they have 16 villas you can choose from just the same. 

The villas give the perfect view of the gardens and the Caribbean Sea and since Frenchman’s Cove Beach has been listed as the prettiest beach on the island I have no doubt you’ll enjoy it thoroughly. The beach is situated at the perfect spot where the river meets the sea and so you have the option of choosing to enjoy the cool water from the river or the salty spray from the sea. If pools are your preference. Don’t worry you are covered too.

If you ever get hungry while frolicking on the beach, you can always visit the Bar and Grill conveniently placed right there on the sand. Here you can get delicious authentic Jamaican dishes for affordable prices.

3. Tropical Lagoon Resort 

With 4 suites uniquely named after Jamaican fruits and spices, the Tropical Lagoon Resort is the perfect accommodation in Portland for small groups who love to be surrounded by nature. Here you will have direct access to the Blue Lagoon and to top it all off you are never far away from the beautiful attractions in the surrounding area.

4. Kanopi House 

This family-run resort is proof that luxury doesn’t have to be a burden on the environment. A big deal to the Kanopi House resort team is to help you create long-lasting experiences through sustainable means, after all, we are saving the environment for future generations. 

The Treehouse Villas which are scattered all across the property sleeps 2, 3 or 6 people comfortably. They are the perfect example of glamping. The surrounding Banyan trees give each group the privacy they need to have a relaxing vacation with their family or friends. 

In keeping with the sustainable way of life on the property, all the delicious meals are prepared from locally sourced produce that is in season.

You can decide whether you want to lounge the day away by the water, in the library on the property or have a little adventure snorkelling by the reef, kayaking or swimming to Monkey Island. 

This vacation spot is perfect in that it is off the beaten path and very far removed from the noise but close enough to the many attractions that Portland offers. There are also scheduled tours of Port Antonio where you can see the town the way us locals do. Visit the market, pick up a few souvenirs and of course, have a drink at one of our rum shops.

5. Sea Cliff Resort

The Sea Cliff Resort is a family-run boutique hotel built on a cliff, (as the name suggests), overlooking the Caribbean Sea. You can choose from one of the 15 rooms, have a relaxing day at the spa, have wonderful meals at the restaurant topped off with a drink at the bar.

Each room displays handmade furniture and bamboo beds. 

In addition to their standard, superior and master bedroom accommodations, they also have three private and exclusive options, the Innseaclusion Chalet, White Cap and Inn Seaclusion Edge Villas.

6. Bay View Eco Resort & Spa

As the name suggests, this resort thinks not just of a relaxing vacation but of an eco-friendly and relaxing vacation in Jamaica. With 30 rooms offering single, double or triple occupancy accommodations, a spa and a restaurant on property, you will be very well taken care of. However, the tour desk agents are always prepared to help you plan your next adventure around Portland. 

7. Hotel Mockingbird Hill 

This hideaway can be found in Port Antonio on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea. With just 10 rooms, it is the perfect place to avoid the noise and just unwind for a while. With hotel accommodations this small, you can expect to build a relationship with familiar faces for the duration of your stay. The gardens and surrounding forest host 22 of Jamaica’s endemic birds as well as 6 Caribbean endemics, not to mention the many migrant birds who also chose this spot in paradise as their home. 

Hotel Mockingbird Hill can even be rented as a villa if your group would prefer to have the place all to yourselves for vacation.

8. Great Huts 

Great Huts is the accommodation in Portland where nature and heritage meet comfort and artistry. The Great Huts experience is truly like no other I have ever seen. No two rooms are the same on this property. And if you want to go a little further away from a normal hotel experience then book one of the African inspired treehouses and huts.

They have various accommodations for any size group from a single person up to 8 people. You and your family or friends can enjoy artwork from a collective of Jamaican and African artists.

On property, you can enjoy lounging by the pool, meditation and yoga, or immerse yourself in the cultural experience offered on the property.

They also provide assistance with planning trips and making reservations at the surrounding attractions that you should definitely visit.

9. Jamaica Palace Hotel 

With 80 rooms and suites to choose from in this family-friendly environment, it is the perfect escape to decompress from the otherwise fast-paced life most of us live. Spend your days looking at the Caribbean Sea or exploring the lush gardens surrounding the property.

10. Goblin Hill Villas at San San

The Goblin Hill Villas offer 28 suites with garden, sea or undisturbed panoramic views of both. Each Villa has one or two rooms which makes it perfect for groups to have a private, relaxing vacation. 

The delicious dishes on the property are made from locally sourced ingredients and you can choose a meal plan at booking or you can try dining out at the many restaurants in the surrounding area including the Trident and Geejam hotels nearby.

11. Geejam Hotel

With 12 rooms, 4 cabins and 3 villas you can find the perfect accommodation for just you or for you and your group. The Geejam experience is as local as it gets with the dishes prepared from the secret recipe’s of the chef’s grandmother. There is also a bar and grill with food just as delicious right on the beach.

After filling up on some of the most delicious food you can head for a lazy day at the pool or beach in a cabana or one filled with excitement as they offer water sports such as kayaking and snorkelling. 

If you are someone who still needs exercise on vacation, don’t worry you can visit the fitness centre on property. 

Even with all this, Geejam is located close to many of the most popular attractions in Portland and you can visit them or just have a walkabout in the town of Port Antonio. 

12. Holiday Home Guest House

As one of the longest running vacation accommodation in Portland, Holiday Home knows a thing or two about customer service and pointing their guests in the right direction to having a vacation with the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. 

These accommodations are perfect if you just need a few days to relax or if you plan on exploring a lot of Portland while you are visiting.

Like I said at the beginning, Portland is not very big on all-inclusive resorts where everything is provided all in one place. There is something so thrilling in being able to explore the island and see all it has to offer and not just be stuck by a pool somewhere (although that is sometimes fun too).

In fact, all the accommodations in Portland listed above are close to most of the attractions available, so it won't be difficult to get to and from your hotel when you do decide to explore.

Also most hotels will assist with reservations for the attractions and restaurants in the area.

These Portland accommodations encourage you to go out and see the parish, visit the waterfalls, beaches, lagoons, forests, caves - and everything in between, and have yourself a truly Jamaican experience in yes, one of the most beautiful places in the world! 

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Accommodation in Portland | Written: August 27, 2022

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