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Does Jamaica have a Monsoon Season?

Does Jamaica have a Monsoon Season? || Answered by Kadian Clarke, Associate Writer

Technically Yes! Jamaica does have a monsoon season, although we don't use that term, but it may not be nearly as severe or lasts as long as some countries do.

What really is a monsoon season though?

Monsoon refers to a seasonal shift in the wind system that brings heavy rains and on other occasions, may cause dryness.

In other words, it describes a countries wet and dry season.

Jamaica's Weather System

Let's relate this to the Jamaican weather system. The weather in Jamaica is mainly warm and sunny with an average temperature of 80- 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though sunshine is synonymous to the island, there is in fact a rainy season which begins late April through to November, with more torrential rains in September and October.

During this period, the country still experience some amount of sunshine. The downpour mainly occurs in the late afternoons in the form of a thunderstorm and are sometimes very brief.

Interesting facts about Jamaica's Climate

The south coast of the island will typically receive less rainfall than the north coast since it is protected by the blue mountains and other mountainous elevations.

So What's The best time to visit Jamaica?

You can visit Jamaica at any time of the year despite the rainy season. Remember, that even throughout this time, the showers don’t last all day and there is usually sunshine after the rain!

It is also not unusual too see many bookings to the island during the hurricane season which runs from June to November.

Why is that?

Because although it is the hurricane season, there is only a two percent chance of a tropical storm actually hitting Jamaica.

And, regardless of these seasons, the sea is perfect for swimming throughout the entire year!

Between the months of January and April, the temperature is usually at average high temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and between the months of July and November84 degrees Fahrenheit. Still pretty good right?

However, if you prefer to travel at a dryer time, then I would suggest you visit during December to March or July and August which are the hottest months of the year.

Note also that between July and August, you will also be privileged to benefit from the cheaper hotel deals since it will be the (relative) low season.

Items to bring for the wet season

So if you decide to make your way to our shorelines during our wet season there are a few things you things I'd recommend you bring or buy to ensure a less anxious trip.

You are going to need the obvious - an umbrella, so it doesn't hurt to have one tucked away in your suitcase.

Also, bring a nice warm coat/jacket and long pants if you can. The days are warm but the nights will be fairly cool (not your cool, but Jamaica cool).

I know I provided more than you asked, but I hope the general information helped. :-)


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