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Ziplining In Jamaica
The Best Options and Important Information


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ZIplining In Jamaica | Chukka Adventure ToursZIplining In Jamaica | Chukka Adventure Tours

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Adventurous travellers always look for exhilarating activities to fill their days on vacation, and ziplining in Jamaica is fast becoming one of the favourites amongst both locals and visitors alike. So to answer your question, “does Jamaica have ziplining?’”, the answer is yes. There are many different excursion coordinators on the island where you can visit various types of ziplines.

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What is the weight limit for ziplining in Jamaica?

There is no set weight right across the board. Because of the nature of the attraction, the weight of each person must be within a specific range. The weight limit is usually somewhere between 265 and 280 pounds. Specific weight requirement for each attraction is differs, so checking with them is the best option.

Is there an age requirement?

The age requirement to be on a zipline is 16 years old.

What Are The Best Places For Ziplining In Jamaica?

1. Chukka Caribbean Adventures

Chukka has four locations that are perfect for ziplining in Jamaica.

A. Ocean Outpost Sandy Bay, Hanover - Chukka Zipline and Hammock Splash

Your zipline adventure will take you through varying heights starting at 50ft, which gives spectacular views of the park and coastline. The total of five zip lines ends with a special hammock style zipline that takes you for a dip into the Caribbean Sea.

B. Chukka Ocho Rios & Island Village

  • Dunn's River, St. Ann - Dunn’s River Climb and Zip: This adventure takes you up the falls and then to your ziplining experience above the forests of St. Ann. Ziplining above the famed falls introduces guests to another exciting way to experience the falls.

C. Good Hope, Trelawny - Eco Adventure Outpost At Good Hope

This ecological park has zipline as one of the many activities to take part in. But the zip line which takes you over the Martha Brae river is definitely a favourite among the masses. 

Along the zip line, you will be able to have an aerial view of the historical buildings and lush green forest below as well.

D. South Coast Jamaica, St. Elizabeth - Appleton Estate Triple Zip

This is not really a ziplining activity on its own. It includes other popular stops on the south coast including the Appleton Estate and Black River Safari.

The actual zipline is at the YS Falls, another popular stop in St. Elizabeth. The zipline takes you above the tall trees of the forest from where the river runs and over the YS Falls.

If you would just like to visit the YS Falls on your own, for the ziplining that is an option as well.

2. Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours - Lethe, Hanover

This takes ziplining in Jamaica to a whole new level. This is the home of Big Timba the 1600 ft long zip line and one of the most thrilling ziplines in the Caribbean.

You will be able to see the best of rural Jamaica as you look down at the Great River, forests and farmlands below. The expert guides will take you through the system of zip lines via the jungle rope bridges.

3. Mystic Mountain

This attraction has, since its opening been the choice for the most daring among us. While there bobsled ride is the most popular the zip line is a definite favourite. It is a network of 6 lines, a 10-metre vertical rappel and a 25-metre suspension bridge.

4. Island Routes

They offer zipline as part of their package in Ocho Rios. The excursion takes you for a visit to Blue Hole, then ziplining through the jungle. After this, your trip will head to the 17th-century Spanish bridge for a river tubing ride.

The last stop of the day is the ATV ride through the paths not frequently traversed in Jamaica

5. JamWest - Little London, Negril, Westmoreland

This adventure park offers its 8 line zip line as just one of its exciting offerings. The lines measure a total of 2450 feet tall and are 60 feet in the air. If that isn’t enough, take the rip with an adventurous friend and take the racing zip together.

This is a set of zip lines parallel to each other, perfect for a race to the end between friends. To end your tour you can either rappel down 60 feet or take the daring trip across the Rocky Water Village.

Zipline Safety In Jamaica

  • There should be a small session that gives guests an outline of what to do and what to avoid while on the zipline. There should also be a rundown of the hand signals or gestures the tour guides will use and what action should you take when you see them.

  • Ensure you are properly harnessed and your helmet is the correct size before you go on a zipline tour. 

  • Avoid trying to take your own photos, instead ask the person(s) you brought with you and if you are travelling solo, then an expert guide will take the pictures for you. 

What To Bring on a trip Ziplining in Jamaica

  • Comfortable clothing (long shorts or long pants)
  • Swimsuit(optional)
  • Towel Sneakers
  • Water shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Money
  • Insect repellant

Items to Avoid Wearing on the Trip

  • Long jewellery
  • Crop tops
  • High cut shorts

Who Can Go Ziplining In Jamaica?

This activity is not recommended for:

  • Persons with a heart condition
  • Persons who are physically challenged
  • Persons who are pregnant
  • Persons recovering from surgery
  • Persons with chronic back and neck pain

Ziplining in Jamaica is like a sped-up beautiful version of Jamaica from a different perspective. Wouldn’t you love to try it?

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