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Island Hopping In Jamaica

by Michelle
(AZ, United States )

It's been a while since I last communicated with you. I'll be returning Jamaica,"My Adopted Island Home", December 1-24, 2014.

In 2006, my first time in Jamaica, I did the "All-Inclusive Vacation" and booked "Sunset Beach Resort/Spa in Mobay)" and, returned to same resort in 2007, 2008 & 2009.

However, in 2009, while at Sunset Beach Resort/Spa, I met a guy from the UK. We talked about how much we both love Jamaica!

He told me that he was an "island hopper", b/c he enjoyed experiencing more of what the Island has to offer. So, in 2010, I started "island hopping" and have done so every year thereafter!

It's the best way to embrace all of what your beautiful Country/Island has to offer!

Upon arrival at Sangster Int. Airport, I will go directly to my favorite location, "The Cliff's in Negril!" I've stayed at Sunset on the Cliffs, Blue Cave Castle (2x).

I want to spread my wings and experience more of Jamaica, I went to Trip Advisor.

There, I found my "Little Cottage in Negril" on the Westend, called "Stoney Gate Cottage!"

This will be my first time staying in a Cottage, all to myself! I'm so excited!

And, my friends who live in Negril/Westend will be coming over to teach me how to cook "Jamaican Style" and, we plan on going to the beach-side of Negril and purchase fresh Lobsters, Fish, etc.

Then, return to the Cottage and enjoy the feast and play dominoes!

I'll be in Negril for 6 days; Sandy Bay 3 days, staying with a girl friend & her family. They own "Valerie's Seafood Restaurant", right on the main road in Sandy Bay.

Then, I'm going to Falmouth to stay in a rental home in the "Florence Hall Village" housing scheme for 5 days!

Next, I'm headed to "Mammee Bay" to stay at "Villa Patiently Waiting" for 5 days.

I'll end my vacation at "Sunset Beach Resort/Spa", which is the resort I stayed at when I first came to Jamaica in 2006.

So, as you can see, I'm going to enjoy "Island Hopping" this year; experiencing and embracing more of your beautiful Country/Island! Going forward, I have to change the subject a little and ask you a question?

What are the laws/rules in Jamaica regarding: "if someone wants to sprinkle their "ashes" in the Caribbean Sea? You see my friend, in May 2013, I was diagnosed w/Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

When I fell in love with your beautiful Country/Island in 2006, I knew what I wanted to do with regard to my "final going home celebration!"

In 2011, while staying at Blue Cave Castle in Negril, I chose "The Cliff-Side of Negril", where dolphins can be seen swimming/playing, along side the fishermen and their boats!!

Before I finalize my documents, I need to know "if I can have my ashes taken to my "adopted island home."

My dear friend Valerie in Sandy Bay will be the person who will sprinkle me in the Caribbean Sea where the dolphins swim/play!

I have already ordered a "bio-degradable" pillow for this celebration!

Please know, even with my diagnosis, I continue to be the happy, hopeful, fun, outgoing and "positive-spirit lady" that all my friends know me as.

My HOPE/FAITH is and will always be in the Lord! I do hope that, I will have the honor/pleasure of meeting you and your beautiful wife & daughter this year! I would love that so much!

You have provided me with a "wealth of information" via
"www.My-island" and, I'm so thankful for your diligence, determination & passion to share Jamaica with me and the World!

I look forward to your reply and, thank you so much for taking time to read my long comment. God Bless You and Yours!

One Love,
"Chasing Life & Living Out Loud" :-)

Wellesley's Note

What a story!? I did get Michelle's permission to publish her story, dates and all (see my comment below)

We welcome your comments here.

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May 23, 2015
The Answer Is Below
by: Wellesley

Please see my response to Michelle's question regarding disposing her ash in the sea below (in the comments section)

Oct 17, 2014
Jamaican protocol related to disposal of cremated body (ashes)
by: Wellesley

Hi Michelle and friends,

In relation to the wish to dispose of the ashes in the Caribbean ocean; I checked with a few of the most popular funeral homes in Jamaica today.

One said, straight up, that they are not aware of any enforced protocol and so they don't expect any issues with that.

Another however, indicated that, although not usually followed, the proper procedure is to get a permit from the Parish Council Office for that parish, eg. Westmoreland (if Negril) or St. James (if Montego Bay).

For a small fee the parish council would grant the permit and you'll be all set.

Interestingly though, the same gentleman (at Delapehna Funeral home) (10/17/14) indicated that many times persons just take a boat; go out in the ocean and sprinkle the ashes without any permission, but he stressed that the above is the correct procedure.

I would therefore suggest that you check with the parish council's office and get that permit my friend.

I am not sure if you had mentioned Negril or Montego Bay so I am providing you the contact information as below.

Contact For Westmoreland Parish Council (the area that Negril falls in) is below:

General Office

Contact For St. James Parish Council (the area that Montego Bay falls in) is below:

MoBy 19A Union St

I hope this helps.

Oct 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

That was inspirational Michelle!!

The people, the food, the places, the experience,its really amazing being in such a unique place with such peculiar people.

I actually told my friends that i wanted to be cremated and have my ashes thrown over a cliff to the sea so i can give back to Jamaica, what she gave to me.
I thought i was crazy, now i see im not the only one....

Oct 05, 2014
Island Hopping
by: Judith Hall

Thank you Michelle, the way you set out to do your Island Hopping make me want to join you. On my next trip I will be taking a page from your book and go Island Hopping, May God watch over you,

Oct 05, 2014
Thanks for sharing your story
by: Delrene

Truly inspiring story, Michelle. I will be adding you to my prayer list and will definitely be praying for you.

So happy that you are enjoying my island home....while I am living in your home country. Keep on living life to the fullest and do not place any expiration date on your life.

Nothing is impossible with God. Thanks for sharing your story. God bless you.

Oct 04, 2014
Your story is a blessing to me
by: Alicia

So often we become so caught up in the everyday responsibilities of life that we forget to enjoy life. I love your spirit of living life to the fullest! Even as a Jamaican I long to hop the island and enjoy the fine attractions and cultures. I still haven't gotten that opportunity, so I'll ask that as you hop you do it for both of us :) Just knowing you are enjoy the things I love so much will make me happy! Somehow I feel you deserve every bit of the joy you get from being in my island/country. Take care....You are in my prayers....

Oct 04, 2014
Response to Michelle's story
by: danne

Hi Wellesly, just curious if you got Michelle the answer to her question as to rules/customs of having her ashes spread in the waters surrounding Jamaica. Thanks for sharing her story and I pray she has many more years to enjoy the Island of Jamaica.
Best, danne

Oct 04, 2014
by: Shelley

Michelle,my bell...Please look up Rick Simpson and his cancer curing protocol.Hemp oil cures.Please do not let the doctors make you believe that you must radiate your body to kill that disease,because they radiated my 50 yr old friend to death.Let us all heal with the gifts that god gave us.You have your diet in 3 x*s per day for 3 months of healing herb and you just might get this disease beat.Nothing ventured nothing gained.Bless up

Oct 04, 2014
by: Sheila

Life is precious , your story brought tears to my eyes Butcha know. What your r still here living life great testimony to the person you are... Enjoy each n every day n it appears you have enriched others lives as you have journeyed... I wish u n urs the best... Being sprinkled out n our Jamaica wow that's the way I wish to go home... Again blessings n keep on til yah can't ...

Oct 04, 2014
strenghth to go through
by: Anonymous

U are a trooper your strength is your force that keep y going.

Oct 04, 2014
a spirit that forever soars
by: Anonymous

Dearest Michelle, Jamaica is a place that can also heal your body mind and soul. Its doesn't matter how far gone u are GOD is able to heal. I will suggest that Jamaica is also a island of many churches, just has u find the food and dwellings, the island also provides spiritual healing. So my dear live laugh, healing belongs you right now. JAH bless


Empress Genus

Oct 03, 2014
Yes, please share my story
by: Michelle

Whah Gwan My Friend,

I'm happy that my story inspired you.

Yes, by all means, you can share my story with your other visitors?

And, you can use my name, dates, etc. No Problem Mon!*:) happy

I hope it inspires others as well. I believe, when we share our stories/experiences of Life., we open the "Windows to the Glory of God!"

I hope my story will inspire others to embrace the spirit of determination, hopefulness, love and a fighting spirit for Life.

If I could bring my medical provider to Jamaica, I would sell my home, car, and moved to my adopted "island home" next year!

But, because I have to receive "Chemo Treatment" once a month, for the rest of my life, I have to keep my medical provider.

I forgot to share with you in my previous message that; when I was on the island in 2013, celebrating my 57th birthday, many of my friends reached out and gave me several of the island's medicinal herbs that have been known to help fight cancer:

Sour Sop Leaves, Guinea Hen Weed, Moringa Seeds, etc. My girlfriend in Sandy Bay took me to her back yard and, we pulled Sour Sop Leaves from her tree.

I let the leaves dry out for 2 weeks and, Customs allowed me to get thru b/c the leaves were "dried out."
That was a blessing my friend!

A friend in Mobay gave me "zip lock bags of dried Guinea Hen Weed" another friend took me to a Moringa Tree and we pulled leaves and seeds.

When I finally ran out of the herbs, I simply ordered more from ""

I'll be bringing more of these medicinal herbs home this year. The key is to make sure the herbs are dried out thoroughly! If they are not, Airport Customs will throw it all away. *:( sad

I look frwd to meeting you as well!! Once I arrived on the island, Dec. 1, 2014, I will top off my Digicel Phone at the airport.

I will be using "Clive's Transportation" to take "Stoney Gate Cottage" in the Westend. I love Clive's Transportation!

They are awesome and offer a safe and pleasant ride to your destination!

Once I arrive at "Stoney Gate Cottage" and settle in, I will email you to let you know that I've arrived so we can make arrangements to meet.

"Chasing Life and Living Out Loud" *:)

Oct 03, 2014
I remember you Michelle!
by: Wellesley

I remember you Michelle! We communicated back in early August as well.

I think I got caught up in all the work, I will check that out and get back to you.

Your story has inspired me and I am sure it will bring life to many others who will read this.

Do you mind if I share this with my other visitors?

Let me know my friend. I just feel that your story would inspire others.

Can't wait to meet you.

Founder & CEO,

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