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Jamaican Comedian Mr. Handsome, Mash Up Di Wedding (Video Here)

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Jamaican Comedian, Mr. Handsome Stole The Show
by Wellesley Gayle

We are blessed with an abundance of talents here, you would have heard me said that several times, right?

I honestly believe that Jamaican are amongst the most talented anywhere! And comedy, is perhaps one that easily comes to mind.

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We have some of the best in the Caribbean, from the veteran Oliver Samuels to the contemporary likes of Shebada, Delcita and the super talented, Mr. Handsome!

Today, I'll feature the one and only.. Mr. Handsome (formerly Girly)!
I happen to run into him last weekend at the wedding of a family friend and honestly, he stole the show.

I think we forgot we were at a wedding but rather at a comedy show, a 'joke business' in a fun way! The guy is good and apparently is adaptable to any situation - he is that sharp.

He, dressed the part, touched on all several topics;

  • funeral soup,
  • 'eat and lef',
  • borrowing money
  • and even had time to sing, For You, by Kenny Lattimore to the lovely couple!

One memorable moment though, was when he, joked about his wedding and funeral services, that was fun.

He claimed that he is the 'go to' man to spice up and add life to any wedding and funeral!

He joked that he does funerals for 40,000JMD and 45,000JMD to fall in the grave, crying uncontrollably if he has to :-)

He recalled a real story, where he went and did the same thing in the US, only to find he was at the wrong funeral - although, must have been a joke too!

He was interrupted though by the thought that the food was been over-portioned and he would not get any after his work. The young lady, he cried out, was sharing the food too heavy!

And you are in luck! During all that crying with laughter, or should I saw, DWL.

I managed to capture that on my phone and posted it on my YouTube Channel. You can see it here, below.

Here Is The Video (Below)
Press PLAY to Begin

But the highlight for me was the man on the bike who ate and left!

Mr. Handsome had just spoken about people who comes to weddings and funerals only for the food, some even just in passing, and lo and behold... he identified a man, dressed unusual for the wedding eating in the reception area!

And what made us almost rolled on the floor was when, during the cutting of the cake and stuff, we heard a bike starting up, only to find that someone, the same man, was leaving, way before everybody else.

He made it into a real comedy drama....That was epic.
Be sure to read more on the top Jamaican comedians and comedy videos here.

But, by the way, why do you think Jamaican are such a talented bunch?
I'd love to hear from you. Please share your feedback in the comments below, or via our friendly forum here.

If you missed the video, please watch it here.

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