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Happy Mother's Day 2012

by Wellesley

I just wanted to pause and recognize all the mothers, caregivers, big sisters, grandmoms,adopted moms,guardians and even the dads who had to be mothers.

God bless them!

As you probably know, I lost my mom last year (2011) & my special grand mom a few years before (My dad between them too), so this one is a little emotional for me now.

Here's a lovely poem I'd like to share with you and I hope you will take it personally or share with your mom too.

Here it goes...

Mothers' Day Poem

When God set the world in place,
when He hung the stars up in space,
when He made the land and the sea,
then He made you and me.

He sat back and saw all that was good,
He saw things to be as they should.
Just one more blessing He had in store;
He created a mother, but whatever for?

He knew a mother would have a special place
to shine His reflection on her child's face.
A mother will walk the extra mile
just to see her children smile.

She'll work her fingers to the bone
to make a house into a home.
A mother is there to teach and guide,
a mother will stay right by your side.

She'll be there through your pain and strife,
she'll stay constant in your life.
A mother will lend a helping hand
until you have the strength to stand.

She'll pick you up when you are down,
when you need a friend she'll stick around.
A mother is one who listens well,
will keep her word; will never tell.

A mother never pokes or pries
but stands quietly by your side,
giving you the strength you need,
encouraging you to succeed.

A mother is one who can be strong
when you need someone to lean on.
You're more than a mother to me;
a reflection of Him in your face I see,
a love that knows no boundaries.

I'm glad that you chose to be
all this and more to me.
You share a love that knows no end,
you're more than my mother,
you are my friend.

God Bless Mothers. Happy mother's day!

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May 11, 2020
Mother's Day Poem
by: Anonymous

I love this poem so much. It's as if the writer knew my mother. She died 42 years ago and even now I wish I had her to talk to when things get me down. She always had a listening ear. She gave such good advice it used to make me wonder why I was concerned in the firs place. Mother was also a great woman of God.

May 11, 2020
Motherโ€™s Day poem
by: Claire

Beautiful and well written poem; melts my heart. Thank you

May 12, 2019
Happy motherโ€™s day 2019
by: Melita

To all Jamaican motherโ€™s and motherโ€™s around the world, happy motherโ€™s day.

May 12, 2019
Aww Happy Mother's Day!
by: Samantha

Thank you so much for that lovely poem; you are a very gifted writer. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones. Happy Mother's Day!๐Ÿ’™

May 14, 2012
Re: Mothers' day
by: Valrose

I would like to express my gratitude for you poignant poem. It says a lot and I too have a lot to be thankful on this 'special day', as I was brought up by two generation of grandmothers and a wonderful aunt who was there for me at the tender ages when my mom was overseas. I do appreciate my mother, however, I am forever thankful for having these three beautiful women in my life.

Unfortunately, my great-grandmother passed away over three decades ago, and my grandmother, presently living in Jamaica is struggling with health issues. But I do give thanks for them and now wish for them the very best for this and every day of the year.

I sympathize with you Wellesley, however, I do believe that the memories of those prominent ladies and your dad will carry you through.

All the best,

Valrose Minott

May 14, 2012
A mothers day wish
by: Anonymous

A happy Mothers day to all the Jamaican Mothers and to all the jamaican fathers who acts like mothers and especially to my Special friend

May 13, 2012
Your poem sell aff
by: Rachael Graham

All I can say to that is' very well said, I shall share that one without a doubt.

May 13, 2012
by: John Blenkiron

Thanks for sharing that lovely poem of tribute to mothers on Mothers Day. A special tribute to the memory of your mother, Wellesley, for producing and bringing up a caring son who has created and brought us all to this unique web site where we all share our love for Jamaica.

May 13, 2012
To all Mothers
by: Sarah

Happy Mother's Day. May your day be bless and prosperity be yours always.

May 13, 2012
Big Up!!!!!
by: Kathy

Mi know dat feeling, loss my father last year (mi empty inside now). Thanks for dat nice poem.

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