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Lost In Jamaica - between woodland and mountain top

by Twyla Vargas
(Bodden Town, Cayman Islands)

A few years ago, I travelled to Jamaica on vacation and spent the time with friends in a place called May Pen Clarendon.

After enjoying a week with family and friends, I was invited to go to some place I never been before to enjoy fried fish and other taste of Jamaican foods.

I never wanted to go and had a gut feeling that something would go wrong. However, with much convincing I went.

I was travelling with two very trusting prominent Jamaican men, in fact, one was a QC.

After travelling for what seemed like hours, the car decided to overheat and stop running. The time was around 9 pm at night.

We all got out of the car while in the middle of no place that I knew, but understood that we were in some mountain top area. The driver said a few words which panicked me.
He said I do hope we do not meet robbers up here, and asked me to remove all of my jewelry.

I was panicked as we waited, which seemed like an eternity, in total darkness. I don't know what made me just take a stroll in the darkness and went around a corner and out of sight.

After walking away around the corner and quite a few yards from the car, I dropped a piece of my jewelry and bent down to pick it up, same time saw the headlights of a vehicle approaching and decided to hide behind a tree scared.

However, looking out I saw that it was the car I was in. Must have started and was looking for me, as I watched in panic the lights disappeared and I was left in total darkness in the mountain top.

Not knowing what to do I began walking in the direction the car was going hoping they would have turned around after not seeing me.

Nothing of the sort happened, and was later to learn that they became frightened and wondered where I had disappeared to and they continued to report me missing at the nearest police station.

Anyway, I continued walking for about three or four miles, until I heard water running somewhere on the side of the road.

I could not see my hands in front of my face it was so dark, and could only see the dirt marl road and tried to stay in the center. No street lights no moon lights, only little night flies.

By this time, I had gotten very delirious and dehydrated, my sandals had torn away from my feet and I was now walking bare feet. Bruised feet, tired and thirsty.

I decided to turn back and began walking in an unknown direction back, I believe in the direction I had left. Suddenly I looked to my right and I saw two lights which looked like lamp lights on each side of a white gate and a long road which resembled a runway.

I stopped suddenly and looked towards the large white gate and my eye suddenly caught sight of a figure just standing there to one side looking at me. The figure and face of a man. Just quietly looking. My thoughts were to go and ask him for help, but other thoughts were saying "Don't" because this person never spoke so why should I.

At the same moment, I began to pray and sing this song. "Hold unto Jesus and ride out that storm” I walked away from the gate, and a mile still going I felt like I was going to faint. Same time I saw two huge bright lights coming towards me and I fainted, to wake up in the hands of two rough looking men. One with no shirt on, short pants no shoes and the other looked like a Rastafarian.

They picked me up as I fainted right in front of the huge dump truck and put me inside. I was semi-conscious and I heard them saying don't be afraid we are not going to hurt you. How did you get here? where are you from?

I never spoke and they began talking among themselves saying "How could this woman get here in the middle of nowhere in the mountain", being both ways it about twenty miles from civilization. I finally spoke and said "Police" take me to the police.

They continued driving which seemed like hours and hours and finally we reached at a police station. The men went inside and reported to the police what happened, and the police was happy, relating that they had just sent two police cars out to the mountain to look for me.

I was safe as I waited for my friends and said good byes to my rescuers.

Next day during sunlight I asked the drivers to take me back to the place where I was lost. We all went, and I keep looking out the window trying to see the white gate. I was assured that there is no white gate along the way and no road that resembled a runway; only about a hundred feet drop off a mountainside.

From that day until this day I continue to sing the same song and feel a continued blessing each time.

Wellesley's Note

OMG, Is this for real Twyla?!!! Sounds a little very scary to me!

There is a big lesson in that though!
I'll allow my readers to help identify and share that via the comments below.

To My Readers: Have You Vacationed Here Before? Other site visitors would love to hear your story too, please click here to share your experience.

Wellesley Gayle,

P.S Read More Insightful Stories from travelers to Jamaica here.

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Sep 29, 2019
by: Anonymous


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