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What should you not do in Jamaica?
How To Have a Worry-Free Vacation

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tourist_destinations_in_jamaica_neville_spence_jamaica2What Should You Not Do In Jamaica? | Tourists On Vacation

by Kesha Stewart | Associate Writer

Of course, Jamaica is Irie, and by choosing a Jamaican vacation you've actually decided on spending time at one of (if not the most) amazing places on the planet. There are only a few places that will give you a rich cultural experience that is unmistakably Jamaican.

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However, you should be an informed traveller with at least functional knowledge of the place youโ€™re visiting, this makes for a safer and hassle-free holiday experience.

What Not To Do In Jamaica

1. Drive on the Right

Remember in Jamaica we drive on the left. If you are from the USA, this will be the opposite of what you normally do. therefore, you should always keep the Jamaican road code in mind if you are planning to rent a car to drive on your vacation.

As pedestrians and even as a driver it helps to make an additional look to the left when you want to cross a street or pull over, this can prove to be lifesaving.

2. Book Excursions with Strangers

Never book a tour with a stranger, especially for an unpopular location. Also, whether you are on your own or travelling with a group, it is best to keep others informed about the next palace you will be going to.

We know privacy is important but remember you are in an unfamiliar country so it's best to err on the side of caution. Talk with the hotel front desk or security about the location being considered to learn safe ways for you to get there. Better yet book from your hotel, this can save you a lot of drama.

The idea of exploring Jamaica is quite good however, it is best to stick to reputable organized people who do this their business than to go off with a random person who just promises a good time.

3. Become Intoxicated

Try to be sober at all times. Particularly if you are alone or going to be doing a bit of driving. Remember you can get persecuted for DIU and you definitely wouldn't want that. Additionally, you're safer in public if you have your wits about you and you are capable of sensing danger.

By remaining sober you reduce the possibility of taking unnecessary risks or having low-risk activities such as swimming, escalate to a life-threatening situation. Plus by being sober you are more likely to have pleasant memories of your vacation.

4. Expose your Valuables

The resort areas in jamaica are safe and tourist friendly and in truth, most people are pleasant to our visitors. This does not mean you should take the unnecessary risk of exposing your valuables. You want to keep items such as your phone and jewellery, laptops and iPad and the like out of sight as much as possible.

If you are venturing off property utilize the safe at your hotel to keep valuables locked away. Keep your phone at the like out of sight and always be aware of your surroundings.

Do not place things of value carelessly on a restaurant table or bar counter and keep a mental inventory of what you are taking with you whenever you go out so that you will be able to identify what is missing.

It is a good idea too to have pictures of the things you own so that in the event something goes missing, you can give an accurate description to the police or hotel security.

5. Walk with large amounts of cash/Flaunt Cash

Particularly if you have foreign currency, you should limit the amount of cash you take with you on the road. If you change some of your cash to local currency or use your electronic card you are much safer.

Some ATMs are capable of issuing USD so you do not have to walk with large amounts of cash after you have determined your vacation budget.

Many resorts also have ATMs on the property so you do not need to go off the location to use an ATM. Conveniently too, most businesses such as convenience stores, pharmacies and gas stations use credit and debit cards.

If you still decide on cash, you will want to separate your notes so that you do not have to pull out more cash than necessary to make purchases. You attract more attention the more money you appear to have. Again you can lock away the cash you do not need in your hotel room safe.

6. Wait Until you get here to Arrange Airport Pick Up

One way to ensure your vacation starts off right is to arrange your airport pick-up before you leave your country of origin. It is safer, cheaper and definitely more convenient too.

When you get to the airport your luggage will be immediately secured and you wouldnโ€™t have to spend time waiting for someone to pick you up.

You will also not be haggling with a random driver trying to arrive at a reasonable price to take you to your location. When you are that desperate there is hardly any way to get a good deal.

7. Loose Track Of your Travel Documents

Hardly anything can be as inconvenient as having to replace travel documents while on vacation. It is time-consuming, costs additional funds and greatly impacts your ability to transition from one destination to the next. You may find it helps to have each person's passport in a labelled holder so you can find it fast. This is a great way to reduce your anxiety and preserve your sanity especially if you are with small children or persons with special needs.

8. Take Hurricane Season Lightly

The prospect of Jamaica being hit by a hurricane is very possible during the period June 1 to November 30 each year. This is known as the hurricane season. We have not had a major one recently, but, it is wise to obey your weather advisories when your travels take to the island at this period of the year.

9. Skip the Beach

My final tip is this, perhaps not as sage as the preceding ones but, nonetheless quite important. Never come to Jamaica and not go to the beach. This is tantamount to a crime and may even be counted as sacrilege.

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What Should You Not Do In Jamaica? | Written: January 6, 2023

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