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Jamaican Beers
Jamaican Sunshine In A Bottle :-)

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jamaican beer - visitor drinking jamaican beerA recent visitor enjoying his Red Stripe Jamaican beer

Jamaican Beers - Top 7 Questions, Answered
By Deon Clarke | Associate Writer 

When you think of Jamaica, the first thing that likely comes to mind is sun, sand, sea and reggae music of course!

Then there’s the appetizing food and tantalizing drinks that keeps you going back for more. But wait, there’s another kind of sunshine you'll enjoy in here in Jamaica.  This one is in a bottle and, as your companion, will keep you warm and cozy all year long.

I’m talking about …. the Jamaican beer :-)

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And today I will answer your most post questions about Jamaican beer, starting with...

1. What Is The Most Popular Beer In Jamaica?

There’s only one simple answer for this, the Red Stripe Beer, made by Desnoes and Geddes (D&G). This is a pale lager beer and by far the most popular beer in Jamaica.

Red Stripe can be found just about any and everywhere in Jamaica, from corner shops to supermarkets, hotels and chill spots, its there!

And why is this so popular?  Personally, outside of its amazing flavour, I think it has to do with the wide distribution network and the fact that it is Jamaica’s second home-made beer, making its grand entrance in 1928.  And both Jamaicans and tourists alike, can’t get enough of it.

2. Is Red Stripe The Only Beer In Jamaica?

Red Stripe beer is certainly not the only beer in Jamaica. There are quite a number of other beers here, brewed locally or imported.

There are also some exciting variations of Red Stripe beer which I actually find quite delightful. Let us take a look at some of the brands and types of beers in Jamaica.

3. What Are Some Jamaican Beers?

I'll now share with you the most popular ones, the Top 23, and indicated and also let you know which is brewed locally (by who) or imported.

Here we go!

  1. Red Stripe Beer – brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  2. Red Stripe Light – brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  3. Red Stripe Lemon - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  4. Red Stripe Sorrel - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  5. Red Stripe Lime - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  6. Red Stripe Light Apple - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  7. Red Stripe Light Ginger - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  8. Dragon Stout - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  9. Dragon Stout Spitfire - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  10. Dragon Gold - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  11. Guinness Stout -brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  12. Heineken - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  13. Smirnoff Ice (wide range of flavours) - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  14. Jamaican Ginger Beer - brewed locally by Desnoes & Geddes
  15. Jamaica Stout – brewed locally by Razz Brewery
  16. Lion Heart Stout - brewed locally by Razz Brewery
  17. Razz 876 - brewed locally by Razz Brewery
  18. Razz Hard Jamaican Ginger Beer  - brewed locally by Razz Brewery
  19. Corona  - Imported
  20. Bud -  Imported
  21. Bud Light  - Imported
  22. Samuel Adams Boston Lager  - Imported, &
  23. Miller Light -  Imported

4. What Beers Do Jamaicans Drink?

As you can see from above, we drink a wide variety of beers, and believe me when I say we drink them :-), but also always willing to try anything new; beers may not have  invented in Jamaica, but the consumption is definitely perfected here!

5. Is There Bud Light In Jamaica?

Yes, Bud Light, though not brewed in Jamaica, is one of the beers that is imported here.  You find it a lot in hotels and resort areas, satisfying primarily, tourists who wants to enjoy a taste of home.

6. Where Is Beer Brewed In Jamaica?

After enjoying these tantalizing flavours of Jamaican beers, it is no wonder you would want to know where all this magic is created, lol. 

The breweries in Jamaica that produce beers in Jamaica are primarily Desnoes and Geddes and Razz Brewery – both located here in Kingston, Jamaica.  So if you ever want to take a tour, I’m pretty certain they would be willing to arrange it

7. What’s New With Jamaican Beers?

Innovation is the heart of any prosperous business and breweries are no exception. I’m not sure if you know much about the beer making process and the raw materials involved, but it is important to note that Red Stripe  has embarked on a project to use locally grown cassava as one it’s raw materials and has invested heavily in this venture.

Also, the Red Stripe Melon is one of the newest flavours to hit the market. It is a blend of ginger, watermelon flavour, inverted sugar and it’s lager beer. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’m sure it’s just as great as all the other flavours.

I’m sure by now you can’t wait to go out and get a nice, ice-cold red stripe beer or to enjoy the crisp flavours of Smirnoff Ice. 

Something richer? 
Sure, enjoy the rich, dark, smooth goodness of Guinness or a spitfire stout!

Either way, its probably prime time to get your own sunshine in a bottle.
Remember, though, you must be 18 years and older and hey – drink responsibly!

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WATCH VIDEO: See Ken Domik's Review Of Jamaica's Red Stripe Beer :-)

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