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TOP roofing companies in jamaica



What are the top roofing companies in Jamaica? I'll share them with you right... now.

The roof is one of the most critical components of a home or building. It protects us from the elements - rain, wind, heat, etc.

And a tropical country, roofs in Jamaica are subjected to some of the harshest conditions.

This include the scorching sun and the ever likelihood of hurricanes during their season.

And so, due care is required in securing the best man for the job.

Trying to save a few bucks here and there on your roofing may only cost you greater frustration and a quicker roof replacement.

The million dollar question then, no pun intended, is, what are the best roofing companies in Jamaica? Who can you use to guarantee the best deal for your buck?

I can say that I am the authority, but from my own experience and from reviews I've gathered through my research, Matalon Roofing, G&E Roofing, and Spectrum Roofing Jamaica, contact info below, are three (3) of the very best locally.

  1. Matalon roofing, 691 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11,, 876 765 3663

  2. Spectrum roofing Jamaica, 55-457 Spanish Town Rd, Kingston,, (876) 901-7663

  3. G&E Roofing & Construction, Shop 2, 367 Essex Drive, Greendale, St. Catherine, Jamaica,, (876) 749-5557

But there are more!

The following is a cherry list of some of the most reputable on the island, categorized by area.

Note: Not only does many of the larger companies have outlets and branches in other areas of the island, many of these roofing companies are willing to work in anywhere on the island. Just be sure to discuss that with them first.

Roofing companies in Kingston Jamaica (and environs)

  • Roofing Technology & Construction Services Ltd, 22B Old Hope Rd, Kingston, (876) 925-5544
  • VICBERN ALUMINIUM & ASPHALT ROOFING, 66 Hagley Park Rd, Kingston, (876) 929-2918
  • Tropical Metal Products Limited, 18-20 Westport Av, Spanish Town Rd, Kingston 11, (876) 765-3277
  • Quality Dealers Roofing Ltd., Kingston
  • PAMACO LIMITED, 12 KINGSTON, East Ave, Kingston, (876) 381-2116
  • Reliable Roofers Ltd., Westminister Rd, Kingston, (876) 926-6461
  • Quality Dealers, 8, Red Hills Rd, Kingston 10, (876) 960-9046
  • K's Roofing Co Ltd, 9 Dunrobin Ave, Kingston, (876) 925-3059

Roofing companies in Montego Bay Jamaica (and environs

  • Weathershield Limited, 4 Porto Bello Dr, Montego Bay, (876) 940-4111
  • Weathershield Limited, Hopewell, (876) 956-5286
  • DB Roofing And Glass CO.LTD, 1 south street, 3 Harbour Street, Montego Bay, (876) 831-4265
  • Quality Dealers, 14, Catherine Hall, Montego Bay Trade Center, Montego Bay, (876) 971-4072

Roofing companies in Mandeville Jamaica (and environs)

  • Vicbern Aluminum & Asphalt, Mandeville, (876) 962-1819
  • Matthews And Clarke Ltd, Mandeville, (876) 962-2048
  • May Pen Roofing Hardware Ltd, Muirhead Avenue, May Pen
  • Jamaica Contemporary Construction and Roofing, Clarendon Area (876) 305-4532

Roofing companies in Negril Jamaica (and environs)

  • Jamaica's A1 roofing company, Negril, (876) 440-9852

There they are! I'll continue to add (and remove) as the need arises, but is there any that you think should be included? Did I miss a quality supplier? Please suggest in the comment below.

Be sure to also get an insight on general cost of building a home in Jamaica as well as the current independent construction rates in Jamaica.

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