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Introducing... My new Etsy Online Store!
For Authentic Jamaican Products

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New! For Authentic Jamaican products, from my very own handsvisit my Etsy store here.

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OK friends, well the most ardent of you would have (probably) known already, certainly if you have been visiting my site over the last week!

Yes, your favorite Jamaican website now has its own product shop... on ETSY!
Link here.

And yes, they are all authentic Jamaican products from Jamaica, that either I produce or I source from my local partners!

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I'm Excited!

As you'll probably realize, I am over the moon! 

Not only because I've been looking for win-win ways to monetize my site, but also that..

  1. They are all authentic Jamaican products, and
  2. The products are coming through my very own hands! 

I've already ran the idea by a few of my readers, and the feedback has been extremely heartening! 

June Lyons (I know she does'n't mind me sharing), said this...

Again congratulations on your new ventures; I'm so excited for you.

Some other items that comes to mind are:

  • Grapefruit leaves 
  • Papaya leaves
  • Dried green orange peel
  • Orange peel (dried)
  • Lime and lemon peels (dried)
  • Castor oil
  • Coconut oil 

These are just a  few things that comes to mind. The possibilities are endless in Jamaica; there's so much we in the diaspora need and you've been chosen to help us!

Just think of the herbs and spices.
Go by faith and step into the deep.

You got this my brother!


That feedback made my day!

Which Jamaican Products Do I Stock?

I thought of the items that I've been asked about, historically.

In many cases, these are the ones that are not easily found outside of Jamaica nor online. And even if they do, in many cases, they are not really Jamaican, but rather branded or pirated.

And so yes, these are authentic Jamaican products, grown or produced locally here in Jamaica.

So far, in addition to a few printed collectibles, I have 14 home-grown, or locally produced, products in the categories of Food, Spices and Traditional Herbs!

They are...

  1. Dried Pimento
  2. Dried Pimento Leaves
  3. Dried Soursop Leaves
  4. Chocolate Sticks
  5. Dried Guinea Hen Weed
  6. Wet Sugar
  7. Molasses (BlackStrap Molasses)
  8. Chaney Root
  9. Dried Almond Leaves
  10. Dried Guava Leaves
  11. Dried Neem Leaves
  12. Dried Cerasee
  13. Jamaican Nutmeg &
  14. Irish Moss

All fresh and locally & organically grown or produced! 

Some, for example the Chaney Root, are from the deep woodlands of Maroon Town in St. James!

Click Here to check out my store!

And I have more coming!! Bust rest assured only uniquely Jamaican products!
If you have a particular need or preference, please let me know.

How Can I Get Them? How Does It Work?

If you are familiar with Amazon, Ebay or Shopify, then Etsy is a breeze for you!

What differentiates them though, in my mind, is the fact that they specialize in unique, hard to find, or hand crafted products.

In fact, according to their website, Etsy is a 'marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell handmade and vintage goods'.

So basically,

  1. I (the seller) list the item on Etsy for a flat fee
  2. The purchases identifies the item for purchase (via the store front, search, or direct link)
  3. The purchaser orders the item using credit car (processed by PayPal)
  4. The seller is notified
  5. The seller ships the item 
  6. The seller updates the dashboard, and you (the purchaser) is notified via email.
  7. In my case, I also send a picture of the shipped packaged to the purchaser

Which brings me to the next point...

Shipping From Jamaica

It cost 'an arm and leg' to ship expedited from Jamaica via the known couriers; you know them :-)

And so, I use the Jamaica Postal Service! I was pretty impressed with them after sending some documents to a family of mine in the states a few weeks ago!

They received it in just over a week!

I was also elated to learn that several other local businesses use the Jamaica postal service (other Etsy creators as well) to send registered packages outside of Jamaica, and it works like a charm.

But it typically takes between two (2) week and three (3) weeks, depending on the season, hence...

  1. I only send non-perishable products (customs won't allow green products anyway), and

  2. I communicate with the purchaser right along the way, from acceptance of the order and prepping the order to shipment (including providing pictures of the product and parcel)
package_etsy_online_storePackage Mailed From Jamaica

And with that said, help me salute...

...My FIRST Customer!

My Etsy online store was opened just over a week ago! 
And within a couple days, I had my first sale - pimento leaves!

And so, as I hinted on Sunday in my newsletter, her name is...

Louise, yes from Ontario, Canada!

I was excited because, not so much because of the sale, but because it proved to me that the entire Etsy does work!

And that means, my business is  up and running!

So Louise, just in case you are reading this...


I sent a little 'sumting' for her, but I also have something for you too.
I have a...

$pecial (Limited Time) Offer

And yes, as you'd probably expect, I have a special "24 for 24 discount offer" for my readers and newsletter subscribers!

But it is for 2 days only (midnight Feb 23 to midnight Feb 24)

Basically, you get a cool 24% discount on all purchases with a minimum order total of just $24 USD.

The special discount code is CODE24

You may also apply it via this link:

But remember, it is for 2 days only!

I'm Looking Forward!

And so, I'm looking excitedly forward to the days ahead. 

I believe I've found a great win-win opportunity (my readers/ subscribers and myself) and so I am anxious for what is to come.

So, if not yet done, please check out My Etsy Online Store (link below).

And if you like what you see, please be sure to share it with someone, or better yet, share this page!

So what do you think of the idea? And what about the products?
Is there anything else you'd like me to include?

Please don't hesitate to let me know via the comments below (or contact me directly).


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