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Surprising Health Benefits of Banana Roots

by Jebi
(Tropics Australia )

banana root health benefits
Subsistence Banana farm in Jamaica

Hi, I would like to know the health benefits and uses of Banana Roots in Jamaica

RESPONSE: by Wellesley Gayle

Hi Jebi. Greetings to you 'down under', and thanks for stopping by. I would be more than happy to share with you the benefits of banana roots as you have requested.

I’m not sure if you have ever visited Jamaica before, but if not, you would be likely to find at least one banana tree in almost every home in the rural parts of the country. Isn’t that amazing?

That just goes to show you how much banana is widely consumed in Jamaica.

Although banana is mostly consumed for its iron content when green and it’s potassium content when ripe, most persons are largely unaware of the benefits of other parts of the plant such as it’s roots.

But in actuality, every part of the banana plant has some amount of health benefits. So, today I will provide you with 10 benefits and uses of yes, the banana root.

10 Surprising Benefits Of Banana Roots

  1. Toothache Relief - Unbelievable! The root of the banana actually helps in the alleviation of toothaches. And guess what? The remedy is so simple to prepare! All you really need is some roots, ensure that it is properly cleaned by washing it, then boil it with a generous amount of salt for about 15 minutes. And you’re done!. You would just gargle it in the mornings or as often as needed.

  2. Healthy Eyes – Yes! If you want healthy eyes, consider the banana root. Due to its high Vitamin A content, when consumed, it helps to keep the eyes healthy especially when consumed on a regular basis.

  3. Blood Pressure Control - The banana root is particularly beneficial for persons who are suffering from high blood pressure as it helps to control the blood pressure. All you have to do is boil the roots and drink it in the mornings and evenings. Again, regular consumption makes this more effective.

  4. Asthma Relief – Yes, asthma too. This banana root is certainly on its way to being a cure all, lol! The banana root is considered to have antipyretic properties which is beneficial for disease of the respiratory system so if you have issues with asthma, this is a good choice for relief. All you have to do is place at least 100 grams of freshly harvested banana root and boil it in water two to three times for the week and consume for quick relief.

  5. Stomach Relief – Banana roots are considered to have a very high dopamine content which when consumed helps in the correction of stomach diseases. It also helps in the prevention of gastric acid within the stomach.

  6. Anti-Inflammatory Uses: So here’s another option for tea! You can actually use the banana root to make tea and drink it as it helps to relieve infections due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Awesome!

  7. Sore Throat Relief – I’m really beginning to like this banana root! Who would think that it also helps in calming a sore throat. You can just make a rinse with mashed or crushed banana root juice and swish it around in your mouth. This is considered to be very effective in relieving sore throat.

  8. Pain Relief - Another big one! What wouldn’t you try to relieve pain? Banana root to the rescue once again! The tannins in the banana root are considered to be very effective in relieving pain at the onset and site of the injury.

  9. Brain Inflammation Relief - The banana root is also considered to be effective in treating brain inflammations.

  10. Mouth Ulcer Relief - Finally, the banana root also helps in relieving annoying mouth ulcers

So there you have it, 10 amazing benefits and uses of the banana root. I’m sure going forward, you and others including myself will not give the banana tree just a passing glance when we happen to see one, but will now stand in admiration of this wonder plant.

P.S. See also: Delicious Jamaican Banana Bread Recipe.



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