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Restaurants in Saint Mary Jamaica   
10 Spots For Delicious Meals

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Restaurants In St. Mary | The Sign At Dor's Fishpot, Seafood And Bar (Photo Credit: TripAdvisor)Restaurants In Saint Mary | The Sign At Dor's Fishpot, Seafood And Bar (Photo Credit: TripAdvisor)

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Saint Mary, one of the smallest parishes on the island, is not a key player in tourism nor is it the home of fancy restaurants. It's one of those places that if you choose to stay there during your visit the laid back charm of the town will win you over. You won’t have many choices in terms of luxury, but you will definitely experience the down to earth culture of Jamaica. One way to do so is by visiting the restaurants in Saint Mary.

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In Saint Mary, you will get the best of both worlds. Not only will you have the chance to explore all the attractions in Saint Mary, but Ocho Rios is only a few miles away. Here you can visit the popular places; the movie theatre, Margaritaville, Dunn's River Falls, Turtle River Park and so much more.

One thing for sure though is it would be nice to know the restaurants in the area whenever you are in need of a quick bite. So here are a few restaurants in Saint Mary you can stop by refuel for your next adventure.

1. Dor’s Fishpot, Seafood Restaurant & Bar

Owned and operated by Dor, this restaurant is located in Race Course, Oracabessa, Saint Mary. They open as early as 9 am and close at 11:30 pm so you can go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or to grab a snack. It offers a beautiful view right by the seaside. Service options include dine in and takeout.

Dor's Fishpot, Seafood & Bar's contact number: 876-851-3477

2. Prospect Sip N Chill

Gaining its name from its location in Prospect, Saint Mary. They operate between the hours of 10 am and 9:30 pm daily. Services include dine-in, take out and delivery. They prepare authentic Jamaican meals to give you a slice of our culture.

Prospect Sip N Chill's contact number: 876-345-4037.

3. Geraldine & Charmaines's Homestyle Restaurant

Enjoy the best of Jamaican cuisine from fresh fruit juices, curried goat, fried chicken, rice and peas and much more. They are located in Port Maria and operate between the hours of 8:45 am to 10:30 pm Monday to Saturday. They offer dine-in, takeout and delivery services.

Geraldine & Charmaines's Homestyle Restaurant's contact number: (876) 507-1222.

4. D'shore Beach Bar And Restaurant

Enjoy a variety of fish and lobster dishes, bammy,  and festivals at this quaint beachside restaurant, at their Spider Drive, St. Mary location. If you aren't seeing exactly what you want on the menu, the chef also prepares customized dishes. They do both dine-in and take out and operate between 10 am and 10 pm every day.

D'shore Beach Bar And Restaurant's contact number: (876) 407-1874.

5. St. Mary Seafood & Lounge

Located in Port Maria, the capital of St. Mary, St. Mary Seafood & Lounge has a menu filled with a wide variety of seafood including shrimp, clams, mussels, and fresh fish. They serve pasta dishes, wraps, smoothies and much more. They also have a daily lunch special menu. All these delicious sounding treats can be had between the hours of 8 am and 11 pm Mondays to Saturdays and 9 am to 10 pm on Sundays.

St. Mary Seafood & Lounge's contact number (876) 607-9211.

6. Sugar Pot Ruins Beach and Restaurant

Located 10 minutes outside of Ocho Rios on the Rio nuevo beach. It's a scenic, private area for those who want to take a swim and enjoy local and seafood dishes prepared over a traditional wood fire. They also offer dine-in, take out and delivery and operate between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm daily.

Sugar Pot Ruins Beach and Restaurant's contact number is (876) 852-7135. They can also be contacted via email at

7. Delly's Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant

Enjoy a selection of brick oven pizzas like Hawaiian or pepperoni, along with a wide range of local cuisines such as jerk chicken and festival, brown stew pork and much more. They are located at Reserve Road, Tower Isle, St. Mary and they provide dine-in, takeout and delivery services as well.  They operate between the hours of 11 am and 9:30 pm.

Delly's Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant's contact number: (876) 463-0438.

8. Buccaneer Jerk and Ice Cream

Buccaneer is just a few minutes' drive from Highgate St. Mary. They have a jerk centre, Captain Morgan’s Buccaneer Jerk Centre and an Ice cream Parlour, Treasure Chest Ice Cream. They also have movies nights every Saturday and Sunday and even offer historical tours. Buccaneer Jerk and Ice Cream's contact number: (876) 992-5070.

9. Elroy's Restaurant

Elroy's is one of the many restaurants in Saint Mary where you can get the best of Jamaican cuisine. Jerk chicken, rice and peas, escoveitch fish and festival, curried chicken, fried chicken and stew peas are just a few of the many options of local dishes Elroy's Restaurant provides. They are located on Vernon Ave, Oracabessa, St. Mary.

To contact Elroy's Restaurant, contact them at (876) 424-2786.

10. Brooks Restaurant

Order your favourite meals like ackee and saltfish, brown stew chicken or curried chicken for breakfast, lunch or dinner to go. They operate between the hours of 8 am and 6:30 pm Monday to Saturday. Contact number (876) 424-2786.

True to the culture of its parish, the restaurants in Saint Mary won’t provide you with a fine dining experience, what I can promise you though is warm, friendly customer service and hearty meals prepared by locals.

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