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How Do I Get From
Kingston to Falmouth Jamaica


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Kingston to Falmouth Jamaica | Emancipation Park StatueKingston to Falmouth Jamaica | Emancipation Park Statue

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

People travel back and forth to Kingston, the island’s capital city daily. We already know that Montego Bay to Kingston is a popular route, but another frequently travelled route is Kingston to Falmouth.

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The small town of Falmouth is known for its cruise port, food tours and other excursions. It’s a far cry from what you would find in the bustling city of Kingston.

Travelling on the north coast is the most common route to get from Kingston to Falmouth and vice versa. On this route, you will have quite a few interesting pit stops to make along the way with the most breathtaking skyline views.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that the most popular means to get to Kingston is by driving, whether that is by renting a vehicle, charter or taking a public taxi or bus.

There are no airports in Falmouth, so flying from one place to the other is not currently an option. The closest airport to Falmouth is the Sangster’s International Airport in Montego Bay, which is approximately a 30 minutes drive from Falmouth.


Option 1 - Knutsford Express

The best luxury city-to-city transportation on the island is Knutsford Express, and in my opinion, it is your best option. You must arrive at the bus terminal before the departure time for check-in as these buses operate on a strict schedule.

Travelling this way has many perks. You will be granted access to bathrooms, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, cable TV, a complimentary bottle of water and occasionally, snacks. Most important of all, at least for me are the plush, comfortable, high-back chairs with adequate space for your feet and the option to recline.

A single adult ticket starts at JMD 3500, which is approximately USD 29.56. The trip will take about 3.5 hours because Knutsford travels a little more slowly and will stop in Ocho Rios, St. Ann before continuing to Falmouth.

Option 2 - Public Buses

The bus is the most widely used mode of transportation from Jamaica to Falmouth. Coaster buses are available at the Kingston transportation hub from 5 am to 8 pm.

The trip from Montego Bay to Kingston in one of these coaster buses typically lasts under 3 hours. The price at the moment is about 7 USD. The bus is usually crowded, so the trip will probably be uncomfortable, but it is the cheapest way to get to Falmouth from Kingston.


Option 1 - Renting

Renting a car is yet another fantastic way to travel from Kingston to Falmouth. By following the street signs or using Google Maps, it is simple to follow the route from Kingston to Falmouth via the north coast.

You can rent a car in Kingston from one of the many car rental agencies for as little as $30 per day. But remember if you choose this method, driving this route you will travel on the toll road and be required to pay a toll fee which varies in cost depending on the type of vehicle you are driving. The bigger the vehicle the higher the toll cost.

Private charter companies are available around-the-clock. These charters typically cost between $200 and USD 300.

Option 2 - Route Taxi

This, though the least recommended, is an option nonetheless. There are no direct taxis from one area to the next as it would not be feasible for the drivers and there are already buses on the route.

But, if you are in a great rush and you are unable to wait the extended period it will take for the public bus to be filled, you can carve your route through the north coast taking the route taxi system through different towns until you make your way to Kingston.

I would not advise taking this route if you are travelling in a large group, with cumbersome luggage or with small children.

The most obvious route is from Falmouth to Ocho Rios, Spanish Town and Kingston.

Stops you can make on the way:

If you are travelling privately, the journey from if you are planning to make the best of it. There are two places that I highly recommend though. Firstly, Devon House. Leaving Kingston without making a stop at Devon House should be a crime.

This is where I usually stock up on all the tasty treats, not only for the long journey ahead (in my case, Montego Bay), but to satiate my cravings until my next trip to Kingston as nowhere else on the island quite makes them the same.

Curry Goat at Devon HouseCurry Goat at Devon House

As always, I swear on the greatness of the Devon House Bakery’s Curried Goat Patty, so ensure you grab one.

The Pudding Man (Jus Cool Nuh) | Photo: Shanty Vert - YouTUbe)The Pudding Man (Jus Cool Nuh) | Photo: Shanty Vert - YouTUbe)

Secondly, Pudding Man. Yes, that’s the name and you can guess what you can get there. While I am not a fan of puddings, I can guarantee that you will find some of the best puddings on the island, right there in Priory, St. Ann.

The ever faithful Cornmeal and Sweet Potato are always available. But, be sure to try the carrot, pumpkin or banana just the same.

Your trip from Kingston to Falmouth Jamaica can be quite an exciting one, make the best of it!

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