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Sangster's Jamaican Rum Cream

That is great rum!
I brought some back from Jamaica.

However, we ordered some online from red pepper mall and never got the rum although it was taken out of our account.

I called the number and left messages. No one ever contact me regarding our order. What should we do? Itโ€™s been a while now. How should I go about getting my rum or my money back? Weโ€™ll be returning to Jamaica soon.

Answer by Wellesley Gayle 9/24/08

Updated! - See new Comments below

Hello there!

I didn't get your name, but thanks for your question. I am really sorry though to hear about your plight though.

I just went to the site you mentioned. They are showing that the product is out of stock, that might have been part of the problem but that is no excuse though, they really should have returned your calls.

I personally is not sure what is the next step but I will leave your question open here to anyone who may have an input or suggestion.

And yes, the Sangster's Jamaican Rum is great!

Comments for Sangster's Jamaican Rum Cream

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Nov 29, 2018
by: Alex

Does it contain peanuts ? It says on the label that it contain nuts but it doesn't say what kind ?

Jan 31, 2016
Sangsters Cream Rum
by: Anonymous

I just bought a bottle in St. Martin's in a shop at the end of the cruise ship dock.

Jul 03, 2015
where to buy rum cream
by: Anonymous

Here is an article on where to buy the good stuff:

Jan 13, 2015
Jamaica Rum Creme
by: DW

I first bought a small bottle of this Jamaica Rum Creme on a tour to the Appleton Estate Rum Tour from a cruise ship in 2001. Unfortunately, I didn't know this product was not available outside of Jamaica at the time. I spent months searching for it online without any luck. A 2015 trip to St Thomas I was shocked to find that they had 1 bottle on the shelf...Only 1 bottle !!! The cost was $17.99 US for a 1 Litre bottle which is comparabale to the Rum Chata brand in the USA. Rum Chata was the closest to taste I could find.
The store was in the port but the receipt has no name, just Thank You in Spanish.
The bottle made it through US Customs as 3 of our bags were opened for inspection by TSA. Sure glad they didn't confiscate it!!! I wish they had more as I would have brought back 6 liters Duty Free!!
This stuff is AWESOME, Now I am afraid to open it as I know it will be gone all too
Anyone finding a US supplier,PLEASE email me dw396 at aol dot com.

Dec 29, 2014
Rum creme
by: Anonymous

I looked up the recipe for rum creme and found several on line..It take about 5 minutes to make its and it's very simple to make. Have not made it yet, I will when I run out. I read that similar creams are sold in the U S at larger liquor stores. I plan to go shopping tomorrow. I will definitely make it from one of the recipes and use coconut rum rather than regular rum.

Nov 29, 2014
Sangsters Rum Cream
by: Anonymous

A couple years ago, I also ordered from some sort of shopping center. Finally after 8 to twelve week, I called my credit card company. They added back to my account, never did get that rum cream! too bad cause we also brought two bottles home and it was gone quickly. Great stuff. I have checked and no one can order it for me. Other Rum creams do not compare!when we go back, I am bringing a case home

Apr 15, 2012
need to purchase
by: Anonymous

love the stuff - didn't take a week for us to kill the bottle - wish we had bought more - if
anyones finds a place in the US that sells it
please post - it's good by itself but great in

Apr 15, 2012
need to purchase
by: Anonymous

love the stuff - didn't take a week for us to kill the bottle - wish we had bought more - if
anyones finds a place in the US that sells it
please post - it's good by itself but great in

Apr 15, 2012
need to purchase
by: Anonymous

love the stuff - didn't take a week for us to kill the bottle - wish we had bought more - if
anyones finds a place in the US that sells it
please post - it's good by itself but great in

Jan 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

I found it at Diamond Dazzlers in St Thomas Virgin Islands. I pre odered it there and picked it up when i cruised there. I have found it 2 years ago in Nassau Bahamas. Not sure of the store but it was inthe first street where the cruise ships come in. Am heading there soonto get some moreBahamas)I hope. Both of these were within walking distance of the ships. :)

Dec 15, 2011
sangster rum
by: Anonymous

go to whiskey exchange and you can order the rum they deliver to the usa

Dec 11, 2011
Rum Cream
by: Michelle

I was told customs is blocking entry of any jamaican rum cream. It can be ordered, but chances of receiving it are slim and the cost is outrageous if it does make it. I went to one reputable site and they put up a banner stating u.s. customs is blocking entry of this and we will credit your account due to this.

Sucks that we can't get banana rum cream here..i love the stuff. why does the u.s. got to be a pain in the butt about it when we don't even have banana or chocolate rum cream. why do they get to dictate how or what we spend our money on???

Nov 10, 2011
Sangster's Jamaican Rum Cream
by: SLR

Why is it so hard to find this stuff in the US or even have it shipped to the US? I was in Jamaica last month and purchased two bottles of the cream which was taken from me at airport security. I have been trying to find this stuff since last month and not having any luck so far. Somebody please help me find this cream, I'm very desperate.

Jul 11, 2011
Duty Free Rum
by: Anonymous

It's only duty free when you buy it from the airport. The catch to this though, your only allowed a certain amount. Probably 2 boxes. My mom buys them twice a year from Sangsters airport.

Mar 12, 2011
send emails or call before you order
by: love

Ordering online can be a challenge but can be rewarding when you purchase form the right people.

I get excellent customer service and products from and that's why I keep ordering from them. Just for emailing them and making a query the customer service rep gave me a discount.

Mar 01, 2011
Is Sangster's Still Available to be Shipped to the US?
by: Anonymous

Obtaining Sangsters has always been difficult but I have never failed in the past. Now every resource - even the most expensive won't ship because customs is not allowing entry of Sangsters?

What is the opposition to this, even at double or triple the price it sells for in Jamaica folks would buy this.

Does anyone in the adult beverage world have a contact?

Nov 07, 2010
Jamican Rum Crean
by: Lana

If someone finds out where this is sold in the States please post or email me. This stuff is wonderful and would love to buy here. My email is

Oct 06, 2010
Rum Cream Availability in USA
by: Dave Persell

Getting easy access to Jamaican Rum Cream is a struggle. At the Mo Bay AP each liquor store has tons of Rum cream available for sale to outbound customers yet these popular products are a very rare find in the USA...Why? The prices for 750 ltr. and l ltr. bts. in Jamaica average about $13.00 ea. I am interested in importing this product to the states. Have a sales rep. contact me at Thanks.

Aug 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

I too Purchase from and was impress with the service. I order using surface and i received my good within 4 weeks. using this method. Good Job Diana from

Aug 02, 2009
Satisfied Customer of
by: Diana

I am very sorry to hear about your online shopping experience but i have had good customer service from an online store base in jamaica. I purchase some Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning and some rum cream and I received constant calls from my sales representative until I received the package and to top it off I received a Jamaican souvenir free at cost.

May 02, 2009
that is really bad
by: Anonymous

If you made your payment using a credit card, then you should contact your card issuer and report the matter so that the payment can be reversed.

Try, I have found them to be reliable and they offer fast shipping, they are based in Jamaica.

Feb 18, 2009
Red Pepper Rip Off
by: Anonymous

Agreeing with above comments on Red Pepper Mall. After ordering 5 bottles Sangster?s they arrived broken in plastic bag.

After consulting with DHL and making several unsuccessful attempts to contact them (RPM) by email or telephone, I went to the local BBB who contacted the BBB in Naples. They said they had received several complaints against RPM but they were never able to receive a response from them and closed the case.

I have a friend who is an attorney who is going to pursue this in his spare time in exchange f a bottle of Sangster?s if successful. It will be interesting to c where this goes.

To ja-direct, they told me, thru several emails that they weren?t shipping Sangster?s due to prohibitive shipping costs (around $90.00 to US).

Jan 28, 2009
by: Buck

What is the deal with Red Pepper Mall? I had a similar experience last year when an order of Rum Cream arrived damaged.

After numerous attempts to gain compensation for the damaged product, I finally gave up. Maybe a boycott of Red Pepper is in order.

Dec 18, 2008
Sangster's Original Rum Cream
by: Denise

You should order from I placed an order for Sangsters Original Rum Cream on 11.14.2008 and received it 12.04.2008. I chose the surface shipping method, which I believe is the slowest.

Good luck!

Nov 19, 2008
Online shopping experiences - rum cream
by: Suzie

I've had similar experiences with both and

I ordered Sangster's Rum Cream from Red Pepper Mall several weeks ago, and while my account was charged immediately, the merchandise has not arrived. I've emailed RPM and attempted to call them several times, with no response. I emailed to cancel the order, and still no response, and the charges are still there, although my bank is handling that.

Then I tried to place a similar order with ja-direct, and it seems like their online shopping interface isn't working at all.

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