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10 Things You Must Do in Jamaica
#9 Is My Favorite!

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10 things you must do in jamaica, dunns river fallsDunn's River Falls

Top 10 things you must do in Jamaica
by Kedeshia Richards, Associate Writer

Jamaica continues to be a top destination for tourist, for good reason. We provide enjoyment for persons with varying interests.

As a Jamaican national, I am proud to be one of the few Jamaican who  travel around my country on purpose, enjoying the different 'touristy' attractions.  In doing so, I feel like a tourist myself :-)

Throughout my travels, I have come across so many exciting and dynamic attractions that I consider at a “Must Do” for all Jamaicans and those visiting the island.

From culture and beaches to food and scenic adventures, the choice is yours. Here however are my top recommendations (below).

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  1. Culturally, a visit to Boston Jerk  Center in Portland, where you will get a firsthand experience of the Jamaican jerk over fire wood, is a must.

    All the natural spices and herbs are infused in, whether it is chicken, pork or sausages. And if you love spicy food or a foodie, like me, you'll love it even more!

  2. There is also mouthwatering salt fish and roasted yam over in Melrose Hill in Manchester and at Faith’s Pen. You may also get roasted corn and delectable flavours, authentic Jamaican style.

  3.  In Kingston, a tour of The Bob Marley Museum is definitely a breathtaking experience. You are given a rich historical perspective into the life of the late Robert Nesta Marley, most popularly known as Bob Marley.  He is known for his impact of Reggae in the world.

  4. Reggae Sumfest is one of the island’s largest Reggae festivals. It is held in late July of each year.

    This festival showcases the best of Reggae music that the island has to offer with live performances by Jamaican and International artistes.

    Tourists from all over the world make this event an annual venture. It is a must-visit if you are in Jamaica at this time.

  5.  A visit to Green Gratto Caves in St. Ann is a must. The tour guides are excellent and they make the exploration of the caves very adventurous, leaving you with a feeling of awe. More on that adventure here.

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  6. Persons who are more inclined to the beaches and the scenic waterfalls may enjoy Dunn’s River Falls, one of the most popular attractions in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. It entails both beach and falls.

    The climbing of the falls is an experience second to none! I remember the first time I climbed those falls to the top. It was challenging but fun, with the fresh water beating on my body.

  7. Glistening Waters,  the luminous Lagoon in Falmouth, Trelawny, is another must do in Jamaica.  This also is another experience that will take your breath away.

    It gives a feeling of life in water as the light in the water is magnificent and the fact that you can easily see the livelihood of different species beneath the water makes it breathtaking.

  8. Jamaica is gifted with several majestic Blue Holes. The most popular ones are located in St. Ann, Portland and in the Negril area. They are large marine caverns or sinkholes that are open to the surface.  More on the Blue Hole In Negril here.

    There is usually a jump off point above each hole.  It gives a breathtaking thrill to persons who are brave enough to jump.

  9. For years I have been visiting the Hot Water Bath in St. Thomas. This location is awesome! The hot water emerges from the rocks and meets the cold river water at a point.

    It is said that the water has healing powers. One of the best experiences is to be massaged by one of the guides who offer this service with a bath towel  -that is dipped in the boiling hot water coming from the rocks!

    Here's a bonus! One of the most popular and one which is close to my heart is the Milk River Bath with its healing properties, located in Milk River in Clarendon.

    I am a Clarendonian so you'd understand. I've made several visits to Milk River, and every visit feeling like it is the first time.

    You can read more on the Mineral Springs in Jamaica here.

  10. Rafting on the Rio Grande or Martha Brae Rivers are signature adventures in Jamaica.  

    The rafts are built from wood with benches to ensure your comfort. It is a great couple’s adventure, but may also be great for groups. 

    Persons enjoy the ride, the lush green scenery, the aqua life, stories and fresh air along the way. Read JCarle love story on the Marha Brae here.

That's a handful for just a trip right?

For those who just want to get away for a quiet, peaceful getaway though, Jamaica offers that as well. 

You can simply spend your days lazing on the white sand beach in Negril or experience nature at its best across any of our nature trials across the island.

Bottom line, there are a myriad of things to do in Jamaica,
Just be sure to get a dependable local tour guide then go out and enjoy!

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