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Trelawny Jamaica
Decorated Past, Historical Sites & Eco-Adventures!

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Trelawny Jamaica | Falmouth's Water SquareTrelawny Jamaica | Falmouth's Water Square

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

I’m sure you have heard of or even visited the cities of Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril, right? Well, have you ever heard about the quiet parish of Trelawny Jamaica?

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Where is Trelawny Jamaica?

On the north side of the island of Jamaica, you’ll find the parish of Trelawny. Its capital, Falmouth is located directly on the north coast and is home to a well-known cruise port.

History of Trelawny Jamaica

You see, the parish of Trelawny was originally a part of the parish of St. James. However, the settlers began to complain that the parish was just too large and it needed to be split.

In April 1733, they wrote to the Assembly requesting that the parish be separated, and Governor Major-General Robert Hunter was advised that the planned new parish be named "New Brunswick." However, it would be another 37 years before the new parish was established.

The initial bill for the partition of St. James was rejected by the House of Assembly, much to the sorrow of its supporters, but another bill was passed in 1770 for the same goal.

When this came to pass, Martha Brea became the capital of the newly created Parish. However, the citizens soon outgrew the town and a new capital had to be named. The then seaside village called Martha Brea Point was chosen as the new capital town. The name was changed to Falmouth the name we know today not long after. All this took place around 1790. 

Several ships could be observed unloading cargo and taking in sugar and rum in the Falmouth Harbour. John Tharpe and Edward Barrett, two of the wealthiest landowners in the 18th century, made their homes in Falmouth.

Falmouth's past is so rich and diversified that it was designated as a Protected National Heritage Site in 1985 under the Jamaica Heritage Trust Act, and the Falmouth Historic District was designated as a National Monument by the Government of Jamaica in 1996.

Trelawny is the parish with the most sugar estates and sugar refineries in Jamaica's history. The sugar estates once numbered in the hundreds, with over forty sugar factories.

Even though the number of estates had decreased to sixteen (16) by 1927, Trelawny continued to produce more sugar than any other parish on the island. Trelawny's sugar business declined in the early 1900s due to a drop in the price of sugar on the global market.

What is Trelawny Jamaica known for?

In the past, Trelawny was known for its sugar estates and sugar cane mills are the most well-known features of Trelawny. It possessed more sugar estates than any other parish, necessitating the establishment of a seaport to export the crop.

In present-day, Trelawny is known for its quaint but bustling seaport in the capital of Falmouth and the attractions scattered across the parish.

Trelawny Jamaica | Guest Rides In The Town of FalmouthTrelawny Jamaica | Guest Rides In The Town of Falmouth

How far is Trelawny from the airport?

Trelawny is only around 30km from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. It will take just under an hour to travel to the airport. 

Is Trelawny Jamaica safe?

Yes! It is actually considered one of the safest parishes in Jamaica.

Historic Places in Trelawny

  1. Falmouth Parish Church - Built in 1795, the Anglican Church of St. Peter's is the parish's oldest church as well as Falmouth's oldest public edifice. Edward Barrett, who had sold a portion of his estate to have the township established, gave the property to the church. It was expanded with a western addition in 1842.

  2. Fort Balcarres was built in 1811 to protect the harbour and house a garrison. Falmouth Primary School now occupies the space.

  3. When sugar was king, an iron foundry was required to maintain sugar estate machinery. The Dome, which stands on the corner of Tharpe and Upper Harbour Streets, was built for this purpose in 1801.

  4. Built in 1844, the William Knibb Baptist Church was damaged by fire in 1944 and rebuilt in 1948. It was named after Reverend William Knibb, who was born in the Northamptonshire town of Kettering. He was laid to rest in the churchyard.

  5. The Falmouth Court House was constructed in 1915. It was successfully reconstructed after a fire in 1926, except for an alteration in the original roof line.

Must-Visit Attractions in Trelawny

1. River Rapids

River Rapids Jamaica is only 20 minutes from the Falmouth cruise port. On the Rio Bueno River, they presently offer three enjoyable activities, with something for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

The river rafting tour, a popular excursion for tourists who want to appreciate the varied moods of the river in a white water raft led by one of their professional tour guides, is available for mild adventure seekers.

A kayaking trip is available for those who wish to paddle on their own and are looking for something a little more strenuous. A tubing tour is a definite option for those looking for a wet and wild ride on the river in the safest and most comfortable way possible.

All tours include a fully guided tour and conclude on a private beach near the river delta. At the beach, you may purchase refreshments, food, pictures, and souvenirs.

Contact Information or +1 876 217 0960.

2. Hampden Estate Rum Tour

The Hampden Estate is one of Jamaica's oldest sugar estates. It is the typical heavy pot rum of choice throughout Europe and other parts of the world, and has been known throughout Jamaica's rum history for its full, deeply delicious pot still rums. The Hampden Rum Tour is only open to people who are 18 years old or older. This is one of two very popular rum tours in Jamaica.

The Hampden Rum Tour lasts about two hours and is normally done in small groups of no more than ten people. Larger groups can be accommodated if the trip is scheduled in advance. Because Hampden Estate is a working distillery, visitors must wear closed-toed shoes. Contact or (876) 482-4632

Watch Video! Hampden Estate Rum Tour

3. Charles Swaby’s Crocodile Swamp Safari

This is the tour for you if you are interested in nature and wildlife. This is a 45–minute eco-tour where you'll learn about crocodiles, birds, snakes, iguanas, and the mangroves. On this two-acre property known as Falmouth Crocodile Safari, there are around 80 crocodiles, both adult and juvenile.

4. Luminous Lagoon

Luminous Lagoon is one of four of its kind found in the world and the one here in Trelawny Jamaica is believed to be the brightest of them all, because of the steady climate. It is sometimes referred to as glistening waters. The water isn’t very deep, only about 4 feet, so feel free to go swimming.

Tours take place at night when you will be able to see the lagoon at its brightest. You can even get some of the water in a clear bottle to take back with you, it will continue glowing for a few hours.

5. Martha Brae

Martha Brae is Jamaica’s number one rafting attraction. The rafts are up to 30 ft long and are made of bamboo. You can spend the entire day there as you will find picnic grounds, souvenir shops, restrooms, a swimming pool and full-service bars.

6. Chukka Eco Adventure Outpost at Good Hope

If you are into exhilarating activities then you have definitely heard of Chukka adventures. Their Good Hope Outpost is one of many locations across the island offering varying activities. The nature adventure park provides:

  • Zipline
  • River Tubing
  • River Kayaking
  • Appleton Rum Tasting
  • Aqueduct Walk
  • Bird Aviary Experience
  • Nature Hike
  • 360 Degrees loop water slide
  • Zero Entry Swimming Pool
  • Adventure Falls River Walk
  • Adventure Falls Climb & Jump Platform
  • Cabanas 
  • Restaurant, Bar and Grill

7. Falmouth Food Tour

These tours are done on foot. They allow you to explore the town and history of Falmouth while sampling some great dishes loved by Jamaicans. This is also a great opportunity to marvel at the architecture of the buildings in Falmouth that make the town a protected historical site.

Watch Video! Falmouth Food Tour

Here is a little sneak peak of what the Falmouth Food Tour has to offer. 

So don’t let the quaintness and quietness of Trelawny put you off from visiting the parish, it is a little gem that should definitely be highlighted more.

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