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Will it Rain During My Vacation in Jamaica?

by Deon Clarke |Associate Writer

Will it rain during my vacation in Jamaica? This is indeed an impossible question to answer, :-). I don’t believe that anyone in this world could answer this for sure, not even the meteorologists! However, what is the chances? Or, what is the probability or likelihood that this could happen? That, I can try to answer for you today.

Rains can certainly put a damper on any occasion, especially during your vacation and especially when you are visiting Jamaica. When you visit Jamaica, you are actually looking to soak up some sun on the white sand beaches or to go on numerous adventure tours, not to mention the other abundant outdoor activities, and some more sunshine :-). This can prove to be quite difficult when it rains.

The Chance of Rain in Jamaica

Due to its tropical forests, lush hills and mountains, you can rest assured that it will rain somewhere in Jamaica, pretty much every day. But when is the actual rainy season in Jamaica? Let’s take a look.

Rainy Season in Jamaica

The rainy season in Jamaica usually runs from July to October. Once that has passed, the dry season will set in and so provide for more consistent weather conditions.

The warmest month in Jamaica is usually the month of July where temperatures of up to 91º F can be seen. On the other hand, the coldest month is usually January and the temperatures can reach as low as 82º F.

Hurricane Season in Jamaica

Hurricane season in Jamaica starts from June 1 to November 30 each year. However, you will find that most action takes place during September and October. You can always expect a good amount of rainfall during this time.

So with this cleared up, when is the best time to visit Jamaica with the least likelihood of rain?

The Best Time to Visit Jamaica

Of course, no one wants to come to Jamaica and be trapped in their hotels or dwellings staring through the windows or on their balconies looking at the rain! You want to go out and have fun. As such, it is important to plan your vacation timing around the rainy season. Not saying that it might not rain on a given day but you want to maximize the times when this is least likely to happen.

You will find that the best time for a beach vacation is from around mid-December to April, the “peak season”. This is when the weather is great for this experience once you don’t mind the crowds. However, if you are looking for cheap flights and cheap hotels, you might want to consider from November to mid-December just before the start of the peak season.

Now, if you want to enjoy the best best of both worlds, I would suggest mid-April to July, the “shoulder season”, when the weather is sunny and the rates are just as great!

So, to summarize, regardless of when you choose to take your vacation in Jamaica, there can be a slim chance or great possibility of rainfall. It might also depend on the locations you go to on a given day. It’s also quite possible that you might also just have a bright and sunny day! It’s anyone’s guess. It’s always good to be prepared so your expectations are not frustrated.

I hope the information provided will assist you in making your decision on when to take your trip and have provided clarity on rainfall on our beautiful island Jamaica!

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