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Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ)
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Tax Administration Jamaica - Montego Bay| (Photo: Western Mirror)Tax Administration Jamaica - Montego Bay| (Photo: Western Mirror)

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Paying taxes, applying for your tax registration number or driver’s licence? These are just some of the reasons to visit the Tax Administration Jamaica.

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Ever so often you’ll hear a Jamaican or a domiciled resident in Jamaica say, “I’m going to the tax office”. The reasons behind them visiting the TAJ vary as this is where we get our driver’s licence, tax registration numbers, police records and pay our taxes and outstanding traffic tickets.

What is the role of tax administration?

Tax administrations Jamaica implements tax laws in the country. Their main functions are to facilitate taxpayers and carry out collections of taxes, ensuring to request the correct amount from each citizen specific to their assets.

The History of the Tax Administration In Jamaica

It was in the 1600s, specifically 1664 when the first tax structure was introduced by Sir Thomas Modyford in Jamaica.

Steady changes were made over the years and in 1919 the Income Tax was established and was brought into effect in 1920. The monies collected from this were used to purchase tractors and equipment used in WW1.

PAYE was introduced in 1952 to further facilitate the compliance of tax payments on time and in full. This way, citizens no longer had to file taxes on their own but it was instead subtracted from their salaries as they were earned by their employer and sent to the revenue department on their behalf.

This system was far more effective as the taxes collected after its implementation doubled.

The Tax Administration Jamaica

The current structure of the Tax Administration Jamaica includes the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), Taxpayer Audit and Assessment (TAAD) and the Tax Administration Services Departments (TASD) which were all individual organizations before consolidating all three proved to be more effective and customer-centric way of operating the county’s premiere revenue collection agency. This was done in 2011.

The TAJ fosters voluntary compliance of citizens by providing an avenue by which timely payments of taxes and offering statutory deductions and fees can be made which in turn contributes to the economic growth and development of the country. The TAJ operates under the ambit of the Ministry of Finance.

With the introduction of a customer care centre, a Large Taxpayer Office, SMS reminders for tax payments and an upgraded website and online payment, it is even simpler to comply with filing taxes before the deadline passes.

Taxes Paid In Jamaica

What Services Are Offered At a Tax Office?

As the primary government collection agency, the Tax Administration Jamaica provides document processing services such as issuing Tax Registration numbers, Compliance Certificates, Driver’s Licence, Motor Vehicle Registration certificates and Titles for land and vehicles.

In addition to these functions, they have the ability to:

-Audit, assess and collect domestic taxes.

-Promote voluntary compliance through various service channels and educational programmes

-Enforce Tax Laws

-Provide property management services for Tax Offices and Revenue Service Centres

-Maintain a taxpayer registry.

-Manage the Motor Vehicle Registry

How long can you go without paying taxes in Jamaica?

For some taxes, you can go for years without it being noticed as there are some inefficiencies in the system.

For some persons, it has been years since they’ve paid taxes and they have gone without penalties. However, it is advised that you keep up to date with your taxes. Not only to avoid legal troubles but also to protect yourself against squatters.

How Do I Pay My Property Taxes In Jamaica?

Property taxes can be paid at any TAJ location in the country or as with most things in this new age, it can be done online.

Assuming the next question is “How do I pay my Jamaican taxes online?”, it is fairly simple. All it takes is for you to visit the Tax Administration of Jamaica website, sign up for an account (or simply login in if you already have one).

After you have successfully logged in, you will have access to the online services of the TAJ which includes:

  • Filing and Paying:
  • Consumption Tax (GCT, SCT, GART, TCT, GCTW)
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Self-Employed Taxes and Contributions
  • Payroll Deductions (S01, S02)
  • Asset Tax
  • Minimum Business Tax
  • Claim to Repayment of Income Tax
  • Contractor's Levy
  • Withholding Taxes
  • Betting, Gaming and Lottery Tax
  • Environment Protection Levy
  • Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax
  • Trade and Business Licence


  • Traffic Tickets
  • Motor Vehicle Fitness Fees
  • Driver’s Licence Renewal Fees (currently unavailable)

You can also track the progress of various services, check on your eligibility for returns and apply for Tax Registration numbers.

Can I pay my property taxes online in Jamaica?

Yes, you can. You can do this as well as check your property taxes online via the TAJ’s online platform.

Who is the head of the Tax Administration Jamaica?

The current head of the TAJ is Mr. Ainsley Hugh Powell CD. His position as Commissioner General of Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) was created following the consolidation of the three government agencies.

Mr. Powell has served Jamaica’s public sector for over 30 years with great emphasis on the areas of tax administration and revenue collection a fitting specialisation for his current role.

How do I contact the tax office in Jamaica?

You can contact any of the 29 revenue centres/tax offices across the island. All their contact information is listed on the TAJ website.

Contact Information

Corporate Office

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Tax Administration Jamaica | Written: August 22nd, 2022

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