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Reunites In A 'Nostalgic' Affair

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mannings_reunion_class_of_94Mannings Class of '94 Reunion Photo - 2019

By Wellesley Gayle

It was like no other! In fact, the significant majority of the time, was spent meeting, greeting and sharing precious memories. It was the 25th anniversary of the graduating class of 1994 for THE Mannings School!

And the award winning Traveler's Beach Resort In Negril created the perfect backdrop.

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It was joy, emotion, nostalgia and everything in between - that feeling of catching up with persons you were kids with you - 25 years ago!

And bear in mind that while some of us connected via Facebook and other social media, many have not seen each other for all this time!


Andrew Robinson, pictured below with yours truly, described it as 'unbelievable!'

He, in fact, was one of several other past students who flew into the island, just to be here.

Keisha Obie, who traveled over 5,000 from the UK, won a special prize for traveling the farthest.

She described it as 'nostalgic and magical'!
So much so that she forgot to eat!

Attorney At Law and broadcast journalist, Emily Crooks -Shields, our esteemed head-girl then, delivered an inspirational keynote address, where she recounts her own upbringing and life/family challenges, but demonstrated how it has helped to shape her life.


Special recognition was made of Dr. Dezil Williams (also in attendance) who was acknowledged as one of us that attained the highest level of education - and is now giving back in a meaningful way.

Fun mention was made of the following:

  • Love In Action benches
  • Our first principal Mr. Howard 'Jacko' Jackson
    (who died during our tenure)
  • Ms Ula - for the snacks and goodies
  • Mrs Munroe, Ms Irwin and Ms Hibbert for their tall heels &
  • ... The two notable 'Cootes'

After a thoughtful and reflective singing of the school song, we recounted on those 'good ole days', took (even more) pictures, and then danced the night away.

Awesome memories!

Yours truly would personally like to thank the organizing committee who lead the effort, including

  • Camille (Becky) Beckford,
  • Andre Boswell,
  • Carlington (Curry) Clarke,
  • Khadene (Footie) Foote,
  • Vermon (Stretch) Francis,
  • Doraska (Dor) Hartley,
  • Ornet (Storer) Hines,
  • Nekeisha Myrie - Kozer,
  • Debbie Lawrence,
  • Thomptiana Thompson
  • and the ever 'vibezy' Norman (Crappo) Watson.
    This man has not changed an 'inch'!

Thanks also to my friend and fellow past student, Keisha and her  daughter, Sheree, for engaging me - keeping me up to date with the happenings, and even securing my ticket! :-)


And to the many others who volunteered in whatever they could,  although not officially a part of the committee, including Trecia Wilson.

Last, but by no means least, the sponsors, including:

  • Guardian Group
  • Jamaica National
  • Travellers Beach Resort
  • Victoria Mutual
  • Total Therapy Limted
  • Coco La Palm
  • Spy-Tech Entertainment
  • JamWest
  • And Kool Runnings Adventure Park

Thank you all guys! This trip down memory lane has in itself  created a brand new, and lasting, memory for me - and I am pretty sure for you too.

I say #VeryWellDone & #ToGodBeTheGlory!
See more pictures below.

mannings class of 1994 reunion banner

I Should Tell You

The banquet was just one of several events planned for the celebration. Other events include a school tour as well as the day trip and cookout at Benta River in Williamsfield, Westmoreland (the following day), was also a blast!

benta river falls - mannings reunion

And yes, Benta Falls is another story! Just, just... beautiful.
Thanks guys. Thanks again Dr. for the drink :-)

Do You Have More Pictures?

Of course, here are a few more!

mannings_reunion _keisha_and_sheree.jpg
mannings_reunion _food_serving

Adorable, aren't they? I knew you'd agree.

And, want to know what makes Mannings one of the best? Click Here and read this article.

As usual, I welcome your comments (link below)

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