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by Brigid
(United States )

Jamaica Independence Article/ Story Contest - Entry #02 - I AM COMING "HOME"

My first visit to Jamaica was in 2004. I didn't return until this year 2022. In those 18 years I noticed huge change and improvement. Not in the beautiful people but of the island. It was wonderful to see progression and not staying still.

The highway was built which made a new appearance to the area. Harmony beach in Montego Bay had a makeover and beautified ! Such a wide area of the tranquility with sun and shade. Meeting and talking with the locals was a wonderful experience.

So wonderful that it reassured my thought on permanently moving and spending the rest of my days in Jamaica.
The people are warm, funny and humble. For me, Jamaicans have the best smiles out there!! Cause being, it comes straight from their hearts.

Nothing is perfect. There is good and bad everywhere. But the energy and vibes I feel when I am there I know it's my new home.

Through all the rough and challenging struggles of Jamaica, people didn't let that keep them down. Through it they appreciate what they have! Their positive music, culture and food. They go as far to have the powerful words for their motto " out of many there is ONE people ". Also, ONE AIM , ONE DESTINY, ONE LOVE.

That one is my favorite and they include it in many of their lyrics. The Jamaica flag is a perfect representation. Gold for abundance of sunshine, green for all the vegetation and black depicts the strength and creativity of the people.

I will be honored and truly blessed on August 28th to be a part of it all.

I will miss the 60 celebration this year but i will have several more to celebrate Independence Day.

Through my journey and experiences; Jamaica will be my home and I too will be a part of all these beautiful and wonderful things I have come to know and appreciate about Jamaica. I only have seen a small part of Jamaica and am excited to explore the whole island.

I am sure it was not easy but the people "united" and never stop fighting for their independence. With unity comes strength and with that came INDEPENDENCE. A beautiful thing INDEED!

I could go on and on but this is a short story so I will end here.

Blessed love, Brigid Gilhooly


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