Jamaican Men

by Janet Jackson
(New York, Brooklyn)


Is it tradition for the Jamaican man to have several women? If so, is this behavior accepted by the Jamaican women?

ANSWER: by Wellesley Gayle December 28, 2009

Hi Janet,

No, it is not a tradition.

I think however that their are social factors, including aspects of the now popular dancehall culture, that glorifies such behaviour, and so, you'll find that not only the Jamaican men are practicing the lifestyle, but some Jamaican women - although not comfortable with it, have come to accept it.

And even then, it is probably still in the minority.

I hope that helps.

Let's watch the other comments this gets.
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Comments for Jamaican Men

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Oct 14, 2016
Reply To:American women sluts
by: PA

Straight bullshit you wrote..I'm Am and my bf HM been together 10years + and I'm far from a slut lets get that straight.I don't where this beef started from with JA women and Am women,the shit is stupid and childish. Not all men and women cheat dam that shit piss me off when they say all men and women cheat. It's who you date let's say that can't blame no one but yourself ✌️

Mar 24, 2016
Jamaican Men
by: Anonymous

I have never been to Jamaica but for the women on here to degrade the Jamaican men for having more than one woman it's just wrong especially the American women.

I have been to America to visit my friend who is a guy and has 5 kids to 4 different women.

And all but one of those women were sluts considering three of them knew he was in a relationship with one and had a daughter and she was pregnant with their son but he was not satisfied with her and went out spreading himself around and then had 3 other children.

He told them all he had a family but the women still slept with him and had kids to him and also had kids to other men. So really is it the men's doing or the woman's doing?
I would honestly say both. So American women don't judge Jamaican men. And to be honest I think all American women are sluts because they don't care if a man is taken or in a relationship they just go after the man.

I saw it with my own eyes. They have no morals or self respect to do that.

Aug 11, 2013
by: susie

Men will be dogs, thy want all the bones they see, and when the are finish with their bones thy burys it and when thy think of it, they digg it up again.It'S NOT ONLY JAMAICAN.

Mar 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

American men cheat. I bet most o these women commenting do not even have a man and have never had one. American women are the freakin worse. Oh American lack women by far. They judge men bc they are angry black women. Jamacain men or any man for that mtatter can only do what you allow them too. You ca only react to what o know of not by what someone else heard. Especially if the someone else has nothing gong for them.

Mar 04, 2013
ilive there born there know everything
by: Anonymous

men from all over the world cheat from any race culture whatever.why do people be so worried about jamaican men and cheating american men love threesome what about that.they love anal sex witch the bible condems what about that.they dont get kids with diffrent womens because they come in the anus people do what they want to do people have one life jamaican men is enjoying it.once they own the kids do the best they can to help the kids upbring then thats good.because jamaican men reads the bible and beleive it thats why we are like that because thats what david and king soloman thaught us no one is special we all die some day some woman may not like it because they want to rule man man is the head.look at bob marley kids from diffrent women they all grown up and living togher shining.and the truth is some women will not have a man or a husband so they get a baby or good sevice from a man who has diffrent woman she benefit.sharing is caring.

Jun 29, 2012
american black women
by: Anonymous

i just met a fine as jamacain man about 40yr old in church he preached a sermon and spoke about how he loved his wife highly he was well dressed beautiful personality smile tall black an abody out of this world and within one day he was checking me out asking me to his room and money and had the nerve to ask me to be his girlfriend and 200 dollars then had the nerve to tell me he live well in jamacia so i held my hand out asked him for some money and disapearedoutof his face before i knew it he was acting out like he was upseti asked him what was the problem he said he just want akiss he begin eating a orange as if it was a sex toy i have been laughing every since thatjamacainbroughtalotofjoyand laughterevery time i think about him crazy i know run like hell if you see them coming he became agood friend smile be aware.

Jun 29, 2012
my love
by: Anonymous

I have a Jamican man and he kisses me love me and taked care of me. He has no kids and am his only woman and yes i know that for sure. ALL of all sound races to me that judge a book by its cover. Get a life

Oct 25, 2011
jamaican men don't kiss?
by: Dena

i want to know why jamaica men do not love to kiss or show any affection to a women just think about the sex. please help me to understand.

Sep 11, 2011
christian man
by: Anonymous

I am a white american woman and have been married to a Jamaican man for 14 years.He is decent christian man and is very faithful to me. Please do not judge everybody like that.

Sep 11, 2011
christian man
by: Anonymous

I am a white american woman and have been married to a Jamaican man for 14 years.He is decent christian man and is very faithful to me. Please do not judge everybody like that.

Sep 04, 2011
wow really???
by: Tanya

WOW I am soooo amazed by this question! No one can truely be compared to another. Even if the reside in the same culture. No two people are the same. Whle there are some Jamaican men that keep more then one woman, there are also American (black and white),oriental, latino that do the same. I have been with a Jamaican man for the last two years. I am whte American and I see nothing of this kind of thing with him. He is the most respectful honest man I have ever met. I have frequented Jamaica several times, as well as eight other countries and I find one thing in common. People are people. Some men, and women feel the need to have more then one partner. While this is not a lifestyle I choose to live, it is their choice. People are searching for happiness and sometimes it makes them do socially un-acceptable things. Please ppl do not judge an ENTIRE CULTURE! Every man/woman still stands for themselves.

Aug 24, 2011
jamaican woman
by: guscge

it is true that jamaican woman tolorate with jamaican men cheating on them.however some of them cannot do better.

May 28, 2011
Decent my Ass!
by: Anonymous

To the blogger above, I'll ask you the same question that you asked the blogger before you. What delusional box are you living in! Decent people ha! One has to wonder where you got your definition of the word decent. I won't go into what's considered decent ir indecent about Jamaicans, but what I will enlighten you about is that some American men may cheat on their women, but not all of them. Yes American men especially today may have more than one child with different women, this is more so with the youth, many of who are Godless creatures as we can see, but for the older ones, the reason is not so much as their cheating as it is that they've had more than one relationship during their life which bore offspring. Some American men cheat, but there are still some who are decent guys who have not done so. Albeit there are some cute Jamaican men, but the fact is that Most All, I repeat this...Most All Jamaican men cheat. American women admire from afar, but predominantly stay clear of Jamaican men precisely for this reason alone. Jamaican men cannot be faithful to one women, most all of them are rarely ever faithful to their own Jamaican women and if you confront them on a level where they feel they have nothing to gain by being dishonets, most every Jamaican male will tell you exactly why they don't get their heart involved deeply with their women which allows them a clear conscience to cheat. And the level that they cheat on is far greater than any other race of people to the point when confronting Jamaican men, one finds out they have anywhere from 5 to 10 kids floating around somewhere. No dear blogger above, in no way can the American male be compared to this level of cheating that far surpasses any level of cheating that most Americans are used to. So when you speak of American men, get your facts straight, as most American women will not tolerate what Jamaican women will tolerate. They don't have to! Its that simple.
Some Jamaican men are cute and Black American women view them as nice eye candy! For European white women, a multitude of sluts, they view them as a good "role in the hay' so to speak, but in general from races, Jamaican men are seen as cheaters, unable to be faithful to any one woman and their history of cheating has a long reputation going back many decades, and this is how the majority of Americans have viewed Jamaicans over the decades! It would take many years and much change in order for Jamaican men to overcome this stigma and change the reputation they themselves have created!

Mar 29, 2011
To fully understand
by: Proud of who I am.

You have to know a culture to truly understand it. Before you judge them you have to step outside that box of what you consider to be right and accept their beliefs, lifestyles, and morals. To say the Jamaican culture is messed up because Jamaican men have more than one children by different mother's is to shame the American culture because the same type of things are happening here. I am a American that never been to Jamaica, but the Jamaicans I know here in the U.S. are some decent people, regardless of the lifestyle they have chose. Everybody lives a different life that is what makes us call it a culture. But at the end of the day only God should judge them.

Aug 02, 2010
Jamaican men feel no sense of responsibility?
by: Anonymous

The woman who killed her 4 children and then herself in New York City last week was virtually homeless. I feel for the poor children. Where was the father? Was there more than 1 father? I knew a Jamaican woman who had 4 children and her husband was in prison. She was at her wit's end. Years ago I met a Jamaican guy who had 9 children with 7 women. What's up? I love the music and the Jamaican people have good hearts, but in this way the culture is really messed up. Why is this?

Jul 20, 2010
Jamaican Men
by: P

No Men should have more than one woman. If you cant comit to one the forget it. I personally would not accept it. Even though the men are out the doing it and by the time u find out he has 10 kids with 10 different women. And u end up with tan deh. if you know what i mean. From a womans point of view some of the women no no better. Den do the same

Apr 30, 2010
act foolish
by: sandykay

Why is it that when you get a good women you act so foolish.

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