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What Is Lynk Jamaica?
The New Jamaican Mobile Wallet

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lynk_jamaica_jis_gov_jmWhat Is Lynk Jamaica? | (Photo:

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

As technology increases, so do the avenues through which we can send and receive money. While mobile wallet apps like Cash App, Venmo and the like are not currently in Jamaica. We have our own local digital app Lynk.

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Lynk is marketed as a service for the unbanked and the underbanked, meaning those persons who have not yet opened a bank account with any financial institution in Jamaica and those who have a bank account but do not utilise the full services of the banks. These people may find Lynk a more convenient alternative for everyday transactions.

Benefits of Lynk?

  • Convenience - We have all been in a position where we needed to do an urgent transaction but we are met with many hiccups because we are using two banks, one person has a bank account and the other does not or, it is a weekend and the transaction wonโ€™t reflect until the beginning of the next week.

    With Lynk, all you need is the person's username or QR code to make instantaneous transfers.

  • Accessibility - There is no rigorous documentation process with Lynk. All you need to have a Lynk account is your ID and TRN.

  • Security - Not only is the app itself safe to use, but it also eliminates the need to walk around with hard cash. This lessens the possibility of fraud, theft and loss.

What is Lynk Jamaica?

Lynk is a mobile wallet platform for sending, receiving and requesting money in Jamaica. This app, allows persons to send and receive money without having to exchange banking information.

This is an even greater advantage for persons who would prefer not to share their personal banking information all the time.

All you need to do transactions is the person's username or QR code, and then you both will be able to do transactions with each other.

How To Sign Up For Lynk

  1. Download the app from Google or Apple Store

  2. Click the sign up option and add your phone number

  3. You will also need to create a 6 digit pin

  4. A text message will be sent to your phone with the verification code, this code should be entered in the app to verify that the phone number you are using to sign up is yours.

  5. Next, you will be ask to add your name and email address.

  6. Now, you'll need to complete the two step verification process. First upload a picture of your national ID (front and back if necessary. This could be your National ID, Driver's Licence or Passport. Then you will be asked to share photo and video selfies to match the ID submitted.

  7. When this is done, an email will be sent to you to finish setting up your account.

How do you withdraw your money with Lynk?

Many businesses are now on board with Lynk and you may not need to even transfer your money in all cases. But it is still relatively new and the need for cash is never-ending. There are two ways to withdraw from your Lynk wallet.

When signing up, you are asked to add a Jamaican bank account ( if you have one) to your Lynk account.

When making withdrawals, you can simply transfer the money from your Lynk account to your bank account. And then do your transactions normally.

The next step is to visit the NCB ABMs that offer cardless cash. This will give you access to your Lynk account and you can withdraw actual cash from that account.

This is a major plus for people who often forget their wallets or purses.

You can also make deposits to your Lynk account using the cashless feature.

Do I need a bank account to use Lynk?

The good thing about Lynk is that while adding a bank account to your Lynk account will increase the features of the app you have access to, it is not a requirement for you to have one. You will still be able to send, receive, request and deposit money to your Lynk account.

What can the Lynk app do?

  • Send and Receive Money
  • Request transfers
  • Make Payments
  • Access to JAM-DEX (Jamaican Digital Currency)
  • Online Top-Ups
  • Pay Bills

How safe is Lynk?

Lynk has taken great steps to ensure that your money and data are safe and that you can use the app confidently. The app has:

  • cutting edge encryption
  • multi-factor authentication
  • fraud prevention technology

Is the card registration charge made to my card refundable?

Yes. As part of ensuring you are the rightful owner of the card benign added, Lynk has a card registration charge. The figure must be used to link the card to your account. The full charge will be refunded to your account as soon as the card is added. It is usually less than JMD 100.

Is Lynk only for Jamaicans?

Yes. To get access to Lynk you must be at least 18 and have a valid Jamaican-issued ID (Passport, National ID or Driverโ€™s Licence).

Is Lynk part of NCB?

Although Lynk is a subsidiary of NCB Financial Group and NCB customers will have additional benefits when using the service, Lynk is its own entity. This means customers of other financial services can still use the service.

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What is Lynk Jamaica? | Written: October 26, 2022

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