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Canadian Embassy In Jamaica?
What Is The Role Of The Canadian Embassy

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Canadian Embassy In Jamaica - Kingston, Jamaica | Photo Credit: Jamaica Observer)Canadian Embassy In Jamaica - Kingston, Jamaica | Photo Credit: Jamaica Observer)

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

One critical part of being able to visit some countries is to have a VISA. How do you get a VISA? Usually, an embassy or consulate in your home country facilitates travel between both countries and provides assistance for visitors from the country the embassy represents.
The Canadian Embassy In Jamaica carries out these duties for Jamaican and Canadian citizens on the island.

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It is not uncommon for countries that have a business or trading relationship to have embassies in their respective countries, Jamaica and Canada are no different. But what exactly is the role of the Canadian Embassy In Jamaica?

Well, the Canadian Embassy provides assistance for Canadians in Jamaica by:

  • publishing timely and accurate information on safe travel abroad (or in this case to Jamaica);
  • delivering modernised, effective and efficient consular services
  • and providing emergency assistance to Canadians 24/7

Duties Carried Out By The Canadian Embassy In Jamaica For Canadian Nationals

  • In the case of a medical emergency, they provide a list of local doctors and hospitals

  • Should you be put in the unfortunate circumstance of being a victim of violence including (but not limited to) robbery, sexual assault and rape, they will give advice and the contact information for local police.

  • In cases of abduction, they will provide assistance, as much as possible.

  • As a Canadian citizen, should your passport need replacing because it was lost, stolen or expires while on vacation then the embassy will facilitate getting a replacement.

  • They will contact your relatives or friends on your behalf if you need help to request money or airline tickets to return home.

  • If all other options available to you have been exhausted and you are in need of financial assistance, the Canadian Embassy of Jamaica will try to accommodate you as much as possible.

  • If you have a run-in with the law while on vacation or, have a terrible accident, they will notify your next of kin on your behalf.

  • In case you die on vacation, the embassy will contact the local police in Canada to notify your next of kin.

  • In case of death abroad, they will assist with finding a funeral home experienced with international funeral arrangements.

These are just some of the duties the embassy carries out on behalf of Canadian citizens on a general basis. But what if an emergency arises while on vacation? How does the Canadian Embassy in Jamaica help its citizens?

The Canadian Embassy In Natural Disasters

If a large scale emergency arises, such as a natural disaster or civil unrest, the government of Canada through the embassy may deploy teams to enhance the capabilities of the embassy on location in assisting Canadians in getting to safety by:

  • Helping its citizens to the nearest place of safety on a cost-recovery basis

  • Keep in touch with the loved ones of the persons or try to keep the families in contact with their loved one

  • Provide information and updates through different media including their website, social media, SMS and email.

This is not a must, however as the gravity of each situation changes and the embassy’s ability to help depends on the rules and regulations of the country you are in, which in this case is Jamaica.

What Can't The Canadian Embassy In Jamaica Do?

As with every other organization, there are some limitations as to what or how the embassy will be able to assist while you are on vacation. The Canadian Embassy In Jamaica cannot:

  • Guarantee that you will be safe on vacation in Jamaica.

  • Cover the cost of bail, legal fees or medical expenses incurred on vacation.

  • Reimburse money lost for cancelled or delayed trips for hotel or airfare.

  • Give legal advice as it relates to private legal issues or financial disputes.

  • Assist with getting Canadian citizens out of prison.

  • Interfere with immigration officials’ decision to allow or deny you entry or exit.

  • Interfere in immigrations decisions on problems such as overstaying your visa or visa applications.

  • Obtain criminal record checks or perform fingerprinting.

  • Assist Canadian citizens with finding employment, and accept mail or store items on your behalf.

  • Search for missing or stolen items on your behalf.

  • Investigate crimes or deaths abroad.

  • Ask for preferential treatment for Canadian citizens.

  • Get involved in custody disputes or take responsibility for a child involved in custody disputes.

Is The Canadian Embassy In Montego Bay Open?

The Canadian Embassy is located in Kingston, however, there is a consulate that is open on weekdays in Montego Bay.

While they do not provide all the services as the embassy in Kingston, they do provide a range of consular services including visas (for Jamaican citizens), passport processing and document legalisation. For a more comprehensive list of the services they provide, visit their Montego Bay office or contact them via telephone or email.

Contact Information for the Canadian Consulate in Montego Bay

  • Address: 29 Gloucester Street (Bottom Road), Montego Bay, St. James
  • Phone: +1 (876) 632-0371

How Much Does It Cost To Apply For A Canadian Visa?

For Jamaicans who wish to travel to Canada, the visa application fees depend on what you are applying for.

  • For a visitor or super visa for single or multiple entries to Canada, the cost is $100 per person
  • For a visitor visa for single or multiple entries to Canada for a family of 5 or more (all family members must apply at the same time), the cost is $500
  • To extend a visitor visa the cost is $100 per person
  • To restore a visitor visa the cost is 200 per person

NB. These prices are as of 2022.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Canadian Visa?

There is no specific time frame, it can take as little as two weeks to as much as 8 weeks or more.

What Are The Requirements To Get A Canadian Visa?

  • A valid passport

  • The appropriate Canadian visa application form

  • Proof of payment for Canadian visa fees

  • Proof of clean criminal record in the home country

  • Proof of being in good health through a medical exam

  • Photographs in accordance with the photo requirements for a Canadian visa

  • Proof of financial means

  • Proof you will return to your home country once the Canadian visa expires

  • Identity and Civil Status Documents

  • A cover letter that explains the purpose of your travel to Canada

  • Letter of support/invitation to Canada

Remember the type of visa you apply for depends on the purpose of your travel. For example, the same type of visa cannot be used for vacation and studying purposes.

Also, a child cannot be the primary applicant on an application, it has to be an adult.

Who Can Write A Letter Of Invitation To Canada?

The letter of invitation is one of the documents needed in a visa application process for a Jamaican wishing to visit Canada. It is basically a letter from a close family member, friend, business partner or investor (if you are applying for a business visa).

It has to come from a person with whom you have a close relationship and who is in good financial standing and has legal status in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident. The person must be able to outline the purpose of your visit to Canada.

How Do You Address A Letter To The Canadian Embassy In Jamaica?

The letter must be addressed to the Canadian Embassy in Jamaica and must include the embassy’s address and the subject of the letter, that is the reason for the letter being sent.

Contact Information For The Canadian Embassy In Jamaica

  • Street address: 3 West Kings House Road, Waterloo Road Entrance, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Mailing address: Canadian High Commission, P.O. Box 1500, Kingston 10, Jamaica
  • Telephone: +1 (876) 926-1500
  • Fax: (876)733-3493
  • Email:

The Canadian Embassy in Jamaica is also responsible for handling visa and immigration processes from surrounding countries including the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

I hope the information provided was helpful, happy travels!

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