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Shipping Container House in Jamaica - where can I get a cheap 40 or 45 feet one to buy?

by Faheemah
(London, UK)

Shipping Container Used By Knutsford Express

Shipping Container Used By Knutsford Express

QUESTION:Does anyone know where I might buy a cheap 40 or 45ft shipping container house in Jamaica or where I can find a shipping container and someone who can convert it into a house?

ANSWER: by Devin, July 27

Hi Faheemah,

We are happy that you are thinking of real estate on our island paradise.

It has been a trend now in Jamaica to convert containers into houses and offices that are fully equipped with all the amenities of the regular block and steel structures we are more accustomed to.

In fact, a number of companies in Jamaica have been doing this project and these houses and offices are offered on rental or on purchase.

Knutsford Express, pictured above, is just one of the many local companies that have used shipping containers to do house their businesses.

The following company may be contacted for further information:

Kingston Logistics Centre Limited
146 First Street,
Newport West,
Kingston 11,
Jamaica W.I.

All the best!

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Devin, for

Editor's Note
We are also opening this post to allow persons who might be aware of smaller private companies or individuals willing to sell containers to post their comment here

Comments for Shipping Container House in Jamaica - where can I get a cheap 40 or 45 feet one to buy?

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Jul 12, 2021
Seeking to Buy container
by: Anonymous

I need to buy one 40 ft or larger container ASAP please call or whatsapp 876-590-0923

Nov 20, 2020
Looking for 40' shipping container
by: Jay

I am looking for two 40' shipping containers to be shipped and delivered to Axe-and-Adze Hanover. 7188135226 whatsapp or

Sep 25, 2020
Seeking Containers
by: Anonymous

Looking multiple 40 ft containers to purchase and retrofit. Contact at 18762920731

Sep 10, 2020
Container for purchase
by: Anonymous

Somebody please tell me where i can buy or rent a 20 or 10 or 40 foot container. The little small half ones.

Aug 06, 2020
Shipping Container for sale
by: Devar

We supply 40ft High Cube Cargo Worthy shipping container for storage or construction use.

Price$400,506.00 JMD

Cargo Worthy: CWO is always a great choice, they can be used for international or domestic shipping as cargo containers. They are structurally sound, pass all IICL/AV inspection guidelines and are perfect for conversation, commercial or home storage use.

length 12.192 Width 2.438 Height 2.896 CWO (AV/Cargo Worthy) & WWT (Wind & Water Tight)

USED - Ex-shipping lines โ€ข All โ€˜Corten Steelโ€™ construction

โ€ข Exterior hinged double doors at end โ€ข Two locking bars on EACH door

โ€ข 28mm plywood floor โ€ข 4 Vents

The cost does NOT include transportation.

phone Devar. 18762101465

Nov 07, 2019
Need 20ft container to puchase
by: Anonymous

Need a 20ft container to purchase, please contact tel: # 876 5011058

Oct 17, 2019
Container Issues?
by: Container man

I sell 20 and 40-foot containers.
I lift and transport empty or loaded containers Islandwide.
I retrofit containers for office,home,etc. pre-designed or as per specification.
Call 876-799-3022

Oct 15, 2019
Want to buy a container
by: Anonymous

I would like to buy a 40ft shipping container if you or anyone you know sell and deliver them please contact me at with the price..

Oct 13, 2019
40 Fret Container to by
by: Welding Company

Any one have a 40 feet container in good condition for sale please contact me at WhatsApp 18763752068

Sep 05, 2019
Looking to purchase a shipping container 40 or 20ft. Call if you know of anyone 876-394-1977
by: Tiff


Sep 02, 2019
The container man
by: Anonymous

I supply and transport shipping containers Islandwide. I do loaded container lifting and transporting. I modify containers for office, home,etc. Presently have 20-foot office containers in stock.

Sep 02, 2019
Price of Shipping Container
by: Anonymous

Looking to buy 20 feet or less shipping container for storage.Would like to know price

Aug 27, 2019
Container for Sale.
by: Sandra James.

I have a 40ft container for sale,anyone you know interested, please give me a call .#876-8699374..Name is Sandy.Thanks.

Aug 22, 2019
Container Conversion
by: Raj


Who can convert containers into office / home etc.

Who can pick up and drop of containers to a location in Jamaica.

Please email your replies to

May 17, 2019
Container price
by: Sebrenia

Whats the cost of a 40ft container am living in mandeville u can email me at

Apr 07, 2019
Shipping container house
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for a shipping container house to buy but don't know how to go about it. And also, is it possible to have it delivered to a specified location after putchase

Feb 10, 2019
45 feet container to buy
by: Anonymous

I would like to know if you have container for sale I need a 45 foot container to buy

Jan 19, 2019
seeking to buy container
by: Anonymous

Desperately seeking to buy a 20ft container to convert in to business in Old harbor Jamaica area

Contact Annette at

Nov 25, 2018
We sell shipping containers
by: Andre

We sell New and used shipping containers for conversions, storage. We have sizes available from 20ft up to 40ft in standard & high cube

High cube container size

20ft container length 5.900 width 2.352 height 2.591 (USED = ยฃ2896.00)

40ft container length 12.192 width 2.438 height 2.896 (USED = ยฃ3239.00)

Import Tax and Insurance are included in the price.

Shipped from London UK and the ship leaves every Saturday and takes two weeks to arrive in Kingston Jamaica.

To learn more contact

Oct 03, 2018
We design & build container homes
by: Andre

Hi all,

My team and I design and build shipping container homes and offices in the UK. We are doing our first project in Negril Jamaica. A 3-bed luxury modern home.

If you are interested in learning how I can help you drop me a note

Sep 21, 2018
20ft container pric
by: Anonymous

I want to know the price for a 20ft container, can you contact me at 5189654718 or at . thanks

Jun 14, 2018
Shipping Container Homes/Businesses
by: ProperteCierge Anonymous

Homes/Businesses/Beach Huts
Built by: ProperteCierge - On Demand Property Solutions
Negril Vendors Plaza Shop 1
Negril, Jamaica

Mar 14, 2018
How much for 40ft are a 53ft container send me the price
by: Anonymous

What is the price for your container 40ft an 53ft send me a link.

Feb 02, 2018
where to store a shipping container
by: Anonymous

I was wondering where is the best place to store your shipping container in kingston?

Jan 31, 2018
Need 20ft storage container
by: Anonymous

Looking for 20ft storage container and delivery to Mahagony Hall Trewlany drop on site.
Contact jmoreno2524@gmail.Com

Jan 19, 2018
get cheap containers
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone
I'm here to share a few information about buying quality shipping containers off the hook.
I bought 5 40ft containers from a black market advert I saw online to build my home. I got them at affordable prices. I now live in a $65,000USD home fully furnished. I'm rich and comfortable.
For security and confidentiality you can contact an agent from the black market, email them at ::::>

Oct 09, 2017
looking to purchase a container
by: Anonymous

what is cost for a 20th feet or forty feet container?

Aug 24, 2017
Need asap
by: Anonymous

Need a 40 ft container an what's the cost??

Aug 02, 2017
Container with shop for 40 foot
by: Anonymous

40 foot container for sale $800k JM

Feb 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

How much for a 45ft 53ft container

Feb 25, 2017
Need a 45ft container to buy
by: Anonymous

What is the cost for a 20 or 40ft container I need on urgently to buy, contact me at 8135009445

Jan 23, 2017
Used container
by: Anonymous

Hi I would like to know where I can get a40 ft used container and what's the price

Dec 06, 2016
Looking for "the container man"?
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone. If you need to purchase containers, convert them into office/dwelling, lift them (empty or fully loaded) transport them from the port or any other location then lift and place them safely where you want...Island-wide... please contact me "the container man" @ 799-3022

Nov 13, 2016
hey am wondering where can i get two 45 foot container to buy
by: warren

I need a 45 feet container to buy

Oct 21, 2016
by: Anonymous

Whats the price for two forty foot container 8635087

Oct 01, 2016
Sourcing containers in Jamaica
by: Anonymous

Where can I get shipping containers to buy and what's the price range now ?

Jul 08, 2016
Container to buy
by: Deval

Hi am looking for a 40 ft container to buy anyone know where i can get one to buy please email me AT girlja_06@hotmail. Com

Feb 29, 2016
Re containerhome
by: Anonymous

I am interested in purchasing a container house

Jun 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

To whom it may concern, I am interested in buying a 40ft container. If you have a 2bed room with bath and shower installed you can contact me at 347-615-3736. I am living in jamaica m

Jan 29, 2015
container homes
by: Anonymous

I am interested in purchasing a container home in jamaica.i would like to buy property and have a container hone put on husband lives in kingston im in United. bedroon full equipped with bath and kitchen .pleasecontact me at

Jan 09, 2015
Containers Selling 20 and 40 ft
by: Anonymous

Containers for sale. Please email for more details.

Dec 04, 2014
seeking 20ft container to purchase
by: Anonymous

please contact me at 448-7384

Sep 02, 2014
containers to buy
by: jacqueline peterkin

i would like to know the price for the 20feet, 40feet and 45feet container, my contact number is 8134523, i would it for building purposes. please contact me and also send the contact number so that i can reach by phone.

Sep 02, 2014
containers to buy
by: jacqueline peterkin

i would like to know the for the 20feet, 40feet and 45feet container, my contact number is 8134523

Aug 22, 2013
british of the common wealth
by: marcia

I was born in 1961 before Jamaica come independent am I a British subject do I have the right to stay in the uk please post me somethings about my right if there is any thanks very much

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