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Jamaican Food Catering Services
10 Options To Consider For Your Event

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Jamaican Food Catering Services | (Photo Credit: Sear274, Kingston)Jamaican Food Catering Services | (Photo Credit: Sear274, Kingston)

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

When planning any event, big or small, one of the most important aspects will always be providing delicious foods for your guests. One of the best ways to get that done and to take the majority of the stress off your plate is to hire a catering service. However, if this is something you have never done before, reputable caterers might be a bit challenging. So here is a list of 10 highly recommended Jamaican food catering services on the island.

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1. Jamaica Prime Foods

This establishment aims to provide food that its customers love on a daily basis. For them, it's not just about delicious food, it is about hospitality and providing an elevated experience. They have an extensive menu, however, each menu can be customized to meet your theme, tastes or dietary restrictions.

If you don’t have a menu in mind, a quick consultation is all they need to bring your ideas to life and present you with great options. Ideal for social events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduations and more, business events such as products launches, conferences and seminars. They are also great at outdoor events such as team outings and annual meets.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 618-1544, +1 (876) 953-6571 | Email:

2. Chungs Catering Service

As one of the oldest Jamaican food catering services, this family-owned and operated company has been in business since the 1980s. At the time, it started with just 4 persons, a father and his children. Over the years the business has grown and so has their staff.

They specialize in catering for special events and now operate from 14 locations across the island. If they cater your event, you are promised to have delicious food, timely delivery and highly personalized service. Their menu consists of Chinese, local and international dishes.

They cover corporate entities, whether large, medium or small, private individuals, schools, church-related events within Kingston, St. Mary, St. Ann and Portland. They are headquartered at 138C Maxfield Ave. Kingston 10, Jamaica.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 926-0992 / +1 (876) 926-8256  | Email:

3. Great House Caterers

Launched in 2011 with a specialization in Italian, French and Jamaican fusion cuisines, they are an upscale catering company based in Kingston, Jamaica. On the list of functions, they cater to are: weddings, social and corporate events islandwide. They provide food services delivered by a team of professional and dynamic chefs.

Their many focus is on incorporating the big bold flavours of traditional Jamaican cuisine with a variety of international cuisines. They have packages available for every occasion, customizable menus, and will also provide open bar services with a variety of signature cocktails, and dinnerware rental services.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 408-5986

4. SEAR274

This Kingston based catering company has been in operation since 2001.  They are known to deliver an impeccable dining experience, that will exceed your expectations. SEAR274 has successfully executed cuisine and patisserie services for intimate dinners and private events and dessert stations for large weddings from the very beginning.

They provide a wide menu that includes signature cakes, salads, soups, appetizers, seafood, chicken, sides and customizable options.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 570-2253 

5. Buttonwood Tree Caterers

This premier catering company is based in Kingston and Manchester, Jamaica. They cater to special occasions and functions such as weddings, social events, and corporate events islandwide. Providing a hassle-free event for the hosts and a scrumptious memorable experience for the guests is their number one priority. They have thought of the whole dining experience and now offer dinnerware rentals along with catering services.

They cater to all events and can create menus from cuisines all over the world including, but not limited to Italian, French, Mexican, Asian and Jamaican. They also provide planning and rental services.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 889-9219 or +1 (876) 420-9514 |.Email:

6. Lorna’s Catering

This is company is quite popular for providing Jamaican food catering services and is a very well-known takeout spot for breakfast and lunch in Kingston. They focus on catering authentic Jamaican food, and have even launched Lorna’s Jamaican Cooking online platform to share the cooking tips and techniques they employ to create amazingly tasty, traditional Jamaican dishes.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 896-2094 / +1 (876) 978-5865 | Email:

7. Mark Chong’s Cooking Mastery

This Jamaican owned company provides not only catering services but event management services as well. They provide a wide range of fresh, local and international dishes which are then tastefully presented and served by friendly helpful staff. Services include catering, bar services, cooking classes, consultations and more.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 818 7335/ +1 (876) 542 5752/ +1 (876) 672 8635 | Email:

8. Mercham Catering Services

Catering Food And Drink Supplier in Duhaney Park. They provide a wide range of local and international cuisines.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 363-4826

9. B&E Caterers & Restaurant Ltd

Originally named, Top View Restaurant & Lounge, it was founded and operated by the Sadlers who, still work full time in the company even today. They have been in business for over 20 years, and provide catering services to large and small events. Their head office is located at 375 Willowdene Parkway, Old Harbour Road, St. Catherine Jamaica.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 804-3736/ +1 (876) 981-0025/ +1 (876)- 633-6283 | Email:

10. Island Caterers

Island Caterers are located in the city of Kingston and not only provides catering services to small and large events but also provides dining and etiquette training as well.

Contact Information - Telephone: +1 (876) 313-7393

While these 10 Jamaican food catering service options are great, it is only a drop in the bucket to the number of catering services available on the island. Do your checks to find the company that fits your vision. However, this is a good place to start.

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