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Jamaican Guineps - Love em!

by Denise Salmon

jamaican guineps

Hi Wellesley,

Thought I'd share a bit about guineps with your readers, one of my favourite fruits here in Jamaica.

The guinep is a popular fruit here on the island. It is found in all the parishes.

The tree grows slowly to a height of approximately 85 feet tall and the trunk can be about 5-6 feet thick. The tree has beautiful blossoms and the guinep grows in clusters - sort of like grapes.

At a glance the guinep looks like a lime, but the green skin can be easily stripped off, revealing a smooth salmon colored pulp, that is sometimes sweet, but sometimes it can be a bit sour.

The guinep has a lot of stain at times and when they are like this, your clothes can be damaged if you are not careful and allow the stain to get on it.

Guineps are sold in local markets all over Jamaica, and even on the sidewalks - like many other Jamaican fruits.

The Guinep seeds can also be roasted and eaten as well. And the leaves of the Guinep tree is used to get of flees, in some places here on the island.

Editor's Note

Hi Denise, thanks for sharing. I think my readers appreciated this. I added a photo at the top to show those who might not be familiar with the fruit.

To my readers...

The guinep is just one of a delightful array of tropical fruits that we have in Jamaica. It is said to possess some amazing health benefits. For a list of some of these, read this Jamaica Observer article.

And if you are interested in the scientific stuff related to guinep (names, family etc), visit this wikipedia page.

For a list of this and more fruits, click here to visit my Jamaican fruits page.

See also: what fruits to they eat in Jamaica.

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