Building a house in Jamaica - What are the costs?

by Shannon

Building a House - Contruction Site

Building a House - Contruction Site

QUESTION: Can you tell me the price of a bag of cement in Jamaica and also the price of 6,8,10 and 12 inch block please. I would appreciate it. Thank you

ANSWER: by Wellesley

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for the question. It's very nice to hear that you are considering building in Jamaica.

I made some calls and here are the prices - at today's date, for the main items used in the building construction process.

June, 05, 2019 updates in purple

  • 1 Bag of Cement - JMD 760.00 (Now JMD 1187.00)
  • 6 inch blocks - JMD 74.00 (Now JMD 111.00)
  • 8 inch blocks - JMD 100.00 (Now JMD 140.00)
  • 10 inch blocks - not available
  • 12 inch blocks - not available
  • 1 length of 1/2" steel - $966
  • 1 length of 3/8 steel - $703
  • 1 yard stone - $2,943
  • 1 yard sand - $3,486
  • 1 sheet construction ply - $3,572
  • 1 sheet 1x3x16 lumber - $718
  • 1 sheet 2x4x16 lumber - $1639

New! Need advice on building or housing development in Jamaica? Click Here to see my personal recommendation.

If you are looking for the latest building construction rates, we have it here as well

As you probably already know, building a house is, generally speaking, much cheaper than buying one, but it does assume that 'all other things are equal'.

Some important
considerations are location, clearing of land, drainage, security of materials, fixtures, transportation, and last and by no means least, demand and the general economic state of the industry and country.

You'll also need to consider having the right professionals Shannon, from the land surveyor to 'finshers' (painter, tilers etc).

Having the right professional could be key to ensure it turns out more economical - quality work and professionalism thus preventing 'overuns'.

By the way, Avia Collinder of the Gleaner posted a very informative article sometime ago that should provide you some useful info. You might want to have a look at it (link below).

It included a breakdown of % cost for a typical 2 storey- house.

Here is an extract:

a. Foundation 11.1%

b. Walls and wall finishes 21.3%

c. Floors and foor finishes 15.2%

d. Roof and roof finishes 7.0%

e. Staircase and balustrading 3.4%

f. Doors and windows 7.6%

g. Joinery fixtures, fittings 2.9%

h. Ceiling finishes 3.4%

j. Sanitary appliances, plumbing 1.4%

k. Electrical Installation 4.8%

Sub-total 78.0%


Drainage, water supply, etc 13.2%



TOTAL 100%

You can find the article here

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Jun 17, 2019
I want to build a house in jamaica, but I have only usd $15000. Can someone tell me what I can get with that? Can I get 1 bed room, 1 kitchen and a bathroom and a Varandah Please help.
by: Dynamic Builders Construction and Infrastructure

Good evening, can you contact us at

We can provide you with more details and guide you through the process to fully complete your dream making it a reality.

Our whatsapp is 24/7 and warm and friendly staff to assist with all the required information and assistance that you will need.

Warmest regards,

D.Palmer GC, CCM,

Jun 17, 2019
Hi Mark Good afternoon, we have just seen your comment
by: Dynamic Builders Construction and Infrastructure

You can send us an email with you contact information as we provide all the services that you may require and will need to make your idea become tangible.

We can be reach at

Phone: 876-779-9216

We can get the bill of quantities done to give you a scope of understanding of what your project will cost.

Jun 16, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hello. Yes it is possible with conditions applied but we will be with you step by step throughout the process in assisting you to reach your goal.

At McBean's Project Management we "make your dream of a home come through".

Call, whatsapp or email us at a time convenient to you

876-540-7771 / 876-377-1525

Jun 16, 2019
by: Anonymous

I have $usd 15000 dollars. What can I build with that in Jamaica. I need one bedroom, one bathroom, 1 kitchen and a varanda. Can it work

Jun 16, 2019
by: Anonymous

I want to build a house in jamaica, but I have only usd $15000. Can someone tell me what I can get with that? Can I get 1 bed room, 1 kitchen and a bathroom and a Varandah Please help.

Jun 07, 2019
by: Anonymous

We do building estimates as well as bill of quantities by QS. Estimates will depend on the size of the building. You can let us start the conversation today.

We have the architects, engineers, surveyors, valuators, realtors, loan broker and professional builders to take your project from start to finish.

Call or Whatsapp us at 876-540-7771
Or email us at

Also go check us out at

Jun 07, 2019
by: Mark

How do i get a Building quote to knw what my expenses are i have a blue print

Jun 06, 2019
Replying to bedroom kitchen bathroom and dining
by: Dynamic Builders Construction and Infrastructure

Contact us at let us consult with you and provide some more inept details

Jun 06, 2019
by: Dynamic Builders Construction and Infrastructure

Be careful when building and going with bottom line prices, as from time to time we see a lot of unfinished construction projects because of this same issue, often times homeowners go with the cheapest and end up building most expensive which could have been the most simplest. Based on our years of experience I recommend that you ask questions and research before starting your project. Just to be on the safe side. We don't run for money, we run for reputation, good reputation is priceless.

Jun 06, 2019
14 x 14 room
by: MPM Ocho Rios

14x14 room including material and labour $1.56mil. Call us 8765407771 or 876 3771525

Jun 05, 2019
price of supplies
by: Anonymous

hi i was wondering if you could also post how much for 1 lenth of steel?

May 31, 2019
DYNAMIC Builders Construction and Infrastructure
by: Dynamic Builders Construction

Inclusive material and labor

May 30, 2019
Additional room cost
by: Anonymous

What is the cost of adding and additional bedroom approximately 14x14, located in Steer Town, St. Ann’s.

Apr 21, 2019
2 bedroom and bathroom query
by: Dynamic Builders Construction

Contact a builder, contractor, company, quantity surveyor either once can help you you

Apr 21, 2019
2 bedroom kicthen bathroom and diving room
by: Anonymous

How much steel, block and cement to building
2 bedroom 12×15 each
Bathroom 8×8
Living room 17×14
Kitchen 19×14

Apr 07, 2019
To Cali
by: Anderson Construction

8,000 to 10,000/sf can be more dependent on the size of your proposed project, why not send us and email that we can consult on the best way forward? Or call 876-779-9216ò

Apr 06, 2019
Is $10K/SF the upper level
by: Cali

Looking to build a 3500/SF on property in Spring Garden/st. James. Is $10K/SF the upper limit, or is it higher for that location?

Apr 05, 2019
Estimated cost 8, 2 bedrooms
by: McBean's Project Management

The cost is measured at between $8000-$10000 / sq.ft. Therefore the final estimates will depend on the size of the building. You can let us start the conversation today.

We have the architects, engineers, surveyors, valuators, realtors, loan broker and professional builders to take your project from start to finish.

Call or Whatsapp us at 876-540-7771
Or email us at

Also go check us out at

Apr 02, 2019
Potential price for 8, 2 bedroom apartments
by: Anonymous

How much could it cost to build 8 2 bedroom apartments across 2 floors with seperate external entrances.

Mar 20, 2019
Contact us
by: MPM


McBean's Project Management

Islandwide service at international standards

Mar 20, 2019
by: Anonymous

Surveyors, valuators,engineers, architects, realtors, tradesmen, and all relevant professionals for your large and small projects.

"Making your dream of a home come through "

Mar 19, 2019
you can contact us re your idea
by: reply to building up

We do everything that you will require to make your dream a reality, blueprint to building to roofing, inclusive plumbung, electrical and installations, carpentry, and everything you'd need to move forward, best solutions provided as per the best way forward, no need to stress and worry, material is also covered by us, like i said, "we are all inclusive"!

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Have a blessed day!

All the best to you!

Mar 19, 2019
regarding to quotes & previous questions asked?
by: ACS 876-779-9216

2 Bedroom
1 bathroom
whole kitchen
small patio
UP TO 3,000,000 - 3,500,000 COMPLETE

3 bedroom
1 bathroom
whole kitchen
small patio


Mar 18, 2019
Estimated cost
by: Anonymous

The rates now will range between JD$6500 and $8000/square foot for residential building depending on parish and location. Please feel free to call or Whatsapp to discuss further.

McBean's Project Management

Mar 18, 2019
update cost of price list above
by: Anonymous

May i get the above price update as at January 2019

Feb 12, 2019
Building up
by: Anonymous

I want to extend my house up...2bedroom/1 area..what would be the estimate cost

Sep 28, 2018
by: Anonymous

Can someone please answer me via email please because am seeing that most of the questions are unanswered, the cost to do a small kitchen, bath and bedroom on own land. an estimate is ok, email is

Sep 04, 2018
Building A garage
by: Dueane

What’s the average price to lay and fill 100 7 3/4 Block as there not 8’

Mar 30, 2018
How much for a leaky Roof repair, bathroom remodel and added room
by: Anonymous

I am just doing some updating. There's a leaky roof, the bathroom needs remodeling. And I want to add an addition.

Mar 26, 2018
Cost Per Sqft?
by: Chavelle

Does the cost per sqft include building materials and labour? Or just labour?

Mar 25, 2018
Bill of quantity
by: Anonymous

Meed someone to do a bill of quantity to be submitted to nht. email me at if you can help.


Mar 14, 2018
Roofing Estimates
by: McBean's Project Management

Hello Anonymous (#roofing/#buildingneeds)
There are numerous factors to consider when making a budget for construction cost for labour and material (goods & services) therefore we invite you to contact us and lets listen to your request in order to best respond.


Mar 14, 2018
What is the cost
by: Anonymous

What is the cost

Mar 11, 2018
by: Anonymous

Need to erect roofing on a house I'm constructing and would really like to get some cost estimates. It's a 3 bedroom addition and I'm looking to use the Decra tiles.

Any guestimates appreciated to budget properly.

Mar 06, 2018
Cost to clear land per acre
by: Anonymous

What is the average cost per acre to clear bush land?

Mar 04, 2018
Building needs
by: Anonymous

For a 3 bedroom starting price for material can range from $10,000 usd plus, for the material. for the whole structure... for further instructions contact me @

Feb 26, 2018
Estimate for 3 bedrooms






CALL 1876-5407771 / 377-1525

Feb 26, 2018
Build hime
by: Anonymous

Gm could you please tell me the cost of building are better yet the amount of materials I may need a 3 bedroom house, open concept kitchen, dining n living, 1300 square ft

Jan 27, 2018
Build a home in Jamaica
by: Marz construction and renovations

Any construction question we are willing to answer cost per sq foot to build in Jamaica is currently at $58 USD contact for any additional information feel free to Call or WhatsApp 18768205575

Dec 06, 2017
Construction Costing & Management
by: RDP Consultancy Ltd

Get your construction project costed and managed right by RDP Consultancy Ltd. We are a registered Quantity Surveying and Construction Project Management Company, specializing:
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Oct 22, 2017

CALL 1876-5407771 / 377-1525

Sep 06, 2017
Your complete construction and development team of professionals

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Aug 16, 2017
requesting info
by: Anonymous

How much to build a 2 bed room with 1 bathroom 1 kitchen and living room and veranda

Aug 13, 2017
Contact us for your Construction Services
by: Encompass Construction

Call: Encompass Construction & Maintenance Ltd - 569-6762. Free Construction Estimates by Licensed Quantity Surveyor.

Aug 12, 2017
by: Clevaugne

How much would it cost to build a 2 story 4 bedroom 3 bathroom kitchen living room bar and 3 car storage spaces

Aug 09, 2017
build a house
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm presently seeking a contractor to build a 2800 square ft in St. Elizabeth, South Field, Jamaica. the land is located on a grade, therefore it possible to include an additional room below. Can you tell me roughly how much it will cost to complete and long will it take?


Jul 27, 2017
Call RepairPros for home, office and other facilities repair, renovation and maintenance
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Jul 02, 2017
Poured Concrete fence
by: Anonymous

Hi I need to build a poured concrete fence, 10ft heigh and approx 70ft long. Whats the most cost effective way to get that done? Contact me at

Apr 29, 2017
Less hassle and clarity
by: Maurice McDowell

Architectural Services and Construction Managements

Want to make your building prospects a reality with less hassle and clarity just call Zeta Technology Solutions Limited @ 1-914-987-8530 or 1-876-490-4564 I can be reached via direct email / and can also be reached via FaceTime, Whatsapp and LinkedIn.

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Apr 01, 2017
How much it cost to build a one bedroom ply board
by: Anonymous

How much will it cost to build one bedroom ply board an bathroom

Mar 22, 2017
Top class building contractor
by: Landmark creation (lmc)

Provides: estimates,architectural designs, project management, remodeling and complete building, masonary, tiling roofing, drywall, carpentry, plumbing and electrical services all areas in building construction. fast and efficient at affordable prices
Tel:1876 783 9957

Feb 14, 2017
by: Christopher

What would be the ideal roof for jamaica to withstand the storm. I saw this -

Would this be ideal? It lloks goof to me.

Whats the approximate cost of roofing in Jamaica?

I need to have house rewired, plumbed etc. What are costs like?

Feb 12, 2017
Cost per sq ft
by: Anonymous

What is the average price per sq ft to build labour and material

Feb 01, 2017
land and lots for sale in Monroe and Southfield St Elizabeth
by: Derick Evans

Land Lots and quater acres for Sale
We have land and lots for sale in Monroe and Southfield St Elizabeth
The Evans family has owned and developed land in Jamaica since the 18th century honesty and fair play is our policy. 3.9 million JA dollars Per Lot in Monroe
6.7 million JA dollars Per 1/4 acre in Monroe

Please contact us for more details....0208 8569440..07887694083

Jan 27, 2017
Contract house
by: Brian

Hi we are contractors Brian & Wendy. Our business name is Creative Concrete Finishing. I promise you that you will be happy if you let us build your home we build we design we can build your House from scratch and move you in also mean while we are building your home we can send you pictures of what we are doing we are happy to assist you so please call us at #876-820-8029 & 876-458-5203

Jan 08, 2017
by: Anonymous

What is the cost for a load of grit

Jan 01, 2017
Costs to build a house - anecdotal
by: James

I'm looking at building a basic, 2 bedroom structure of approx 1200 sqft on existing land that hasn't been graded yet (if it's even necessary). The spitball estimate is around $15,000 CDN (Jan 2017) with strong local support. Your materials costs will be influenced by your connections. A 3000 sqft, multistory house would likely run close to $200,000 CDN.

Take this info with a grain of salt obviously. Im in Jamaica at the moment bouncing ideas off a family member.

Dec 03, 2016
Building a 3000 sq ft home
by: Marlene

I want to bulid a 3000sq ft house in st.catherine Jamaica, two story, how much would that cost me

Oct 23, 2016
How much sq ft to build a house is average
by: Anonymous

What is the average cost per sq foot to build a house in Jamaica. I heard from $125 - $300 usd a sq ft ? Please confirm thanks. Looking to build 2 bedroom 2 bath home kitchen and liviingroom.

Oct 21, 2016
building cost
by: Anonymous

im interested in building a 5000 square feet house with high ceiling on flat land. About how much money would that cost me?

Sep 22, 2016
by: Anonymous

how much material is needed to build a 14 * 14 room?

Aug 18, 2016
estimate for a 3 bedrooms house
by: James

I have piece of land hill side so I would be building a 3 bedroom,2 bathroom,living and dining and kitchen due to the slope I would have to use beams and columns can I get a ruff estimate for something like th

Jul 13, 2016
by: Peter John Ebanks

Hello everyone, anyone looking for the services of an architect can contact me at TEL: 1876-8804287 EMAIL: 3D drawings and free estimates available.

May 18, 2016
We can build your home in Jamaica for you.
by: island style homes

We are Island Style Homes and we can build your dream home in Jamaica or we can build a nice family home or renovate an existing home.

We are excited about helping you as we are aware of some many people like us who live overseas and would like to own a piece of their homeland.

We want to help. Give us a call today (Erica) 770-639-2181 in the US or 876-327-1463 in Jamaica.

May 11, 2016
Build a warehouse
by: Vijay

I want to build a warehouse on a 13,000 sqft space. Could I get a quotation please. You email me at

Thank you

May 02, 2016
Need it
by: Tash

I want to build a two bedroom kitchen and bathroom can you give me a estimate

May 02, 2016
Need it
by: Tash

I want to build a two bedroom kitchen and bathroom can you give me a estimate

Apr 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

How much will a contractor take to build a two bedroom,one bathroom, one kitchen and a varonda?

Apr 29, 2016
Top quality construction at a affordable cost
by: Local Contractor

SMM Construction Services Ltd.

Offering the followings services:
*Architectural Designs
*Project Managing
*General Construction: roofing, tiling, plumbing, drywall construction, steel work, masonry.
*Renovation and New construction.

Contact: 876-8165671

Mar 15, 2016
2 bedroom
by: Georget

Good morning
I have my own land in St Catherine and I want to know the cost to build a 2 bedroom, one being a master bedroom and 2 bathroom, kitchen, living and dining room, veranda, office and a washroom and a carport

Mar 15, 2016
2 bedroom
by: Georget

Good morning
I have my own land in St Catherine and I want to know the cost to build a 2 bedroom, one being a master bedroom and 2 bathroom, kitchen, living and dining room, veranda, office and a washroom and a carport

Mar 11, 2016
Cost Directions can help
by: Kondike

Hello, I can help please contact me at or or find me on facebook, COST directions

Quantity Surveyor and Construction Engineer.

Mar 05, 2016
building a 3 bedroom
by: Anonymous

I have piece of land hill side so I would be building a 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom, due to the slope I would have to use beams and columns can I get a ruff estimate for something like that.

Feb 28, 2016
by: Anonymous


I am not seeing many responses. I am looking to build a 4*3 2 storey house. I would need a very high ceiling living room, large chef kitchen, island, modern cabinatery, open concept, crown molding. Master bedroom needs an ensuite bath n 2 large closets.

Willing to speak offline.


Feb 19, 2016
currently doing a lot of addition to my house
by: Anonymous

Large registered contractor businesses will charge about 1/2 a million to a million dollars per 100 sq foot room for just the foundation and walls. A seasoned mason from 'off a the road' will charge about 150k to 250k per room, but you have to have a good amount of knowledge about building and time to watch them work, so that they have a deep enough foundation, keep things square/plumb/level, measure the concrete/mortar mix properly, and have a good method of tying rebar and stirrups, otherwise they will take some serious shortcuts. Also have a signed contract of what they will do for how much money.Never pay more than a 10% deposit up front.
Some good simple building manuals for earthquake resistant buildings can be found online, just google 'confined masonry'. You also have to be able to secure your building materials, thieves are constantly scouring for easy pick ups.

The government has a keen eye on building taking place in middle to upper class portions of the corporate area, so registered building plans and inspection are pretty much mandatory. Almost no-one bothers with that stuff for lower income/rural areas

An electrician will charge about 3k to 5k per each outlet, bulb or switch, plumbers 15k to 20k to set up sewer main. I do the rest of my own plumbing and all tiling so no clue as to those costs. A roofer charges about 30 to 40k per square for ranch roofing and half that for flat. Slab roof is about 30k (mason off the road )per 100 sq feet.

Feb 10, 2016
expanding my home
by: names of architects

Hi...I currently bought a three bedroom home and wish to expand and renovated, can you suggest names of architects to do the plans please or email me at tnasita@

Editor's Note
Please take a look at the list of Jamaican architects here:

Jan 17, 2016
how much materal to build a 6 bed 6 bath kitchen and living room
by: Anonymous

how much materal to build a 6 bed 6 bath kitchen and living room

Dec 24, 2015
House building
by: Rick

Hi Les merry Christmas to you and a happy new year. I would love to build my home in St. Elizabeth on land already available with a budget of {JMD six million} but I don't know how much it will cost me to build an upstairs house with 2 bedroom with a master bedroom and an ensuite bath and 1 bathroom with a sitting room and a veranda.

Then a kitchen, a dining room and 1 bedroom and bathroom down stairs. Please give me an idea of what I can do.

Thanks Les

Dec 17, 2015
by: Nikki

I wanted to know what is the cost to build a one bedroom, home including living room kitchen and bathroom.

Dec 11, 2015
by: Mr Lee

I would like to know what is the rate to put up form ply and concrete work for a dwelling house

Dec 09, 2015
i want to build a house
by: al and my boyfriend are planing to start our life together.we are planning to mortgage a piece of land and build a board structure with concrete floor, one bedroom about 20x20. A kitchen 10x10 living room and a concrete bathroom. how much u think it may cost.

Dec 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

How much will I cost to do rough-in for a 5 piece bathroom, powder room and a wash room?

Oct 31, 2015
Avoid Building Mistakes
by: Anonymous

Before you build. You must determine the cost by having a proper scaled drawing. The Bill of quantities will be generated from drawings and designs.

Outside of that you are playing a guessing game with Contractors and this could and often leads to confusion and dis-trust. Before you build have the appropriate design completed then you calculate your cost.

Oct 30, 2015
Building a house in Jamaica
by: H

Hi All

I am intending to renovate my mother's house in Jamaica.

At the moment it is 5 beds.

I need it upgrading and to build two new bedrooms.

Does anyone have any idea on the current cost of materials and labour?


Oct 02, 2015
Building Your House In Jamaica
by: Caddcorp

This is a very interesting topic. You may find your answers at or Just call me at (876) 568-9271. Great design and construction rates.

Sep 15, 2015
4 bedroom house
by: Diana (Young country Girl)

I am in need of your help. I am thinking of building a 4 bedroom (14x14) house with a veranda, living room, dinning room, kitchen, wash room and two bathrooms. It is my grandmother's dream but she did not get the chance to do it so I want to do it for her and for myself. I am planning to borrow the money but is not sure how much building the entire house would cost! I am asking for your help by telling me the materials that I will need and the cost and what you think the entire cost would be. I would appreciate the information more than you know.

My email address is

Best regards,

Sep 10, 2015
House cost
by: M.illerfreda@yahoo.Com

Hi I found some land in Coral Gardensit is near Montego Bay St James.Can someone tell me of a very good guess or estimate of the whole amount in USD$, would be to build a 4bedroom house, 2015-2016?? Thank you so much!

Sep 09, 2015
by: shane

how much to build a 14x14 room and bbathroom?

Aug 15, 2015
deck roof
by: Anonymous


You make a great case for a deck roof.

Aug 14, 2015
Roofing Alternatives
by: Anonymous

I would like to add a second floor to my mother's house and am thinking of the roofing cost.

I want a roof that is first of all secure, to withstand criminals and hurricanes, then durable durable and inexpensive. Also, I want a roof that will somehow cool down the house. I saw where Gore Developers switched to concrete roofing with a white finishing for its New Harbour project. Will a concrete pitched roof meet my objectives? How will it compare in cost to other types of roofs? And will I be able to get a contractor to do it since this is not a popular type of roof (the flat concrete slab is what is popular)?

Aug 02, 2015
Staircase and ceramic tiles
by: Anonymous

I'm building a house in Jamaica and wondering about the staircase since I'm on the northern side of the island and has a lot of sea breeze I would love to use iron rails instead of wood.Do you think the metal will be affected by the salt air.I'm also looking for floor tiles but unable to get a good look on the designs.I have a lot of floors since it's 3 levels.
Thanks for your help

Jul 28, 2015
by: delmar robinson

I would like to see the rates online

Jun 23, 2015
Re: Foreclosed homes for sale in Montego Bay
by: Anonymous

If you are interested in owning a piece of Jamaica at a reduced cost I can help you find foreclosed home at bargain prices. You will be surprised how much you can get with a little inside help. Currently we have a two story house in a great neighbourhood going for less that $100,000US. Interested persons only no sale will be finalized overseas, to reduce risks homes have to first be inspected by prospective buyers. Don't miss out on this opportunity email for more details.

Jun 04, 2015
Rate sheet
by: Anonymous

Where can i get the construction rate sheet online? I need to know if i'm being over charged for work done on my premises.

May 31, 2015
Building a family holiday home to
by: Anonymous

Hi I need advice, help with costs and research could you help please. Could you private message me

May 28, 2015
What is the cost of a plan to build a 2 storey house
by: Dellorice

What is the cost of a plan to build a 2 storey house. Could you give an estimate cost of a house plan in 2015.

May 19, 2015
by: withney

how much money do you think i need to build a bedroom and bathroom on my mother house? How many blocks you think i might need also it will be slob top? how many steels and cement.
i just need a estimate

May 05, 2015
Bringing English reliability and Jamaican builders together works !!

We can arrange if you so wish all the difficult things, your desired building design and plans, submit to the parish council, register titles of land and finally the building of your house " we will build it strong "self guarding against the changes caused by global warming

The Evans family has owned and developed land in Jamaica since the 18th century honesty and fair play is our policy we can take the stress out of building your new home in Jamaica we are exactly what you need honest and trustworthy

We have land and lots for sale in Monroe and Southfield St Elizabeth

Apr 23, 2015
Cot per Sq Ft to build
by: Jacxq

Can anyone say what is the cost per square foot to build in Jamaica assuming it is concrete,
In another post someone asked for comparison cost of a concrete slab roof deck roof, shingle, colored Sheet metal and Tile roof

Apr 23, 2015
Roofing COst
by: DH

I would love to find out the difference in cost between a timber Hip roof vs a reinforced concrete slab roof. Which is more expensive?

Apr 15, 2015
Welcoming you back to Jamaica
by: Evans Land Sales & Construction

Building a house in Jamaica - What are the costs?

Look no further....

Apr 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hello all,

I am till looking for ball park prices for 1) excavation with a back hoe for 25 x 25 foundation, and cost of putting in the 25 x25 (supplies and labor) foundation (strong enough to eventually support 2 floors. The rea is south St. Elizabeth.
We plan to get some estimates when we go to Jamaica in a few months, But I am chomping at the bit.


Feb 12, 2015
floor plans
by: Anonymous


I have been looking around on line for floor plans for a smallish 1 level 2/2 home with a veranda.

The NHT website had some.

Any other suggestions?


Aug 21, 2014
Thanks alot!
by: Tremayne

This was very helpful. Thanks for making the call and doing us (potential builders)a huge favor. Respect.

Aug 05, 2014
Cost Per Ft Or Metre To Build A house in Jamaica
by: Basil

What the cost per sq. ft. to build a complete house in Jamaica?

Editor's Note
Hi Basil,

The rates do change and there are various factors to be considered. You might do well with a Master Building construction Rate sheet.

Scroll below and look at the recommendation we made. There is a phone number there as well.


Jul 25, 2014
Master Building Construction Rate Sheet
by: Wellesley

I have gotten the question about where to get a Jamaica Master Building Construction rate sheet here on the site, so I went and did some research.

If you are in Jamaica, I would suggest that you contact the nearest parish council office.

They by themselves might not have one, as there is a cost to it, but they will be able to suggest companies that provides that service.

In Montego Bay, where I am at there is a company called Design Sanctuary that provides it for 700JMD.

Their number is 876-971-2584.

Jun 13, 2014
Building on property already own
by: Anonymous

I have the land and the foundation already but trying to complete it is such a task i would love if i would be able to get a loan on the property and then build and then pay back the loan what do you think is that a good idea or just buy something already built.

Jun 12, 2012
Nice and useful inforrmations for building a house in Jamaica
by: Dejana


May 04, 2012
by: Karleen

Wellesley thanks for posting such an indepth response. You are better than contacting a goverment office. As a follow-up, sometime ago I heard that a contractor built energy efficent houses at Richmond Hills. Do you have his name, website, etc or where he's building next? I don't remember if I ever told you thanks for recommending Michelle to coordinate our daughter's wedding last year. Thanks a million! She's the best! Now I think it's time for us to come home!

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