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Luciano 'The MessenJAH', Lit The Rastafari Village! | Luciano Reggae

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luciano_and_mikey_generalLuciano Reggae Music's Messenger| Performing at IRITS

In a soulful performance, Reggae Music's acclaimed 'messenjah', the ;king of conscious music;, lighted the monthly IRITS event last Sunday at the Rasta Indigenous Village. 

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Luciano from early has been a long fan of mine. He's right up there with Garnett Silk, Morgan's Heritage, Buju Banton, Etana and the likes! 

I like him not only because of his conscious music, but his unchanging principles, regardless. He boldly denounces slackness and vulgarity both in society and in the music industry, regardless of the event, the patrons, or stage he is on, that's him.

And that he did again during his supposedly 'pass through' performance along with his long time friend, Mikey General, at IRITS recently.  Click here to watch the video.

He Drew From His Top Hits!


Despite a small, 'family type' atmosphere, he didn't hold back on his best hits, neither did he relented on denouncing the slackness in the music, the bleaching, and other immoral tendencies he believe his people are drawn into.

He also lamented the leadership and state of world in his song 'Ooh La La La' to the beat of quadrille type music.

Other top hits he drew on were  (at least I know them as... :-)

  • The Prophet Rides Again
  • Jah send I as a messenger
  • Took to little trip try to find myself (He is my friend)
  • Sweep over my soul
  • Where there is life there is hope
  • Imagine, living in a world (Your world and mine)
  • Final Call
  • Give me a one way ticket (to the rapturous applause of the patrons), and
  • Culture Shock (bemoning for those who are bleaching) &
  • Over The Hills

And during his commanding act, he also inserted popular renditions from other greats in the music, including his idol, Dennis Brown's Deliverance Will Come,  Bunny Wailer's Armageddon, and Frankie Paul's Fire deh a muss-muss tail and Pass Di Kushumpen.

Click here to watch the video below

And about Mikey General?

Can I be honest with you? Truthfully, I didn't remember a lot about him, but I was really impressed by his vocals. He provided the perfect foil for the messenger,!

At several points, even taking the lead role! I'll certainly be listening to him a lot more now.

Pictures From His Performance

Of course (I know you'd expect that) I have more pics! 

luciano_the_messenjahThe MessenJAH
luciano_reggae_one_way_ticketLuciano Reggae Music's Messenger Performs With Mikey General

Click here to watch the video below

luciano_reggae_with_wellesley_and_mikey_generalOh yes, that's me!

I even made this Instagram post...

Video! Watch The Performance

No it wasn't a live stream this time :-)

And, I got some great clips from his performance.
Click the PLAY button on the video below and enjoy!

About Luciano Reggae (The Messenger)

Born Jepther McClymont, Luciano is a devouted Rastafarian, whose lyrics promote love and consciousness. 

He was born in Davyton, Manchester Parish and is the seventh of nine children.

The Messenger's first recording was in 1992, with the single "Ebony & Ivory" (on which he was credited as 'Stepper John'). One of his first releases as Luciano was the hit single "Give My Love a Try", produced at Castro Brown's New Name Studio. 

He has released, or collaborated, on over forty (40) albums to date!
His most notable are...

  1. Moving Up in 1993
  2. One Way Ticket in 1994
  3. After All in 1995
  4. Where There Is Life in 1995
  5. Messenger in 1997
  6. Sweep Over My Soul in 1999
  7. Live in 2000
  8. A New Day in 2001
  9. Great Controversy in 2001
  10. Serve Jah in 2003
  11. Visions in 2003
  12. Serious Times in 2004
  13. Jah Words in 2005
  14. Child of a King in 2006
  15. God Is Greater than Man in 2007
  16. Jah Is My Navigator in 2008
  17. United States of Africa in 2010
  18. Write My Name in 2010
  19. Rub-A-Dub Market in 2011
  20. The Qabalah Man in 2013, &
  21. Zion Awake in 2014
  22. In The Name Of Love in 2018

Highlights Of Luciano's Career

Among the highlights of his successful career are...

  • Receiving the Key to Kansas City in 1999
  • Receiving The Order of Distinction for Jamaica award in the field of entertainment in 2007
  • A performance, leading the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in the Netherlands in 2014 
  • "Luciano Day" named in his honour in Hartford, Connecticut, in 2015, and
  • Achieving the "Best Reggae Album" Grammy award nomination for both 2002 & 2016.

Where To Purchase Luciano's Music

You can find most, if not all his albums on Amazon. You can check the prices here.

His recordings are also available on Itunes, you can find all the links on his official website at this link.

About IRITS 

IRITS is held at the Rastafari Indigenous Village in rural St. James on the last Sunday of each month and showcases some of the best talents and products from Jamaica and Rastafarian culture.

A typically evening features product displays, art and craft, food, lectures and live performances.

You can read more about another of my recent trips there.

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