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Vegan Restaurants In Kingston
Healthy Options To Jamaican Dishes

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Vegan Restaurants In Kingston | Ibo Spice Portal (Photo Credit: @ibospice)Vegan Restaurants In Kingston

Vegan Restaurants In Kingston | by Sheree-Anita Shearer, Associate Writer

Sticking to your diet in Jamaica might be hard but it's not because healthy alternatives are hard to find. In fact if you lean towards organic, plant-based dishes there are scrumptious eats that are right up your street. Obviously, we do have many meat dishes that will be close to impossible to substitute, but there are still numerous other dishes that are either naturally vegan or can be customised to be as such.

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While most Jamaicans are not vegan, we do have a generally healthy diet because we rely on the land for the main ingredients for most of our dishes.

Also, our cuisine is influenced by Rastafarianism. They introduced us to the “ital” way of cooking, which is basically food that was prepared with all-natural, organic ingredients and zero salt. Nothing is ever processed. This method has been adopted by many Jamaicans, especially streetside soups.

While it is great fun to create these dishes on your own, it is always good to know where the best spots are to have an awesome evening at a lovely restaurant with healthy, delicious food. You won’t miss out just because you are vegan! More Jamaicans are embracing a healthier lifestyle and as such, there are now many Vegan Restaurants in Kingston to choose from.

Kingston by far, has the most vegan or vegetarian options on the island. And you don’t have to think about getting the typical meals all the time. Every restaurant provides a new way to experience Jamaican cuisine and even introduce dishes from other cuisines as well. There are even live food eateries too?

Ibo Spice Portal

If ever you are in the area, be sure to visit the Ibo Spice Portal at 131 Orange St, Kingston. It is a portal indeed as it feels you have been transported to a place peaceful and zen, far removed from the hustle and bustle of Kingston. Their “Inu" comprises all naturally and locally sourced products that they get on their daily trip to the market.

The culinary experience begins with a cup of Jamaican chocolate tea with bissy. From there you can choose from their fully “ital” menu. Their staple dish is their burger, with their iconic breadfruit sandwich. Because their meals are all gluten free, bread isn’t used to make their burgers.

Instead, the breadfruit is sliced into circles and used as the “bread” for the sandwich. From here you can add chickpea fritters and your choice of sauce from guacamole, mango chutney, pepper jelly or raspberry sauce just to name a few.

Even the utensils the meal is served in are different, you can get your calabash full of your favourite Jamaican foods. From roasted yams, sweet potatoes, sips and plantains served with gungo stew, vegetable mixes and of course the trusty slice of Avocado (pear). You can wash this all down with your very own selection of freshly made fruit juice.

After your meal, you can tour the grounds for a while, look up at the coconut, mango and breadfruit trees and enjoy your little escape to nature right there in the capital city.

Contact Ibo Spice Portal at: +1 876-865-5128

Mi Hungry

Mi Hungry, serves up its sun cooked, ital dishes at 67 Constant Spring Road in Kingston. The fully ital menu takes things a step further by only serving meals that can be eaten without having to go through the cooking process. Their delicious salads and hearty burgers with plantains and ackee are a must have but it is their “pleaza” that is the true king of the menu.

This is their take on the traditional pizza, only with all natural, organic ingredients that have not been cooked. It is packed with seed and grains, sundried tomatoes, vegetables, ackee (of course) and chilies for and extra kick.

In addition to their Kingston location, there are also locations in Ocho Rios and Mandeville.

You can contact them at:

  • Ocho Rios:(876) 528-4154
  • Kingston:  (876) 908-1771
  • Mandeville: (876) 962-3764


Rawmantic is another restaurant that specializes in shakes, juices, salads and snacks all made from uncooked gluten free ingredients. This place is perfect for a quick snack on the go. While all their menu items are great, it’s their juices that are most talked about, specifically the sorrel juice and the hulk, their take on the green juice.

If you don’t feel like visiting the physical location, they also do deliveries in and around the Pavilion Mall, 13 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston 10 area. Just give them a call at 1 876-668-4040.

Tehuti’s Café

3 Lyncourt, Kingston is home to one of the most unique eateries in Jamaica, Tehuti Café. Your meal might look like a cheat meal initially but here you can eat everything with a clear conscience as all their meals are vegan and gluten-free.

The plant-based café supplies its customers with wraps, pizza, salads and dessert. All this can be washed down with a refreshing drink from their juice bar menu.

Tehuti, the owner of the café, serves meals he enjoys himself, having changed his diet due to a health scare in his late teens. This inspired him to create this space where people can get healthy and delicious meals.

Tehuti Café is available for dine-in, take out and they even take it a step further and provide delivery services as well. 

To contact Tehuti Café, call them at, +1-876-414-2870. They are usually open Monday to Friday 9 am to 4:30. But it is always best to call beforehand.

Marianna’s Kitchen

Named after its founder, this restaurant is inspired by Marianna who can only be described as a citizen of the world. The woman of French/Syrian/Egyptian ancestry was born in Greece before making her way to the island of Jamaica.

As you can imagine, Marianna’s life and travels reflect not only the dishes that are prepared but in the ambience and décor of her restaurant space at Market Place, Constant Spring Road in Kingston. The restaurant promises the taste of the Caribbean, Middle Eastern and European cuisines and it does not disappoint.

The open floor plan of her restaurant allows patrons to see and interact with the warm and friendly chefs while they prepare the masterpiece that is your meal.

You might taste your meal and decide, “yes, this is what I’m getting every time I come to Marianna’s” but that will prove a little difficult I’m afraid. At this restaurant, the daily changing menu encourages you to try different meals and not stick to the basics all the time. It also proves that vegan or vegetarian meals are far from being boring and repetitive.

Just an important point to note Marianna’s is vegan but not gluten-free. Marianna’s also sells some of their favourite ingredients in store, that you may add to your meals at home.

You can contact Marianna’s Kitchen at, 1-876-668-2092.

King David Ital Restaurant

Tucked away in the Constant Spring Arcade on 23 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston is the King David Restaurant. This restaurant might be a little difficult to spot at first but the taste of the meals prepared by King David himself will lead you right back.

There are two things that people love about King David, the many meal options and the affordability of it all. It can be quite difficult for anyone to fully finish a meal by King David and usually, you’ll need a to-go box to take home the rest.

Don’t leave the restaurant without trying the veggie chunks or the ackee. They are absolutely enjoyable.

We have just scratched the surface of what Kingston and Jamaica, in general, has to offer when it comes to gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. Nevertheless, vegan restaurants in Kingston are a healthy, not to mention, delicious place to start.

Bon appetit!

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