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Ackee Wine - Meet the makers, Journey's End Wines Jamaica

by Wellesley

You've probably had the delectable Jamaican ackee right?

But what do you think of Ackee Wine?

Yup, Ackee wine!

I was amazed too, so I was very interested to learn more about this. Why Ackee wine? What were the makers thinking?!

I called Howard almost immediately after receiving his email; an early Sunday morning. I asked him for a formal interview and he gladly accepted; thanks again Howard.

Here is my Q&A with my Howard, one of the directors of Journey's End Wines (cool gentleman too) the proud makers of the first Jamaican Ackee Wine!

1. Thanks again Howard, please start by telling us (my site visitors) someone about you/ your company?

Journey’s End Wine Company was established in February 2011 with the goal of utilizing Jamaica’s natural resources in order to create unique wines that Jamaicans and the world can enjoy.

2. Why Ackee Wine? What inspired you do something so unusual?

It was with that in mind the idea of Ackee Wine came about - mainly because it has never been done before. As ackee is Jamaica’s national fruit and the main ingredient to the Jamaican national dish, I found it fitting that Jamaica should have a national wine with the native ackee fruit.

3. How long has it been on the market?

As of April 2012 this product has been on the market for roughly 8 months, however the purpose of this period was to test the market and receive feedback from consumers in order to improve this product.

4. How has the reception been? Do you get any concerns about the ackee ingredient? Especially since ackee has to be specially prepared?

This testing period has been exceptionally successful with phenomenal feedback from occasional wine drinkers and coinsures alike.

The main problem we have encountered with people is the issue of hypoglycin in the ackee. This hypoglycin “issue” is not one as we test our Ackee Wine with the Bureau of Standards on a regular basis.

The international range for the hypoglycin levels in Ackee is from 100 PPM (Parts per million) to 150 PPM, however our Ackee Wine averages just at 20 PPM, so it is exceptionally safe for consumption.

5. Any new plans for it? Any massive promotion? Do you plan to take it overseas?

In terms of exporting, we are not currently, however we plan to in the near future. With this in mind we will be attending the 2012 Expo Jamaica in about 3 weeks.

6. How can potential clients or distributors contact you?

They can currently email us at
We also have a google page at...

7. Do you have other products on the market? (Please name and say about them)

We also have 2 other products which are our Sorrel Blush wine and out Sugar Cane wine. The Sorrel Blush is a sweet blend of Sorrel and seasonal fruits and the Sugar Cane wine is simply Sugar cane. The wine that invented rum®

8. Final Question? (I ask all my interviewees) What do you think that makes Jamaica special?

In my opinion Jamaica is special because of our rich culture that makes us stand out from any other. With the blend of people from the north, south, east, and west, Jamaica is without a doubt the gem of the Caribbean.

Loooooove this, thanks Howard.

Interesting huh?
What do you think of this?
Share your feedback on the comments button below.


See the picture above, that's my bottle, gonna try it later and let you know :-)

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Comments for Ackee Wine - Meet the makers, Journey's End Wines Jamaica

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May 09, 2012
Howard Coxe did not create ackee wine
by: Headley Milliner

Sorry Mr. Wellesley, but Ackee Wine was not created by Howard Coxe but by Headley and Sylvia Milliner of Govange Wines St. Thomas.

Please do not promote him as the creator because there is a lot of data that he does not have concerning the making of that product.

We have been experimenting on ackee wine for at least six years and have put in a lot of research. it is not acceptable that Mr. Coxe is claiming the benifits of our labour in that manner. Please get your facts right before you are led down a difficult road. We at Govange Wines are the first to create that wine and it was mentioned in the Daily Gleaner long time before Mr. Coxe got back to Jamaica.

If you are interested in the truth please contact us at: 982-1690 or email:

May 09, 2012
Ackee wine was made in St thomas
by: Headley Milliner

I have watched this lie about Mr Coxe coming back to Jamaica and created this ackee wine that every one is talking about. Here I would like to set the records strait. My wife and I have started a business 15 years ago called Govange Wines originated in St Thomas Retreat the home of Busta Mante Mr coke visisted our plant in St. Thomas under the guise that he wanted to taste and buy our wines and asked us what new stuf we were makeing because he wanted to get into that field. We told him about our secret ackee wine because it was and is still under test. We we were very supprised to hear that Mr. Coxe fooling Jamaica telling every one how he created ackee wine. I think what bothers us at Govange is the fact that Mr. Coxe could make ackee wine there is no problems but tell the truth about who made it first. i do not think he should get the credit for the hard work we put into getting it this far. I think it would be better to know the truth. Please type Govange Wines in your browser and have a look at our wines. If necessary we have proof.

May 01, 2012
A little afraid of ackee
by: Mary

I really have no comment, just a question: Is the ackee wine capped with an 'english cork' or with a screwed on metal cork?

May 01, 2012
Excellent news
by: Charmaine

This awesome news for me... It great we start mkaing use of our resources. Keep up the great work Jamaica. Always be humble in all you do and give thanks to the most High.

May Lord continue to shine his grace and have Mercy on us. Not Just Jamaica also on the Caribbean region.

Apr 07, 2012
contact for ackee wine
by: Wellesley

You may also communicate with Journey' End Wines by posting comments here. They will be instantly notified.

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