BarneySide, Westmoreland - A Quaint, Friendly Community

by Wellesley

barneyside jamaica

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This was at least my third trip to this rural, quaint but lovable little community in the north eastern area of Westmoreland, Jamaica.
(See map below)

In all previous visits, it was to take part in some sort of sporting (usually cricket) activity, or to support the community's fund raising initiatives.

We typically go straight to the grounds of the primary school that has the community's playfield. Apparently it is the community center.

This time, although my team (not me this time) was coming to play cricket on heroes day, I came with my tourist hat :-)

We always enjoyed the rich community spirit and the way they played their sports here but I wanted to find out a bit more about this community, I wanted to find out what makes Barney side unique.

Unfortunately it rained pretty early so, not only did the boys not get an opportunity to pay the game we love, it although prevented a larger turnout for their big community fun day; and so I missed the opportunity to quiz a few of the older folks as well.

(Some of my team members reverted to playing dominoes while the local music played in the background during the drizzle)

But Moya (the youth club's president) was kind enough to point me to Mrs Paulet Dryden-Smith, a social worker and long standing member of the community.

We had a rich and insightful discussion about Barney side.

I've captured them in my ABOUT BARNEY SIDE section (see below).

By the way, did I tell you that, for the first time, I played mento stick drums? Yes mi fren! See evidence below :-)

That's the one build by the locals using animal (usually a ram goat's skin) and played with two sticks!

Everyone was impressed, including me :-)

In fact, I was awarded with the opportunity to play it during the short community march with the kids!

Loved it!

In the end, it all turned out to be a really lovely experience - thanks again to a humble but truly fun-loving community.

Below are the notes from my discussion with Ms. Paulet. Our hope is that you have a greater appreciation of this small community when next you pass through :-)


  • Barneyside was a plantation property that supplied the sugar cane factory in Frome, Westmoreland.
  • The old plantation house (The great house) is still there.
    It was recently renovated and is now home to a family, but all the artifacts, including the old 'barbecue' that was used to dry cocoa beans and pimento.
  • Many of the slave graves, dating back to the 1600, are still visible there.
  • Several persons from this community fought in World War two. The last person died in 2005.
  • The community has many distinguished members including social workers (like Mrs Smith), lawyers, doctors, teachers and cricketers.

    In fact, the esteemed Dr. Paul McIntosh of Mandeville Hospital was raised here.

  • Another notable individuals of the community are:

    1. The late Retinella McFarlane - former teacher and principal of the primary school, who served the community for over 30 years in said capacity.
    2. Ms Inez Wright, retired teacher and now basic school principal.
    3. & Mr. Neville Walfall, once the only police pedal cyclist in Westmoreland.

  • The community has four (4) churches:

    1. A Baptist church
    2. A Seventh Day Adventist church
    3. A Pentecostal Church &
    4. A Zion (revival) church

  • Similar to many other rural communities in Jamaica too, the community primarily supports the two major political parties, the Jamaica Labour Party and the Peoples National Party.

More Pictures From Barney Side, Jamaica





barneyside jamaica

barneyside jamaica shop

barneyside jamaica

barneyside jamaica map physical


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Comments for BarneySide, Westmoreland - A Quaint, Friendly Community

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Jul 16, 2016
looking monica walker
by: Anonymous

i am trying to reach to monica walker she is in her 4os who is from Barney side district if any one knowing her where about please contact me at 326-2520 thanks.

Nov 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

The pics of Barneyside in Westmoreland is wonderful. The greenery is awsome, seems like a wonderful parish, never been there though even though I left Jamaica in the early eighties.Last visit to Jamaica was 09 in Manchester where am originally from. keep up the good work.

Nov 02, 2015
Barney Side
by: Olive Rose

I,m just loving the vegatation,so beautiful.Thank you for keeping in touch with my beautiful Island.

Oct 30, 2015
by: Valerie


I've never been to Westmorland. Left Jamaica almost 60 years ago. Been back many times. It's so beautiful. So many places I never had the prevelige of visiting and knowing. I lived in Troja St. Catherine for a couple of years. The Playground in the picture of the children playing cricket...I think...looks very much like the playground in Troja where we played all those wonderful games as well as cricket. Is great that some places have remain untouched.

Thank you for the beautiful view of BarneySide Westmorland.
I hope it remain beautiful and quaint forever. Hope to visit one day.


Oct 29, 2015
Loved the historical background you gave.
by: Anonymous

Loved the historical background you gave. I love,reading about our history during the Spanish and English occupation.

Oct 29, 2015
by: Valerie


I've never been to Westmorland. Left Jamaica almost 60 years ago. Been back many times. It's so beautiful. So many places I never had the prevelige of visiting and knowing. I lived in Troja St. Catherine for a couple of years. The Playground in the picture of the children playing cricket...I think...looks very much like the playground in Troja where we played all those wonderful games as well as cricket. Is great that some places have remained untouched.

Thank you for the beautiful view.

Oct 29, 2015
what a riversdale, saint Catherine
by: Erica Genus

Hi dear it is do refreshing to see the beauty of my country. Thanks and keep a moving, much more to discover

Oct 29, 2015
by: Cindi

Hi yes it is indeed a nice and quiet community. I have been there twice.

Oct 29, 2015
Very interesting
by: Francine

I have been to Jamaica in July fell in love with the spirit of the people and the beauty. I really enjoyed reading this good bit of information. Will be back in March. Look forward to my visit.

Oct 29, 2015
Barneyside, Westmoreland
by: David

Love it. Keep up the good work. Love what you doing. From where I am at, it gives great insight. I just love me some Jamaica. Keep doing what you are doing because other doors are about to be open. Talk soon, blessings.

Oct 29, 2015
Jamaican's Great Past
by: Anonymous

Great piece of work Wellesley, loved reading it. Nice to see the real Jamaica not just the tourist bits. Could you do a piece on Tacky the slave leader that nearly ended slavery in 1760? There is a statue of him in a park in Port Maria. Would love a picture of him for my book. He was a great leader but he is not publicised as much as the other great heroes. When I am next in Jamaica I would love to visit the Westmoreland community. Some of Tacky's greatest resistance fighters were found in Westmoreland. When he was killed they continued the fight to end slavery there.

Oct 29, 2015
How about Sawyers, Trelawny?
by: Marcia

Hi Wellesley, Would love for you to join me as I return to my roots during the week of Nov 23 - leaving from Falmouth. Come help me document and capture what's going to be an emotional visit back to where it all began for me, as I said goodbye to this rural community at age 11 in 1968. It will be interesting to see if anybody will remember "Miss Gwen daughter"! Wonder if my son can "drop some music" while he's there with me too. Can't wait to go to the Methodist church and the primary school again. Let's talk and see if, together, we can make the visit a memorable one!

Oct 28, 2015
Soon come
by: Anonymous

I will be in jamaica nov 24th. Heading to negril. This looks like sonething ive never done before. I will sure look into it..

Oct 28, 2015
Yuh Coudn't Stop by?
by: Andre Thomas

So you passed by my 'yaad' and didn't say hi? Next time stop by Cornwall Mountain boss. Hope you had a great time in my adopted parish of Westmoreland

Oct 26, 2015
Something new about Jamaica
by: Dejana S

Is nice to see how is Jamaica "from inside".
There are nice and smiley faces again!We don't have to be worried if something in Jamaica is not nice or good-everything is nice in Jamaica.End everywhere...Only what worries me is can this people in BarneySide relatively easy find a way how to cope in everyday life...Greetings to All People in BarneySide!

Oct 23, 2015
Exploring Rural Jamaica
by: John Blenkiron

Most visitors to Jamaica never get to experience the rural charms of Jamaica by getting away from the tourist attractions unless they are fortunate enough to become regular visitors to the island.

Rare glimpses like this visit to BarneySide are great introductions to the history and culture of Jamaica and help one to see that Jamaica is more than just a collection of scenic is people living everyday lives in vibrant communities off the beaten path.

Your previous article on Beeston Spring introduced me to a part of Jamaica I had never explored in my 55 year experiences 'pon de road' in Jamaica.

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