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Beautiful In Jamaican Slang
10 Ways Jamaicans Say "You Are Attractive"

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Beautiful In Jamaican SlangBeautiful In Jamaican Slang

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

As I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, I came upon a video of an absolutely beautiful black woman. She was talking about how men made her feel in America because of her size and she didn't feel beautiful or worthy for many years.

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Well, that was until she landed in Jamaica. She expounded, saying that when she got to Jamaica her self-esteem shot to the roof. Apparently, everywhere she went men were constantly complimenting her on her size and how beautiful she was.

When people talk about Jamaica, besides our food and culture, one thing that people always mention is the warm friendly nature of the people. And I must say, the Jamaican men are a huge part of that. Have an off day, where you are just not feeling so great about yourself?

Take a walk down any street in Jamaica and there will be a man, two, or a few that will shower you with “psssssssst”, “yes mumma”, "slimaz", "champion", “yeh baby”, “a mi and yuh fi deh eno”. Granted they may be a bit over the top but they are definitely effective when you need that little extra boost in self-confidence.

Jamaican men can “sweet talk” and “lyrics” just about any woman. Look at the “rent-a-dreads” down in Negril. How do you think they became who they are? So here are some of the ways Jamaican men let you know you are beautiful in Jamaican slang.

  1. Psssst - this is definitely the most popular one. It’s a simple sound made by using the tongue to push air through their teeth. It is an attention grabber and is usually followed up with some “lyrics”.

    Psssst is not just used for men picking up women thought is used as an attention grabber even in platonic situations, man to woman, woman to man or woman to woman. But a Jamaican man will never “psssst” another man.

  2. Empress - this is usually reserved for dark skin women, especially those with locs, and dressed in a somewhat classy, elegant or modest manner.

  3. My size - this one literally means that woman is his preferred body size to date and he finds her attractive. It is most time used to get the attention of and show appreciation to larger women but in a few instances is used in reference to slim women.

  4. A me fi a tek care a yuh - this is the straightforward man who is letting a woman know that just based on her beauty and physique he is willing to take care of her needs.

  5. Yuh skin clean like police record - this compliment means the woman has gorgeous and flawless skin.

  6. Baby beg yaa minute a yuh time nuh - this is another very popular line used to grab the attention of a woman passing by. The man is asking for a minute (usually more than a minute), typically to express how beautiful the woman is and why she should date him.

  7. Baby mi love off yuh struccha - this is to simply say that the man is enamoured by the female’s physique.

  8. Yuh a di patty to my coco bread - similar to saying you are the lock to my key or the sharpener to my pencil. Meaning the two will make a great match. They often get creative with this one, you could also be the "bun to their cheese" or the "curried chicken gravy to their rice and peas", a popular box lunch order in Jamaica.

  9. Yuh hotta dan ten fiyah side - meaning the woman is extremely hot/ attractive.

  10. Mi woulda climb a macka tree fi yuh - meaning he would do anything just to be with her.

These are just 10 of many many pickup lines and expressions of interest you can expect from Jamaican men.

Jamaican men are also extremely forward and even crude in some instances. Because of this, many of their pickup lines even without any true intention of actually “picking up” a woman, but instead, just them paying a compliment, can come off very strong and even borderline harassment.

So, if you are a man looking for some Jamaican pickup lines, stick to the safe ones, as you might end up doing more harm than good. Those above are some great options and will definitely make a lady laugh.

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Beautiful In Jamaican Slang | Written: August 13th, 2022

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