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Christian Vacations In Jamaica
Wholesome Island Adventures

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Christian Vacations In Jamaica | Beaches In JamaicaChristian Vacations In Jamaica | Beaches In Jamaica

by Kesha Stewart | Associate Writer

We go on about how Jamaicans can make even a family gathering feel like a night of clubbing, so you might begin to think that a Christian person can't have a Jamaican vacation. Of course, we love to party.

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But I still say, Don't be lured into that kind of thinking. As the country with the most churches per square mile, it is not difficult for a Christian to have a great vacation here. First, you’d be very likely to find a place to worship.

There are also great ways to pass the time. This is why I can promise you a guilt-free, wholesome, Christian vacation right here on the island of Jamaica. Here are my five recommendations.

1. Visit a Local Church

Christian Vacations In Jamaica | Salem Moravian ChurchChristian Vacations In Jamaica | Salem Moravian Church

Worship inside beautiful mahogany churches with a tranquil and sombre atmosphere or in vibrant modern sanctuaries with energetic preaching, and bouncy beats. You will be welcomed by warm and engaging people who will make you feel like you're family.

Join them in their outreach activities, night worship, weekly services, socials, and sports days. In Jamaica, churches have sports days where there are athletes, football dominoes tug-o-war and other competitions all in good fun.

There are historical churches and buildings in every parish and easy reach of where you might be staying. Before you plan your travel itinerary you may check some local churches in the vicinity of where you are visiting.

You could check with your home church to see if your denomination has a branch here on the island. You may be pleasantly surprised.

2. Go on a Zipline/ ATV and other Adventures

Christian Vacations In Jamaica | Ziplining Over Dunn's River (Photo: Chukka Adventures)Christian Vacations In Jamaica | Ziplining Over Dunn's River (Photo: Chukka Adventures)

If you're a sucker for adventure, you are catered for as well. Have an exhilarating zipline over the canopy of the Dunns River Falls, or go horseback riding and end with a swim together with your horse pal in the warm waters of a sand-laced beach. Thanks to Chukka Adventures, you can do that and a whole lot more.

Christian Vacations In Jamaica | Camel Riding (Photo: Yaaman Adventures)Christian Vacations In Jamaica | Camel Riding (Photo: Yaaman Adventures)

There is still enough time to get your ATV tour with Yaaman Adventures and see Jamaica's rough and rugged side accomplished with a good meal and trimmed with some spectacular views.

I also recommend the river tubing experience. It has been likened to rafting solo accomplished in rushing rather than tranquil waters.

Now on the subject of rafting, there are more than a few spots, the popular being Martha Brae, in Trelawny and the Rio Grande in Portland but there is also Lethe in Hanover. You see a lot of God in nature so this is pure guilt-free appreciation and most ideal if you want to meditate.

3. Under Water Adventures

Christian Vacations In Jamaica | Parasailing In Montego BayChristian Vacations In Jamaica | Parasailing In Montego Bay

Sure you could go on a glass-bottomed boat and see the wildlife and breathtaking coral reef but that is not an adventure. An adventure is suiting up and seeing it up close. Great dive spots include the Montego Bay Marine Park, the Devil’s Reef in Ocho Rios,

Booby Cay Island in Negril and, Blue Hole in Port Antonio.

If you're not a certified scuba diver a little snorkelling should be a great substitute.

4. Crocodiles and Caves and Historical Places

We do have crocodiles here in Jamaica. They are not my friends though. But you don't have to be ‘chicken’ like me. Go ahead and meet the new people (and crocodiles) when you visit the Black River Safari. Before you leave you will be on a first-name basis with our sharp-toothed friends/foes.

You can visit the scene where James Bond’s Live and Let Die was filmed. I'm speaking of the Green Grotto Caves. They have a touch of history as our enslaved ancestors hid from their masters there in its dark depths as they escaped to freedom. Explore the 1.5 km cave system while you give thanks for your freedom.

If you're not into caves, you can see usually or not-so-usual attractions or see usual attractions in a new way, like the Rose Hall’s Great House Night Tour. Some eerie history for you. You can get the scoop on Annie and her love life and if the place is spooky in the daytime, imagine the nights. You may even pick up a souvenir at the gift shop.

5. The Beach

My final suggestion is, hit the beach. But I think you could spot this suggestion a mile or maybe seven miles away. It is wholesome, guilt-free and lots of fun. Whether it's seven miles long like in Negril or the aircraft is within touching distance like the Dead End Beach in Montego Bay, you can't go wrong with a day at the beach.

Whenever you are staying there is one thing I’ll're close to a beach and it will be good. Well ok, that's two things, but you get my drift. Sun, sea, sand and perhaps an inspiring sunset, are all on the cards.

We spoke about Christian vacations, but if you are of any other religious faith you can find wholesome fun activities on the island, even as mentioned above. People of all religious persuasions are welcomed in Jamaica.

And although we only looked at five activities, there are tons more.

Are you a Christian? How did you spend your vacation in Jamaica? Please share with us.

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Christian Vacations In Jamaica | Written: September 02, 2022

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