An Excellent Jamaican Masseur - Michael VanReel

by Wellesley

Michale Vanreel, Professional Jamaican Masseur at work

Michale Vanreel, Professional Jamaican Masseur at work

Michale Vanreel, Professional Jamaican Masseur at work
Michael VanReel - Jamaican Masseur

A good product/service truly sells itself! In this case, it is from a professional Jamaican masseur.

One of my most dedicated website fans, Cynthia from the USA, was first treated by Michael Vanreel (working from the Coyaba Beach Resort) approximately 14 years ago.

Such was the quality of his service that she now makes it a part of her vacation schedule every time she visits Jamaica, usually twice per year.

Cynthia shared this email (below) with us and we felt it fit to share with you and all my other website visitors.

If he created such a big impression on a client (tourist) then he certainly deserves our recognition here too - wouldn't you say?

Anyway, away with my pre-amble, here is the email from Cynthia ...

---------- Original Message ----------
From: "Esposito, Cynthia"
Date: 18 Jun 2014 07:37
To: "Wellesley Gayle"

I have been coming to Jamaica and staying at my favorite resort – Coyaba Beach Resort in Montego Bay since November, 2000 - I usually stay for a week twice a year May/November.

As a result, I have been a client of Michael's for all these years and it always is the highlight of my vacation to receive a soothing massage to help me unwind from the stress of work back home in Chicago, Illinois.

Michael creates a very relaxing atmosphere for his clients including dim lighting, soothing scents, music and more.

He also has excellent interpersonal skills and can create a rapport with his clients which helps put them as ease during a treatment. He is also ready to answer any questions that the client may have during a massage.

As a result, each individual is ensured a great experience customized to their personal needs. He also keeps himself educated and aware of new techniques in the industry – his “hot stone” massages are to die for!

I totally appreciate massages because I know they are great for de-stressing, staying healthy, reducing hypertension and of course they boost your immune system.

There are many types of massages that Michael provides i.e. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Island Aromatherapy, etc.

Also, what is so very lovely is that you have several locations on the hotel's property to chose from for your massage.

There is always my favorite, Coyaba’s private dock or perhaps a beach side massage and if you prefer, you could be inside your own room or the indoor massage room.


Keep up the great work Michael VanReel! And thanks for taking time to share the experience Cynthia!

Contact Information For Michael VanReel

Phone: 876-840-0858

You may also contact him via the comments link below.

Comments for An Excellent Jamaican Masseur - Michael VanReel

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Apr 27, 2019
Fantastic massage
by: Jazz

Michael is skilled with his hands and very personable. He squeezed me in last minute and made sure I was very well taken care of. Highly recommended!

Apr 05, 2019
Hot stone at Zoetry
by: Kim

I had a hot stone massage from Michael this morning. He did an assessment and then started my massage. I haven’t had a massage like Michael’s before. He knew what my muscles needed and went to work. He was very professional but personable. He has very strong hands whIch I like and really worked the knots out. I only wish I could find someone like this in Georgia, I would definitely be a repeat customer.

Nov 04, 2018
Zoetry massage
by: Kandis Ysbrand

Michael squeezes me in last minute which was awesome, he worked on my problem areas until they were fixed! Highly recommend!!

Nov 02, 2018
by: Mary Marsico

I arrived in Jamaica yesterday bringing with me the stress of work. Michael was able to wipe away all of that stress . He is truly the best Masseuse I have ever met. Thanks you.

Oct 27, 2018
The best massage i've ever had
by: Roxy Balyan

If you're ever in Jamaica, you absolutely have to have him do a full body massage. This man has magic hands and I literally felt reborn after this. Went back to him the next morning with my fiancé for another massage. Would 10/10 recommend hands down best massage ever

Oct 22, 2018
Master Healer
by: Wanda

I just left a massage with Michael and feel like a new woman. His evaluation and assessment of my problem areas before laying hands on me was impressive.

His quiet, professional and experienced manner left me floating on air by the end of a 80 minute deep tissue session.

My aches and pains were abated and I feel absolutely wonderful! He’s quite talented utilizing methods I have not experienced before in my 40 year massage experiences. He will cure what pains you!

I highly recommend him.

Oct 13, 2018
Best full body massage ever!
by: Hope

I received a Swedish massage at the spa at Zoetry Montego Bay and Michael did a wonderful job from start to finish!

Even before starting the massage, he was able to evaluate the current state of my body by observing and instructing me to maneuver my body. No area was left feeling neglected and an excellent level of focus was placed in the areas where most tension was held. He was very receptive and accommodating, asking about the amount of pressure and refusing to let me assist him with moving my limbs as needed.

He insisted that I relaxed and kept reminding me that I’m on vacation. He even gave me tips on how to reduce the amount of tension that I carry in my back. Overall a great experience!

Sep 30, 2018
Amazing Touch
by: Ultra

Just met Michael this morning here at Zoetry in Jamaica, he has such a healing and calming though! He made me smile the entire time. He does a wonderful trick where he rubs his hands together and creates a heat that feels as tho he has placed warm towels on your legs! Highly recommended! Thank you Michael!

Sep 21, 2018
Just WOW
by: Sasha

Let me start by pointing out what a professional Michael is. He will make you feel comfortable and approaches you with the utmost respect and professionalism.

I explained my issues with lower back pain and not only did Michael focus on my problem area, he also taught me some techniques that alleviate pain especially while lying in bed.

I tried to pack him up and take him back to America but he has no interest haha!

Seriously though, if you’re in the Montego Bay Area and suffer from any body aches/pains, come see Michael.

He is amazingly skilled at his craft. I have had many massages but nothing even close to what Michael provides. Amazing! 100 stars! Thanks so much Michael!

-Sasha (317)

Aug 17, 2018
Amazing massage works like magic
by: Tanique

I came with intense tension in my upper back. All he did was something with my fingers and the pain was gone. He's simply incredible and amazing. He made everything relaxing and easy.

Aug 17, 2018
by: Anonymous

I never expected to feel any different after getting a massage from Michael. He guided me through the session and educate what's happening. He's very good. This is my first time and the experience was terrific. I feel so light and relaxed.

Thanks Michael

Aug 17, 2018
Great massage
by: Anonymous

I had an issue in my back for sometime now, it just so happens that we we're offering massage services at my job today. I had the pleasure of going to Michael, I must say he has wonderful hands.
The technique that he used I felt relief instantly.
I would definitely go back for more sessions.

Aug 17, 2018
by: Anonymous

I am extremely satisfied. Michael was wonderful. I am feeling as if a got a full nights rest in just 15 minutes courtesy of Michael. Hats off to you Mike.Thank you.

Aug 16, 2018
Excellent Service
by: Shantal

I felt brand new after he completed the massage. Thank you so much Michael, I appreciate your help alot.

Aug 16, 2018
great service
by: Stacey-ann

After a hard days work, I was able to get relaxed and rejuvenated by the awesome massage received by Michael. His hands work magic, definitely going back. Kudos Michael😊😋

Aug 01, 2018
by: Brittany Davenport

Omg! Michael has magic in his hands. Very attentive and genuine. He has strong, big hands with the PERFECT amount of pressure. He is talented and he really knows what he is doing. There is no way I would let anyone else massage me in Jamaica.

Jul 29, 2018
by: Dr. Madison

OMG! Words cannot begin to accurately convey how incredibly talented, gifted, attuned, professional, and thorough Michael VanReel is! I've had many massages before, yet never have I walked away feeling so amazing; so much so, I scheduled a second massage for the following day.

I came with muscle tightness and minor pains. I left pain free and with recommendations for helpful self care practices. Michael is an exceptional masseuse, the best!

Jul 26, 2018
Simply THE BEST!!
by: Jana

Michael is the very best!! Very detailed, professional and he has the absolute magic touch! Visit him at zoetry resort and spa you will not regret it!! He is extremely talented!! Thank you michael!!

Jul 08, 2018
Spa expert
by: Anonymous

Michael has the golden touch literary he brings heat to his hands, check him out at zoetry resort and spa u won't regret it...

May 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

Michael is a nice surprise. My pedicure was AMAZING! The service and personal touch makes you feel so special.

May 06, 2018
by: Anonymous

Two years now I've had massages by Michael and he def is the best I've ever experienced. He is kind and also knows how to keep checking on you while performing his massages. Go to Zoetry and ask for him, you won't be sorry.

Mar 02, 2018
by: skeezix

As someone with medical issues who has a massage almost every week at a chiropractor’s office, I was highly impressed with Michael as a massage therapist at Zoetry in Montego Bay. The atmosphere was relaxing and the massage exceptional.

Mar 01, 2018
Wonderful massage!
by: Tiffany S.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful massage from Michael while staying at Zoetry in Montego Bay. I am an avid massage goer, with a massage membership at home in Kentucky. I usually have at least one massage per month, and have gotten a bit picky as a result. Micheal was truly excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed his deep tissue massage.
Thank you Michael!

Feb 18, 2018
Michael the best therapist
by: Anonymous

Michael has the healing touch. I have had several massages done and my experience with Michael was tremendous. I recommend him to the word as the best therapist.

Feb 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

Michael provided just the right touch in my massage today. Got rid of all the knots in my shoulders and glutes without makiing my wince. Followed by a professional and quick pedicure so I will be fresh and relaxed when I return home tomorrow!

Jan 28, 2018
Big Up
by: Genie

Booked a massage while staying at Zoetry and my only regret is that I didn’t book sooner. Michael definitely lives up to his great reviews. His technique in deep massage is spot on and effective in eliminating stress knots and in helping your body to move the way it was made to move.

I left my time with Michael uplifted and lighter. I will definitely return for another visit with Michael!!

Jan 14, 2018
Terrific Rub Down
by: Mike S.

Had a great foot rub and rub down from Michael.

Dec 04, 2017
Michael VanReel a great Masseuse
by: Jessica Rivero

Michael has a winning personality, a great sense of humor, and an excellent work ethic. His massages are one of the best you will ever have. You have not fully enjoyed Jamaica until you have experienced one of his massages. Thank you Michael!

Oct 27, 2017
Simply amazing
by: David & Lourie

We stayed at the Zoetry hotel and had the most relaxing foot treatment, followed by a life changing body massage that awakened the senses and melted all the stress and tension away. Michael has, as cliche as it sounds, very gifted magical hands and a very warm and fun personality.I was beyond satisfied and can't wait to book another session!

Jan 17, 2016
Best Massage Ever
by: Elaine Scandale

I like to get massages about every other back home in the states, because I hold all my stress in my neck. I usually have so many knots, that the masseuse can never get they to loosen up. I decided to book a massage on vacation, not knowing Michaels reputation. It was the best massage I have ever gotten. He did all my pressure points and was able to loosen up my knots. If anyone is ever visiting Montago Bay, make sure you look him up. Thank you again Michaeloc

Jul 05, 2014
The best Masseuse ever
by: Anonymous

Micheal is simply the best. I cannot allow anyone else to give me a massage because somehow I don't think they can give me the peace of mind, body and soul that I experienced when Michael gives me a massage. Thanks Michael I can't wait to get another full body.

Jun 28, 2014
Made my appointment
by: Cynthia Savoy

I can't thank you enough for posting this recommendation. I've been here in Jamaica for over a month and have been planning to get a massage. I really wanted a male masseuse but have been having a hard time finding one. I made my appointment with Michael and will be experiencing my lil slice of heaven tomorrow. Smiles!

Thanks again, and thanks to Wellesley for providing this forum for us all to share.

Jun 27, 2014
Cruise of Western Caribbean
by: Anonymous

I will be going to Jamaica aboard the Olympiad of the seas in mid February,visiting Falmouth,Jamaica.

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