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Breakfast Restaurants In Kingston
Best Stops For A Delicious Start

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breakfast restaurants in kingston tea tree creperieBreakfast Restaurants In Kingston | Tea Tree Crêperie (Photo Credit: TripAdvisor)

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

You don’t need to reserve going out to grab a bite for just lunches and dinners. A breakfast date can be just as fun and interesting. Here are some of the top breakfast restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica, based on google reviews.

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1. Tea Tree Crêperie

For all palates, they provide a "French Fusion" Cordon Bleu-style menu with a twist. You've probably never had a meal like this before, as it's the first of its type in Jamaica. The modest, pleasant setting and exceptional customer service complement their incredibly sweet and savoury diversified food. The warmth of their staff is also something to be talked about!

If you are a breakfast fanatic like myself, who will rather have “breakfast food” at any time during the day, you will love it here. They serve breakfast until 6 pm! Their menu includes Egg & Cheese Muffin, Steak & Eggs, Chicken & Mozz Omelettes, Crepes and so much more.

Before you leave, remember to write your name on the "chalk wall" to commemorate your visit.

Contact Information

  • Address: 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
  • Phone: +1 (876) 978-7333. 

2. Mr. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

They specialize in mainly continental-style breakfasts, so if you are looking for more traditional Jamaican breakfasts this is not the place for you. From omelettes, pancakes and waffles, to smoothies, sandwiches and hot beverages, they have it all. Their crowd favourites include Bacon or Ham Omelette With Strawberry or Blueberry Cheesecake Pancakes. Sounds delicious to me.

Contact Information 

  • Address: 17 Holborn Road, Kingston 10
  • Phone: +1  (876) 798-2422
  • Email: 

3. Blue Window Restaurant

Breakfast and lunch are popular at the Blue Window Restaurant, as are themed cuisine nights. You should not miss the Sunday Brunch, which features a larger buffet with a wider selection of dishes. The Blue Window Restaurant offers a wonderful culinary experience in a memorable location with views of the poolside, whether it's authentic Jamaican foods or delectable international cuisine.

For breakfast, you would have to be there or order between the hours of 7 am and 10 am. Their breakfast menu consists of omelettes, pancakes, and of course traditional Jamaican breakfasts such as ackee and saltfish and mackerel rundown.

Contact Information

  • Address: Pegasus Hotel, 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5, New Kingston
  • Phone: +1 (876) 926-3691-9

4. The Porridge Shoppe

Porridge is one of the top breakfast options in Jamaica. As a matter of fact, some locals refuse to start their mornings without a cup or bowl of porridge. At The Porridge Shoppe, they offer high-quality Jamaican breakfast delicacies that appeal to a wide range of palates, and we urge you to sample their delectable fare.

They take satisfaction in serving healthful cups of goodness to our consumers, such as Cornmeal, Foska Oats, Hominy Corn, Bulgur and Peanut porridges. Choose your favourite porridge and serve it with fried dumplings, fritters, or Butterkist Cream Crackers as a side dish.

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (876) 479-6605

5. Julie Mango Restaurant

Looking for a mixture of traditional and continental style breakfast options? Julie Mango Restaurant has what you are looking for. From traditional Jamaican options such as ackee and saltfish, run down and porridge, to continental options such as waffles, pancakes and paninis. The menu is quite extensive, so you will have plenty to choose from. And with vegan options as well, there is something for everyone.

Contact Information 

  • Address: May Fair Hotel, 4 West Kings House Close, Kingston.
  • Phone: +1 (876) 510-0017/ +1 (876) 728-2038

6. The Bagel Shoppe Ja

Who doesn’t love a good bagel? It is definitely not a traditional breakfast meal here in Jamaica, but I have never met a person who didn't enjoy a good bagel. Well, the Bagel Shoppe Ja has tapped into the market by specializing in selling a wide variety of bagels. Some of their options include Herby Smoked Salmon Bagel, BBQ Crispy Chicken Bagel with house-made Coleslaw, Cinnamon Crunch Bagel, and Smoked Chicken & Cheddar Bagel.

Contact Information

  • Address: 84 Barbican Road, Kingston
  • Phone: +1 (876) 326-7664

7. Brew'd Awakenings

This is another great option for those who prefer a continental-style breakfast. They serve waffles, omelettes, croissants, bagels, paninis, pancakes and much more.

Contact Information

  • Address: 130, Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
  • Phone: +1 (876) 405-0032

Breakfast restaurants in Kingston are plenty and this list barely brushes the surface. Though I must say this is a delicious place to begin! Even if you have nowhere specific in mind, you can be sure to find somewhere great with very little searching.

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