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What Continent Is Jamaica In?
Seriously, Which One?

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where is jamaica on the continent

So really, what continent is Jamaica in?

We know that Jamaica lies in the Caribbean, almost exactly between North and South America, but where does that put us.

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The answer, my friend, is NORTH AMERICA!
Jamaica is considered to be part of the North American continent.

what continent is jamaica in

But What Is A Continent?

A continent, for those inclined, is a large land mass on the earth’s surface surrounded by bodies of water. And for the record, there are only seven continents in the world, namely

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Asia
  4. Africa
  5. Australia
  6. Europe &
  7. Antarctica

Latin America and the Caribbean is NOT considered a continent and so I think, by default we became part of the North :-)

Jamaica's Geographical Position

The Blue Mountains, JamaicaJamaica's Blue Mountain

We are an island in the Caribbean sea, positioned approximately 18° North and 77° West. The nearest point of the North American mainland is the Florida Cays which is approximately 240 km to the north of Cuba (who is north of us). Jamaica also lies 160 km (or 100 nautical miles) west of Haiti

The Lesser Antilles and Trinidad, with which there are many links of culture and trade lie 1,600 km (1,000 miles) to the east and south-east of us.

Please be sure to read more on the Geography Of Jamaica here.

To the south-west of Jamaica, a large area of shallow sea extends for over 160 km(100 miles) over the Pedro Banks with their associated cays.

The Morant Cays are 51km (32 miles) south from the eastern extremity of Jamaica to Morant Point. Both are within the imaginary 200 miles out from the island and are also considered part of Jamaica.

You can learn more about the Pedro Cays of Jamaica here.

Jamaica's Location And Climate

There are several factors that determine the climate of any country. One is latitude or distance north or south of the equator. Latitude determines whether the climate of a place is hot or cold. 

And Jamaica, in my opinion, lies directly in the sweet spot!

Jamaica is located in what is called the Tropical Climatic Belt, which is the region between two important lines of latitude, the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. This climatic belt is warm all year round with no marked change in the temperature from one season to another. 

Other factors that influence the climate of Jamaica are the sea, the relief of the land and winds. 


We enjoy what is called a Topical Marine climate. It is called marine because of the influence of the sea. During the day the sea is usually cooler than the land. Winds blowing from the sea to the land will help the land cool. At night the land loses heat rapidly and cools down. In Jamaica, the night is generally cooler than the day. The sea moderates temperature keeping it from becoming too hot or too cold throughout the year.  

We are also extremely blessed as we have a very hilly country. These mountains and hills extend from east to west across the island. And it becomes cooler as we go higher.

The reason is that for every increase of about 100 metres in height of the land, the temperature falls 1°C. 

I invite you to read more about the climate of Jamaica here as well.


So I've given you a bit more than you asked right?

You came asking what continent is Jamaica in, and now is leaving with that answer, plus a bit of geography and climate of Jamaica.

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