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Comments for The Crawford Family Search -Alligator Pond (originally)

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Jan 19, 2018
by: Herman Lee Crawford Jr III

Desperately Seeking someone from my family. Trying to find my roots and Jamaica I am not the Crawford from Scotland...

Jun 18, 2016
need to find my dad and family
by: shantelle crawford

hi im trying to find my dad jesse crawford he is know married to mimi crawford i was told he was a member at the yatch club in montego bay jamaica and had a boat name slip away and he could be from florida not so shore if anyone know him please email me at please i could be related to a few of you guys and dont know

Feb 19, 2015
by: Stephen

My grandmother name was Amy Crawford brother of Lesley Crawford from Newport Manchester. Some of Uncle Lesley kids Betty, Lynn and more

Jul 15, 2014
Crawfords from Knockpatrick
by: dean crawford

I believe Anna Crawford's other son was Leslie Crawford who is my grandfather.

Feb 14, 2013
David Crawford
by: Vincent

My Great-grandmother Jane Powell (nee Crawford) was from Newport and had a brother named David. I wonder if your Great-grandfather David is the same person as Granny Jane's brother?

Oct 27, 2012
Crawford and Scott
by: Anonymous

Looking for any connection between Crawford and Catherine Frazer Scott of Dunsinane in Manchester. This family is also linked with the name Tomlinson

Sep 19, 2012
Andrew's message
by: Anonymous

Andrew please contact me at
This message is for Andrew Crawford ONLY. I will not respond to any other contacts. Thanks you.

Sep 04, 2012
hi crawfords
by: A.Crawford

my name is andrew crawford i live in the u.s.a my father was phil crawford he passed away when i was a baby he was a police officer!! i dont know much about my fathers side the crawfords& nations so im trying to dig deep i only met 2 of my cousins ben nation and christopher nation and i also know they called my great grandmother sis crawford

Aug 20, 2012
Jenny Morgan search
by: Anonymous

Jenny Morgan she's is from saintelizabeth. Would like to know where she is.

Jul 22, 2012
My siblings
by: Michelle

Trying to get in touch with my siblings who I don't know and they don't know me either but i would love to connect just to know someone from my father's side. Karl Crawford born 2/5/68, Denise Crawford born 19/5/71 and Kavin Crawford born 23/8/72. Would love to get in touch not sure if they are here in Jamaica or Overseas their father used to be the Manage for Bank of Nova Scotia Black River and is affectionately called (Sarge)but his name is Vincent Crawford he died in 1995. I can be contacted at email address (

Jun 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

Most crawford, don't leave alots of information, from the past to the future, they don't tell, are write down much information.

Jun 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

Most crawford, don't leave alots of information, from the past to the future, they don't tell, are write down much information.

Jun 08, 2012
The Crawford are a large family it will take along long time to gather informations travel to job lane in Christiana whole community cr .
by: Anonymous

Crawford, are all over the world. This family is large, my friend so take your time and search

Apr 28, 2012
crawfords in st.andrew
by: Anonymous

I'm Philip Emerson Crawford my parents are Philip Norman Andrew and Fay Antonette Crawford.My grandparents are Jasper and Fredricka Crawford of Kingston,St.Andrew parish Jamaica.

Apr 15, 2012
A Crawford Myself
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a Crawford myself and knows very little about the Crawford's side of family trying to to do a genologalical search though to see if i can make an head way, but if you guys knew a Vincent Washington Crawford born December 1941 and died 1995 i would love to connect he use to be in the army and was a Bank manager at the Bank of Novia Scotia Black River was told at one point he's not from Jamaica i heard Scotland, Grenada and the likes. If this information connect leave me a message here. thanks

Aug 03, 2011
Crawfords of Malvern St Elizabeth
by: Maggie

I am familiar with the Crawford family of Malvern St Elizabeth. Richard Alexander Crawford married Anna Thelwell and had several children. I believe his father was David originally from Scotland and England. I know nothing about them prior to the marriage with Thelwell. I do not know the name Vincent but he could be related.

Jul 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I too am searching for Crawford family with connections in Scotland Ireland and England. My family hails from. Inverness ST Ann and ST Elizabeth. They are Crawford and Campbell and some others that I am not so sure of.My grandfather was Vincent Crawford. he leave my father and brother for England. I did not Know him . I would love to meet. the European side of my family.

Feb 13, 2011
by: Maggie

Looking for Glanville Noland Crawford born in Kingston 1902 and went to New York 1923, his mother was Anna Crawford

Jan 15, 2011
by: Joan

This message is for Richard Crawford in Colombia

Please contact me at:


Jan 14, 2011
crawford family
by: Joan

Richard we need to talk but I don't know how to contact you without giving away our privacy. We are definately related. Talant is my father's uncle along with Glanville. I have not been on this sight for some time, its just a chance I took and decided to check it again. I will need to find a way. We will talk soon.

Jan 10, 2011
Robert Crawford
by: Sue Scotland

Hi Joann,

I'm a direct descendant of Robert Crawford, as mentioned in the entry dated 30th Jun 2010. My Dad told me that Robert and his brother James had many children so we may all be distant cousins! He was born in Govan in 1782.
We found a lot of info on the Church of Latterday Saints website. I also spent some time browsing at the public records office in Edinburgh on Princess St.

Dec 27, 2010
I think here are talking about my family
by: Richard Crawford

Hi Joan
My name is Richard Crawford, I am Colombian.
My grandfather was: Tallant Adoulphus Crawford Thelwell. His father was Richard Alexander Crawford. My grandfather was born in Kingston on December 2, 1896 (still keep your passport). He arrived in Colombia in 1930 or so.

His maternal uncle, Aubrey Spencer Thelwell, who also had raised him, first came to Colombia.
My grandmother told me many stories that my grandfather told her about Jamaica and her family, including that he had a brother or cousin named: Glanville Crawford. In fact my father has a brother named: Tallant Glanville Crawford.

And my father's name is Duncan Spencer Crawford. Maybe you have similar names to those on your list of family members.

I really draw attention Glanville both born in 1902 and 1941 respectively, and that since the year my grandfather was born and since that he always claimed to have 6 brothers, I am not surprised that he has had kinship with the "Glanville "born in 1902.

I hope to have contact with you because I've always wanted to know my roots in Jamaica.

Sep 17, 2010
Your Cousin???
by: Anonymous

Joan I know of the man that you are searching for he is my uncle I am his brother's (Glanville) son. Both of them were born in Rowes Corner which is a small hamlet next to Alligator Pond. Both are still alive. For more information e-mail me at

Sep 17, 2010
Your Cousin???
by: Anonymous

Joan I know of the man that you are searching for he is my uncle I am his brother's (Glanville) son. Both of them were born in Rowes Corner which is a small hamlet next to Alligator Pond. Both are still alive. For more information e-mail me at

Aug 04, 2010
Crawford family
by: Joan

Peter thank you for your comments. I have no idea who the Crawfords are (my father's family)except for the little I discovered recently.
I will look into the information you supplied and hopefully I will get something to go on.

Jul 30, 2010
To add to Joan, comments
by: Peter

I,m a Kingston Crawford my G/father Walter David Crawford and my GG/Father David Goodwin Crawford are all buried at the Moravian church in NewPort Manchester this would be a good place to start as this would take you back to late 18 and early 19 cent. I believe the church records may still be there.

I almost forgot there was a General Robert Crawford who was one of the people given credit for forming the Parish of Manchester and creating the town of Mandeville (Ref : Jamaica family )is also another good place to start.

Jun 25, 2010
Crawford Family
by: Anonymous

In researching further I found that my gg/father was Richard Alexander Crawford and his father was David. David may have gone to Jamaica in 1835 as a planter. I found two Glanville Crawfords; one with a dob of 1941 and the other 1902. Its more than likely father and son. I know for a fact the one with the dob of 1902 is my father's uncle. Let me know if these names mean anything to you

Jun 10, 2010
by: Anonymous


Still looking for info regarding The Crawfords from Rowes corner, Alligator pond. There is a high chance that Glanville/Grandville (on the passenger list)could be my uncle. I'm still keen to find living relatives.

Jun 09, 2010
Joann in Scotland
by: Anonymous

If you are still searching for Crawford leaving Jamaica in 1960, I found a passenger list for Glanville Crawford, born February 1941 arriving Southampton England in Oct 1960. My research show him being married. I would love to talk to you about this. Please comment.

Sep 17, 2009
Crawford family research
by: Anonymous

If your "Crawford" family also includes the Thelwells and Nations, then we have a connection.

Sep 17, 2009
Crawford Family Search
by: Anonymous

Hello I am a Crawford living in Gloucester UK. The Crawford's family is very big. I am from those from the Manchester area in Jamaica. My grandfather told me quite a lot about the scattering of the family he did say there were some in Alligator pond. That is all I am able to say now my number is 07864290466.

Aug 19, 2009
Crawford family search
by: Anonymous

If you are certain of those ages, then I can tell you they are not the same. The people I am referring to are much older. Sorry for the confusion and good luck with your search.

I will keep these name in mind and if while I am doing my research I find anything on them I will contact you.

All the best.

Aug 16, 2009
? ???? Brother or relative called Dullivan
by: Anonymous

Hi again

Thanks for your reply. I know your aunt is reluctant to give you more information but there is one point that she may be able to clear up. My father was called Dullivan (age approx 65-67) and his elder brother was called Granville( age approx 69). If she confirms that Dullivan was her brothers name or even one of her relatives then I will know if I am on the right track.


Aug 16, 2009
Crawford family search
by: Joan

Hi there:

Unfortunately, I do not have the information you require. The only living aunt I have is reluctant to give me any information. (don't know why) However I am comntinuing my search and if I am able to come up with any information I will communicate it to you. She did tell me that one of the brothers moved to Columbia and could be deceased.

Have you tried the Jamaica telephone directory for St Elizabeth? The Crawfords I am related to came from Malvern in St Elizabeth and were part of the Moravian religion. I understand Malvern and Alligater Pond is in the same vicinity. I have been living in Canada most of my life and I am not familiar with St Elizabeth area.

Aug 10, 2009
Crawford Family Alligator Pond
by: Joann(Scotland)

Hi Joan

I'm not sure if Granvile had sisters but he did have a younger brother. Do you know Granvile's date of birth or his brothers name?



Aug 09, 2009
Re Granville Crawford
by: Joan

I am not sure I can help but I am also researching the Crawford family in St Elizabeth. I am told my Grandmother Anna Crawford nee Thelwell had four children: Lillian, Amy Granville and another son. Could this be the same family?

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