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Best Jamaican Easter Bun
Which Bun Is Best?

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jamaican_bun_at_easterBest Jamaican Easter Bun

by Venesha Johnson |Associate Writer

Easter is one of my favourite holidays. As a foodie, it is partially because I get the perfect excuse to eat as much Easter bun and cheese as I desire.

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Let's not mistake spiced buns for Easter buns now. Spiced buns are a dark brown, circular bread that we have all year round, a frequent inclusion in lunch boxes for children (and adults, if we are honest). You can purchase a ‘round bun’ anywhere - shops, supermarkets, the gas station.

Easter buns, on the other hand, are heavier and more moist than spiced buns. They are loaf buns with lots more fruits, spices and the occasional shot of rum. It's packaged differently than a spiced bun and is limited to the Easter season only.

So, before you run out and grab an Easter bun, let’s talk about what makes an Easter bun great, and the best brands you should try.

Moistness: The first sign of a great Easter bun is how moist it is. Trust me, you do not want a dry bun. You can tell if your bun is moist by how soft it is. So, if you are not buying a boxed bun, you can simply pick it up in its plastic packaging and squeeze it gently. Most times, you don’t even have to go that far, you can tell by the look of it. Moist Easter buns are usually glistening at the top. Unfortunately, if you are buying a boxed bun, you won’t be able to tell, but every boxed bun also has the non-boxed versions, which are usually much cheaper. You can test the plastic packaged bun to get an idea of the boxed one. They are pretty much the same thing.

Fruits: Like our famous Jamaican Black Christmas Cake, our Easter bun is made with dried fruits. In many of the buns, the fruits are blended so you won’t be able to actually see it. But some people (like me) love biting into the whole dried fruits and so some companies still have this version for sale. This is just my preference though, as I know many people who absolutely hate whole fruits in their bun. So, if you are new to having bun and cheese, you probably need to get both to see which one you prefer.

For me, these two factors determine if an Easter bun is good or not. Now, let’s get into the best brands.

Yummy: First up, we have Yummy. As someone who has indulged in countless Easter celebrations over the years, I can confidently say that Yummy Bakery Jamaica's Yummy Easter bun is my absolute favourite. It's been a staple in our celebrations for as long as I can remember, and there's a good reason.

First off, it's delicious. I mean, we're talking about a bun that's soft, sweet, and bursting with fruity flavour. Yummy is also one of those brands that gives you the actual dried fruits in your bun as well. Plus, Yummy Bakery really knows how to cater to everyone's needs. They have several sizes to choose from, not to mention their gluten-free and vegan options. Everyone can join in on the fun!

Maxfield Bakery: Second in line, in my opinion, is the Maxfield Easter bun. I think if you asked most Jamaicans to name a traditional Jamaican Easter bun, they would definitely mention Maxfield. The love of the Maxfield Easter bun, although it's delicious, doesn’t just come from the bun itself but from the nostalgia. They had one of the most popular Easter bun commercials of all time back in the day.

National Bakery: National is one of Jamaica's most popular baking companies. They have some of the most popular bread, biscuits, buns, bullas and crackers on the market, so it is no surprise that they also have one of the most popular Easter buns. They are also well known for their year-round spice buns. They have also acquired HTB Bakery, another brand well-known for its Easter buns.

There are many other brands, of course, including:

  • Mother's
  • Whitfield Bakery
  • Miss Birdie

In Jamaica, eating Easter buns throughout the Easter season is practically a rite of passage. I anticipate that you’ll discover the one your tummy and heart both like, whether you decide to try one or all of them! There are so many to choose from, in various sizes and ranges of prices. Give them a try.

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